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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 95: The One on Gucci Logo Tights + So Many Thoughts.

My Latest Snag: The Gucci Tights.

I’m going a little extra with these, but — eh!  You live once.  I saw them on the fabulously chic FashionBugBlog and decided to take the plunge.  And I’m not even typically super into logos.  But I found this pair for $100, which is perplexing since most of their other styles are well north of $250.  I’m excited to pair them with some of my more basic LBDs (how chic with something like this or this?) and my new favorite booties this winter (<<currently 40% off and even though these look very basic, they go with everything and create a really clean line — I actually had a woman stop me on the street asking where they were from!  “You just can’t find a simple black boot like that anymore,” she said).

You’re Sooooo Popular: Le Striped Sweater.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

+For my jet-setters heading somewhere tropical this winter.  Tres chic, tres Chanel.

+An elegant velvet pencil dress.

+A very stylish chunky sweater.

+My current favorite accessory.

+These jams look like they’re by Equipment — but cost far less.

+A splashy statement coat for less than $160.

+This screen cleaner gets solid reviews.

+Still live in these boots, even a few years after they’ve been discontinued.

+Travel black-out blinds for babies = genius.

#Turbothot: So Many Thoughts.

I’ve had so many friends and readers recommend former WSJ reporter Elizabeth Holmes’ Instagram account So Many Thoughts over the past few weeks.  She uses the account to analyze the fashion decisions of the royal family, where she can be alternately politically astute, generous in the way only women can be to other women, snarky, and catty in the way only women can be to other women.  I have, well, so many thoughts about this account.  As a fangirl of all things royal, I enjoy the commentary and the imagery and appreciate the way her observational humor can bring to light political issues du jour that I should know more about anyway.  And it’s fascinating, the way fashion can be used to tell a story and establish a brand.  The royals are adept at these sartorial arts.

But I also bristle at the account.  Is fashion a common lens through which I understand and size up other women?  Yes.  Is it the filter through which I’d like my best self to see other women?  No.  And yet let me be honest: I enjoy looking at and commenting on the style of celebrities and politicos.  I sat at tea last Saturday at the Plaza talking about the unflattering dress one of the Bush daughters recently wore among friends.  But there is something pointed about an account dedicated to its study, something despairingly public about it.  When women in the public eye are solely or predominantly evaluated via their appearances, it makes me feel as though we are playing into a kind of antiquated gender politics that leaves me itchy.  

I don’t know where this leaves me.  If I were more virtuous, I would angle towards banning such denigrations in my private conversations, anchoring commentary elsewhere.  But is that overly priggish and dramatic?  Probably.  After all, I have eyes and I enjoy fashion and how can I not comment on the latest looks, even if only among friends?

What do we think?

#Shopaholic: Work Out Gear.

+New year = renewed commitment to exercise.  I really need to get back on the wagon.  Currently lusting after these glitzy leggings, this loose tank, and a new pair of APLs in blush.

+Up your ante in the new year with this amazing coat (extra 30% off!) or gussy up your current coat with this add-on (also an extra 30% off!)

+The Ganni “It” sweater is heavily discounted.

+I’m usually allergic to prints on plates, having donated at least three or four sets after growing tired of them, but THESE!  For next year’s Thanksgiving!  I MEAN.

+Get the Aquazzura look for less.  (A lot less.)

+Loving this buffalo plaid sweater dress.  I want to live in it. 

+Also love this long tweed blazer/sweater thing — I’d pair with dark skinnies and statement flats.  (Or, dress it up with a real Chanel brooch to throw everyone off your tracks.  Is it real!?)  AT is rocking it out!

+Darling for a boy’s nursery.


  1. Those Gucci TIGHTS … OMG! Love. I’ve never bought anything from SSENSE — how was the experience?

    I haven’t gotten on board with So Many Thoughts, initially because I found her images chaotic — all that type! — and I, too, am really not into the idea of critiquing every last little detail of ANY public figure’s outfit (or anyone’s at all, for that matter). I think Amy’s comment really hits the nail on the head for me as well. The pettiness is really off-putting.

    1. Oo, thank you! The logo tights were a bit “out there” for me but I love them. I wore them out on a date night with Mr. Magpie and felt saucy in spite of my bump…

      And thanks for weighing in on SMT! As you can see in the comments, a rather polarizing account…!

  2. I’m catching up on posts from the end of the year, and was so excited to see you mention So Many Thoughts because I’m an AVID fan of Elizabeth Holmes. I disagree that she’s doing a disservice to the royals or women in general by dissecting what they wear. For women in the public eye (and especially royals for whom every public event or appearance is meticulously planned), Holmes makes the point that Kate and Meghan can’t really let people get to know their personality in the ways that normal people do. Yes, they have their philanthropies and their speeches, but what they choose to wear gives us an insight. Additionally, Holmes doesn’t play into any of the Kate vs. Meghan cattiness (she says she’s #teamboth, to use her hashtag), and her extensive knowledge of journalism leads her to only share articles about the royals that have been well-vetted by other journalists whom she respects. Anyway, this is long-winded, but I hope you will give So Many Thoughts a chance!

    1. Hi Joanna! These are all really good points and I regret giving short shrift to Elizabeth Holmes’ impressive tenure in journalism in particular. Thanks for sharing a different (widening!) perspective. xoxo

  3. As a fellow Washingtonian (well, DMV-er…I’m from Alexandria), you’ve probably heard of or read Robin Givhan, WaPo’s fashion critic–and the only fashion critic to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

    While I agree with your commentary about publicly dissecting women’s appearances ( and I have not read So Many Thoughts), Ms. Givhan’s recent posts about Aretha Franklin and Melania Trump prove that both fashion–and the commentary on it–can be powerful explanations of cultural subtext. If you haven’t read her column, I think you’d love it.

    (She’s also the woman who convinced me that wearings leggings on an airplane is impolite to fellow passengers. It’s an unpopular opinion, but a brilliant read.)

    1. Veronica — This is so well-put and you’ve made me think differently about So Many Thoughts; thanks for writing in on this. You’re right that there are many angles and lenses we can use to interpret contemporary culture. I enjoy (or enjoyed — haven’t watched it in months!) reality TV and I think it’s because it offers a really jarring look at how we draw gender and relationships in modern society. I don’t know why I can tolerate that kind of “lens” and why I reacted so strongly to “So Many Thoughts.” At the end of the day, both are — in your eloquent turn of phrase — “powerful explanations of cultural subtext.” I’m going to check out Givhan! Thanks! xo

  4. I followed her for a while, too, and ended up unfollowing. I honestly disliked her other posts more! I like royal fashion and didn’t find her to be mean or cruel, so I guess I hadn’t considered much more.

    When I was in NYC recently, I saw a chic pea on the street wearing skinny jeans, a check coat and some very walkable black booties. I’m so trying to recreate this outfit and can’t seem to find the right pieces, especially the black booties. Maybe some recommendations for block heel ones, too, if you come across any?

  5. I completely understand your point about SMT but did you need to mention whose outfit you and your friends were discussing at tea The Plaza ? That seems a little unnecessary, you could have simply mentioned a public figure without narrowing it down to one of two women who have had a pretty rough month.
    That being said I love your blog and enjoy your candid and thoughtful observations! Happy holidays!

    1. Hi Sarah — You are absolutely right. Badly done on my part; I regret my insensitivity in including that detail. Thanks for holding me accountable for that.

      And thanks for being here! Happy holidays to you, too! xoxo

  6. I have so many thoughts on So Many Thoughts, but I’ll just say this: Despite the popularity, I just couldn’t get on board. Why is something that’s sole purpose is to dissect and comment on the superficial called “So Many Thoughts” anyway?While I like pretty things as much as the next person, I connect with social media accounts and people that are deeper and more complex. Perhaps it’s because the alternative does a disservice to women but likely it’s because women are multifaceted and powerful and interesting, and I find it depressing to reduce them to anything less.

    1. YES – I think you’re nailing my issue with it. It just feels like such a petty way to think of these women. Thanks for writing in on this front. xo

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