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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 73: The One on Having a Kiki.

My Latest Snag: The All White Supergas.

Like everyone else on the globe, I died over the Royal Family’s portrait from Louis’ christening — absolute perfection! — and tumbled down a Princess Kate rabbit hole.  I was inspired by the classic but chic look she achieved with a simple pair of white Supergas.  And then I discovered that by joining Zappos’ new rewards program, I would receive a $25 gift card via email and…DONE.  A new pair of ($40!) Supergas were en route to me

You’re Sooooo Popular: The Instagram Filter in a Bottle.

The most popular items on Le Blog this week:

+Apparently this is an Instagram filter in makeup form.

+The antidote to bed head.

+My favorite dress.  (Have worn it about six times since purchase, and ordered it in a second colorway.)

+This dress is here to party.

+This stuff is a workhorse.  It will absolutely without any question remove even your darkest, most water-proof makeup.

+Instant confidence?

+Such a chic Barbour!

+Mr. Magpie’s one true love.

#Turbothot: Let’s Have a Kiki.

A girlfriend of mine recently introduced me to the phrase “let’s have a kiki.”  Even before she fully elaborated on its origin and meaning, I had read between the lines: she wanted to vent/gossip/chit-chat in only the way good girlfriends can, preferably around a bottle of wine and assortment of snacks, usually punctuated by laughter of increasing volume and frequency, and always without inhibition or judgment.  How many times have you called up a girlfriend or sister and started in with: “” and then proceeded to unravel and overanalyze a crazy story, often ending up in tears of laughter rather than anger?  Or spun into a gathering of close friends in a fit of frustration or excitement or giddiness that only understanding, we-got-your-back, ride-or-die girlfriends can match and somehow amplify until suddenly you realize you are in the midst of a shrieking mass of femininity and it is kind of the best thing ever?

That’s having a kiki.

And my God, what sweet, joyous catharsis!  The next time you are getting together with your girlfriends or dialing a sister in a fit of rage, be sure to wink inwardly at the glee of having a kiki.

#Shopaholic: The Fall Find.

+Fall is a stone’s throw away.  Do your autumnal wardrobe a favor by snagging this or this, both of which are ridiculously discounted and insanely chic!

+In love with this one-piece!

+This classy, Chanel-esque cardigan/jacket is on sale in select colors.

+I saw a 90 year old woman at my nail salon wearing this cheeky bag and could not believe how adorable she looked wearing it!  Also, I want it.

+Are you reading along for our August book club?

+Lots of Self-Portrait on sale all over the place — love this and ordered this!

+This striped dress would be an instant wardrobe staple.  (And it’s under $40!)

+Finally tackling our unwieldy spice collection — ordering a couple sets of these and these to contain everything.  Side note: these are a brilliant idea for maximizing a small storage space!  More of my favorite small apartment gear here.

+Speaking of storage, how darling are these?!

+This headboard is absolutely perfect for a guest room.

+The skincare regimen that changed my skin.  (And I say this seriously because I just got back from my annual dermatology screen and she said my skin looks great!)

+Such a cute memento for a family gathering or…your next extended kiki.


  1. You might need this for spices – The racks tilt down, which lets you put it on a shelf that might normally be too tall for you. Another genius tip I read is to use puffy stickers on the lid of frequent spices, so that say, you can tell by feel which is cinnamon v. cumin.

  2. I’m so curious about this $25 gift card situation at Zappos! I just signed up but can’t see anything about a gift card. Hmm?

    Relatedly, I love Supergas so much and just re-upped my collection with a pair of white ones with rainbow eyelets. 🙂

    P.S. I love the Scissor Sisters reference — reminds me of a good friend of mine! Kikis are so much fun and so necessary.

    1. Hi MK! So, once you sign up, you log in and you will see a $25 promotion applied to your next purchase at check out. It’s not an actual coupon code you type in; it was just in my account. Sorry for the language mixup!


    2. Got it, got it — thanks so much for letting me know! I think I have had a Zappos account since 2010 so I suppose it doesn’t work for me. I probably used a similar discount on a past order and I’ve just forgotten! Haha.

  3. I’ve never heard the phrase “having a kiki” but I love it! (Though, it made me think of Kiki Dee, and now I have “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” stuck in my head aaahh…)

    I got the same SZ Blockprints dress and I just love it!! The other style they were selling at J Crew was just a bit too shapeless and voluminous for me (ended up ordering all of them, haha), so I’m on the lookout for more dresses in the Kitty style. They’re just perfect – thanks for featuring them!

    1. Yay! I’m so glad you like it as much as I do. I also bought the Kitty style from the SZ Blockprints website in a different color, and found that the one I ordered from the website was slightly longer (down to my shin). I prefer the J. Crew length but I’m still rocking both — they are SO comfortable and easy to wear and unexpectedly (in my opinion) flattering.

      Glad you love!

  4. Yessss, lock the doors TIGHT!
    The KiKi instructional video by the Scissor Sisters continues to be one of my favorites on YouTube. The song will be stuck in your head for a year.

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