The Fashion Magpie Gingham Jumpsuit

Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 74: The Languages of Love.

My Latest Snag: The Gingham Jumpsuit.

Bows!  Gingham!  A one-piece wonder!  Under $100!  What’s not to love about my new jumpsuit?!  (I also considered this similar style.)  I’ll be wearing mine with my all-white Supergas or my Hermes Orans.

You’re Sooooo Popular: Makeup Remover.

The most popular items on Le Blog this week:

+The best makeup remover for long-wear makeup.

+My favorite running shoes, on sale.

+An exquisite cocktail dress in sophisticated navy.

+A pretty little linen sundress.

+My favorite hand soap.

+A super elegant one-piece.

+A chic shirtdress for work.  And under $40!

+A lot of my mom friends raved about this!  On sale!

#Turbothot: The Languages of Love.

Every night, around 7 p.m., I scoop mini up and we wave good night to Tilly and Mr. Magpie.  “Nah nah!” she says (“night night”), waving her hand, and then “mwah!” as she blows a kiss.  We draw the blinds, read two books, say our bedtime prayer and intentions, and then turn out the light.  She rests her head on my shoulder, her impossibly fine hair tucked against my chin.  We rock in silence for a few minutes.  I rub her back.  I kiss her.  I wrap my arms around her.  I think to myself that these nighttime snuggles are numbered, and I cherish them.  She occasionally points at objects in the room or murmurs to herself or looks at the door and inquires, “Dada?”, but most of the time, she is docile and sleepy.  For many months now, she has turned to me at some point during this evening snuggle with her little mouth wide open, bird-like, and sort of slobbered over my face before depositing her head back on my shoulder.  I have usually responded by laughing or stroking her hair or saying nothing at all.

About a week ago, I said, “Oh, I could just eat you up,” one afternoon and covered her with kisses.  “Can’t I have one kiss back?” I asked.  She opened her mouth like a little bird and slobbered over my face.

For many months, in other words, my daughter has kissed me goodnight and I had no idea what she was doing.

Where did she learn to kiss Iike that?  How did she know to kiss me goodnight?

Setting aside the tears I wiped off my cheeks thinking about this tender nightly act of affection, I wondered — how many other acts of love do I misinterpret or miss entirely?  Not just from mini and my own loved ones, but from the world around me?  I am often so dialed in on getting from Point A to Point B and wearing that oh-so-New-York mask of impassivity while doing so that I think I’ve tuned out everything but the most outlandish.  So I kept my eyes peeled for acts of love this week.   So far, I have noticed an old man and woman holding hands in Central Park on what must be their regular evening stroll.  I have seen more than I cared to see of young couples sprawled out in Central Park in all forms of romantic embrace.  I have observed babies nestled against their mothers, sisters looking out for little siblings, a camp director laughing genuinely, kindly, with fondness, at what her three-year-old charge was telling her.  I have noticed an old lady fawning over her three yippy, fluffy little dogs with moving tenderness.  I have seen, in other words, that there are acts of love everywhere if I look for it.

#Shopaholic: The Lemon Dress.

+I absolutely LOVE this little lemon dress.  It reminds me of a D+G print that was all over the place a few seasons back.

+The cutest snack container ever.

+I would love to add this ring to my daily stack.  (This one is also super sweet.)

+This mascara is getting rave reviews.

+I’m dying over this dress.

+This new-to-me brand of athleticwear has my attention.  I really want this pair of leggings, which promises to be the softest spandex you’ll ever wear.

+This lace midi (on sale at the Outnet!) would be a lovely dress for a wedding.  Also available in top form!

+Veronica Beard is having a major sale, and I am in love with this and these.


  1. So adorable! I admit, the first couple times my daughter came at my head with her mouth open, it was a little scary (“Is she trying to bite my nose off???”), and it took me awhile to realize she was kissing me. Now, she’ll wrap both arms around my neck when she gives kisses and it’s just the sweetest and most darling thing ever.

    Love those stacking rings! I’m always on the lookout for ones to add to my stack. They remind me of the ones by Hello Noemie which I’ve had my eye on.

    1. Awww — I know, I think now it’s super common for babies to kiss that way but I had no idea what was happening!!! xo

  2. Just like in one of my favorite movies, Love Actually – love really IS all around!

    The Ganni lace top and j’taime ring – j’adore! I’m intrigued by the mascara, too…

  3. LOVE that jumpsuit! Gingham is my favorite and the ruffles are too cute.

    Your story about mini is so sweet. I love that you paused to look for scenes of love … that’s so heart-filling.

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