Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 55: The One with No Big Turbothot.

My Latest Score: The Everlane Tee.

I mentioned this earlier this week, but I snagged this $28 boxy tee from Everlane in the peach-and-white stripe and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.  It looks to be a perfect transition-to-spring piece, and you can’t beat the Everlane price.  If its dimensions work on me (I’ve never been able to pull of the classic St. James nautical shirts because they are so darn big), I’m also planning on buying the white and the green and white stripe.

The Fashion Magpie Everlane Tee 2

The Fashion Magpie Everlane Tee 3

The Fashion Magpie Everlane Tee 4

You’re Sooooo Popular: The Best Oven Mitts. (Yes, Oven Mitts.)

The most popular items on Le Blog this week:


+The best oven mitts.  Ever.  Am I revealing my inner dorkiness in admitting this is one of my most exciting purchases this year?

+The book everyone I know is reading.  I just heard this will be made into a movie with Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon?!?!?  COULD IT BE?

+The perfect wedding shoe for a summer wedding.

+For minis: these jammies are supposed to be amazingly soft and well-made.

+A very chic anorak in the prettiest color.

+This statement blouse, which just went on sale!!!

#Turbothot: Sundry.

I have to be honest: I sort of exhausted my emotive side earlier this week when I wrote about my friend E’s death eight years ago.  Instead, today, I’m sharing a couple of things that have made me stop and think for one reason or another:

+This company sends moms words of encouragement/empowerment via text message.

+I’ve referenced this podcast on Jackie O. a ton recently (sorrrrryyyyy), and while I have my reservations about the way the narrators tell her story, the format has made me stop and think a number of times.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve rushed back from my 20- or 30-minute stroll with Tilly to look up an image that they reference — what did Black Jack (Jackie’s dad) look like?  What did Jackie look like wearing her blood-stained pink suit after JFK’s assassination?  What did Lee look like as a child?  What did Aristotle look like?  It’s made me think about how much has changed in the age of the Internet.  The commentators make this point in their telling of the Jackie story: Jack and Jackie Kennedy were tailor-made for the TV-era, in that they were wonderful at branding themselves and portraying a very on-point message of youth, vitality, wealth, culture, class.  But they would have been horrible in the Internet age, between Jack’s extra-marital affairs, the booze and pill-popping, Jack’s poor health.  (Not that people would have held his health against him, but — they would not have been able to pull off the whole lets-play-football-on-the-front-lawn image he projected!)  Interesting to stop and think about format and medium, and what we’ve lost and gained, in this Information Age of ours.

+Speaking of medium, I came across this essay by Larry David (king of screenwriting) in The New Yorker.  He certainly maintains the same voice here as he does elsewhere — but, I think something’s lost without the visual component he’s afforded on TV…

#Shopaholic: The Pearl Slide.

+I bought these pearl-encrusted slides ($158) at the tail end of last summer and was obsessed with them.  I paired them with all black everything — black jeans, black sweater, black shades, and felt supah flyyyy.  (They’re v. similar to a pair by Miu Miu!) They’re back in stock!  See below for inspo.

The Fashion Magpie Pearl Slide 1

The Fashion Magpie Pearl Slide 1 The Fashion Magpie Pearl Slide 1

+There is something about this t-shirt that I can’t get out of my mind.  I’m obsessed with it.

+I love the print on this limited edition bedding so much that I considered just buying the scalloped shams to add a little interest to our all-white hotel bedding…


+This $100 midi skirt is in my basket.  I can just imagine wearing it with a white bodysuit and my straw basket bag…

+This easy t-dress would be ideal for a summer vacation — throw on over a swimsuit, and it can easily dress up for a BBQ or cocktail hour…love the cabana stripe and the volume at the elbow!

+THIS SHOWER CURTAIN IS SO CHIC.  It looks like De Gournay!  Would give so much character to a bathroom outfitted in white or rattan in particular…

+I wore these joveralls all the time last summer, and they’re baaaaack.  I like them layered over frilly tops like this (budget buy version), or boxy tees like the Everlane above (or this one).

+These little dishes would make a great gift for someone who loves entertaining…perfect for scattering little heaps of nuts or olives when guests drop by!


  1. “Interesting to stop and think about format and medium, and what we’ve lost and gained, in this Information Age of ours.” – YES, YES, a thousand times, YES! So interesting to think about this.

    I think I need to listen to this podcast tomorrow!!

    1. Going to tune in on my 4+-hour drive tomorrow! Sounds like the perfect thing to keep me company while I’m on the road. 🙂 xo

    2. OMG! So I listened to the entirety of the podcast — both parts! — on my drive from Boston to New York yesterday and it.was.so.good. It was so helpful for refreshing my memory about Jackie and her fascinating life. I don’t think I ever knew or realized how awful Aristotle Onassis was … like, what?!? I may have forgotten some details from her biography, but I was most taken aback by the descriptions of his abuses (to both Jackie and to Tina!) So nuts, and so sad.

      Anyway, I really, really enjoyed the podcast — thanks again for posting about it! I’m always eager for podcast recommendations — I end up listening to them on long drives — so if you have any others, I’m all ears. xx

    3. YES! What an [insert expletive] he was! I was shocked and dismayed by the description of the decor on his yacht alone, and then to find how hurtful and deceitful and abusive he was…absolutely depressing. I was uplifted when they said that, toward the end of her life, people described her as much freer, happier, more content. It seems she got a little stretch of peace in her life…

      So glad you enjoyed 🙂

  2. I just downloaded Little Fires Everywhere for a flight this weekend but forgot that JetBlue’s inflight entertainment system is free and awesome and I got sucked into catching up on movies. But I can’t wait to dig in. It is going to be adapted by Reese with Kerry as the lead, but it’s going to be a limited series (for Hulu), which seems awesome. I think the series format is great, you don’t have to slice and dice the plot for time and you get the chance to really develop characters, manage pacing, etc.

    The Jackie O podcast is intriguing — did you see Jackie (the film from last year)? It’s dark but I thought it was interesting in the way it portrayed Jackie as having a strong role in telling Jack’s story and shaping the post-assassination legacy. Very “who lives who dies who tells your story”, Kennedy edition.

    1. Hi! I actually did watch the Jackie movie after listening to the podcast, and I found that it was very accurate, at least insofar as we can trust the podcasters, who seem to have done their homework. A lot of the details covered by the podcast were reflected carefully, thoughtfully in the movie, and I thought the costumes and cinematography was excellent. THAT SAID. I could not get beyond the horrible acting/accents — I just saw Natalie Portman, struggling to have a weird Jackie voice the entire time. I literally could not see anything else! I couldn’t pay attention to anything — just the strain on her face. It bothered me so much, and I chalk it up to bad directing, honestly. Natalie is a wonderful actress elsewhere, but the director should have said: “You know, maybe have a little bit of the Jackie affect, but don’t worry too much about trying to get every word just right; I’d rather have you seem natural and believable.” Because she does look SO much like her! But that horrible voice! AH.

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