THe Fashion Magpie Spring Flowers

Weekend Vibes: Edition No. 8

It’s supposed to get up to 80 in Chicago today.

Which makes me excited for summer, warm weather, going barefoot, drinking rose, and, generally, the feeling that this snap evokes:

THe Fashion Magpie Spring Flowers

But until we’re there, some other pretty things to consider…

My Latest Score

I had to have this fun little OTS top ($65) — it combines a few of my favorite things: dark florals and embroidery.  I like the idea of pairing it with my white distressed skinnies and huge black shades.

The Fashion Magpie TopShop Embroidered Top

You’re Sooooo Popular

The most popular items on the blog this week:

+This HELLA CHIC jumpsuit ($240) from hot new line Ganni.

+Striped, off-the-shoulder, and under $90.

+This sweet floral OTS situation ($210).

+This Self-Portrait lookalike (under $65!).

+The coolest denim-topped slides ($220).  THE shoe shape for the season.

+Striped + bell-sleeved ($60).

+These gingham-ankle-tie flats ($50) — SO adorbs.


OK, I need to do a quick update on the startup MMLaFleur, which I discussed a few weekends ago.  A lot of you shared interesting reactions to this via comment, email, and text.  Most of you joined me in recoiling against the founder’s statement that “your clothes should be the least interesting thing about you.”

However, one of my dearest and smartest friends had this to say:

“I only own one thing from there — a beautifully fitting, high quality (and machine washable – a seemingly impossible combination at stores like Banana or even J. Crew – their work wear is all dry clean only, it feels like) black skirt that is high-waisted and form-fitting with a feminine flow at the bottom.  I actually wore it to book club with a black cardigan sweater button up and I distinctly remember you saying how cute or chic I looked…

I don’t love everything in the shop and there’s certainly some dogs in there, but it’s one place I know I can find really feminine, beautifully fitting work wear staples that are machine washable (it almost all is) and that I can use to pair with more interesting, less expensive accessories or separates.

Other stores are almost too on-trend and they rarely have the variety of basics that I feel like I need as a corporate lady with a woman’s body (read: butt, thighs, and boobs — not one of those lucky stick figure J. Crew models who was born to look sleek in corporate wear).

And I do actually adore the aesthetic of minimalist. I don’t see it as boring so much as classic — think Garance Dore, one of my fashion idols.

But finally: I get email updates from them and they do monthly spotlights of female entrepreneurs and of female ladies of all kinds and I read them every month because they do such a good job with the interviews/pieces. So that’s part of why I’m such a fan: they have really embraced the female empowerment thang.”

The Fashion Magpie Garance Dore

{Garance Dore}

She makes great points here, especially about the machine washability of the clothes (remember when we all wore J. Crew cigarette pants all.the.time?  Still very chic and Audrey Hepburn but it drove me nuts that they were dry-clean only!) and the fact that their cuts accommodate real women with curves.  She was also quick to mention that, as a lawyer herself, she does fall into their obvious target market, so her perspective is likely not indicative of the brand’s larger appeal (or lack thereof) to the masses.

Her remarks not only shaped my perspective on this topic and–admittedly–made me feel a little guilty for undermining a woman founder clearly trying to solve some huge, gaping problems in the women’s workwear category–but they also led me to a deeper level of appreciation for this bloglet. I appreciated her sharing this dissenting opinion with me just as I appreciated the ladies that wrote in to shed some light on the song “Bad + Boujee” that I discussed dismissively in yesterday’s post (check out their comments).  These notes remind me of how many women of substance there are reading this blog–how smart and thoughtful and inquisitive you are, and how willing you are to advance alternate perspectives, but in a civil and meaningful way.  So refreshing in contradistinction to so much of what I read on the web, where there is so much blind vitriol and knee-jerking, at best, and flat-out bullying at worst.  By contrast, your informed, smart, and pointed comments give me the most profound sense of hope.  I’m proud to know ya.  Thank you for pushing me to think harder and to write more mindfully and crisply.

Other random things on my mind:

+I’ll be hosting EIGHT people in my house over the next two weeks (most of my sibs are coming to stay with us to meet minimagpie!  YAY) and I’ve been trying to think about ways to feed them all without bankrupting ourselves.  This menu for a $40 dinner party was helpful…

+Why are infant clothes sold by age?  It’s so dumb.  They should be sold by weight.  An infant wearing size “newborn” could be 5 lbs or 10 lbs (or more…good Lord), and it’s anyone’s guess as to whether an online retailer’s newborn size is for a babe on the smaller end or larger end of the spectrum.  If I were to start a child’s clothing line, I would sell by weight and take the guesswork out of it.  On the other hand: welcome to the world of clothing mis-sizing.  Thank you, J. Crew, for inventing the size 000 and confusing everyone permanently about their actual clothing sizes. #sarcasm

+Suggestion for someone who wants to sell a product on QVC: create a fitted sheet that has a colored tab under the sides that are meant to go at the head and foot of the bed.  Does anyone else consistently try to put the fitted sheet on the wrong side of the bed?  EVERY TIME, PEOPLE.  Life’s little frustrations.  Please, someone, create this product.  But also, in case you’re wondering, LLBean’s 280-thread-count pima sheets are THE BEST sheets, and not all that pricy.  They run “cool” — super breathable and crisp, even after a trillion washes.  I swapped them in after reading about them on The Sweet Home blog, and haven’t looked back.


+OMG, these cactus party plates ($8)!!!

+Such a pretty cropped/frayed tweed jacket ($130).  So ladylike.  Pair with anything from distressed denim to a pencil skirt.

+Such a cute dress for a bachelorette ($68).

+Cute decor for a child’s room ($35).  (Also a great gift for a little boy or girl with a whimsical kind of bedroom!)

+I’ve mentioned it before, and I’ll likely mention it again, but I am loving all Mustela products for minimagpie.  Their baby lotion smells insane–clean and non-baby-powder-ish, and their cold cream stick has helped with some patches of dry/irritated skin.

+LUSTLIST: this NO. 21 satin knotted bag.  HOLY.  It’s too good.

+Love the vintage styling of this Nike singlet ($35).

P.S. — I’m constantly updating Le Shop with new finds as well…


  1. Such interesting feedback from your friend about MM LaFleur! The machine-washability angle is a very compelling one, and while I stand by my original comment, I think your friend brings up great points. Might have to try a piece and see how I like it!

    1. Yes, I’m intrigued, too…but (!) I just don’t see much of a need in my creative line of work right now!

  2. Target’s Threshold line of sheets have tabs under the folds that say Top/Bottom or Side. For YEARS I thought I was the only idiot who couldn’t figure this out, and when I saw those tabs I cried a tiny tear of joy (unfortunately their sheets are only OK quality, I have a set for when my regular set is in the wash, but I love the labeling help!)

    Also, a quick story about yesterday’s post and comments. My SO (significant other) is SO (significantly older) and I like to tease him with slang that he doesn’t understand, because I’m fun like that. I have been joking with him about being bad and boujee for so long he finally asked what it meant and I struggled to explain (babbled for a while about Real Housewives and such) but now I can show him the post/discussion 🙂

    1. HAHA! Great minds think alike re: the sheets situation. This should be a universal standard, kind of like how all zippers say “YKK”or whatever. xo

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