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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 67: Are You a Repeater?

My Latest Hunt: The Birthday Dress.

I turn 34 on June 26th, and have been casually on the lookout for a dress to wear to my birthday dinner.  I don’t need a new dress because I have plenty, and my fallback is a white tiered Self-Portrait that I have only worn once before but that is SO DARN PRETTY (similar in ethos to this) I have been looking for any excuse to pull it out of its garment bag.  But still…it’s MA BIRFDAY.  I love this (shown above), thisthis, and this.

You’re Sooooo Popular: The Sale Summer Blouse.

The most popular items on Le Blog this week:

+Two darling statement blouses for summer — this one and this one — both on serious sale!

+The new “Gone-Girl-on-a-Train-in-the-Water-” thrilleryou must read this summer.

+The latest addition to my organization addiction.

+I can’t believe the price on this adorable blush dress.

+Obsessed with this scent.

+People are losing their minds over this sunless tanner

+A sweet dress for summer.

+These beauties are finally on sale!

#Turbothot: Are You a Repeater?

My siblings and siblings-in-law and I got into a funny debate at our family reunion when it emerged that one of my sisters will occasionally like a song so much that she will replay it five or ten or even fifteen times in a row.  This gave way to a protracted, passionate conversation about whether it was weird or not to be a “repeater” in the way only siblings or very close friends can dive into petty topics with fervor and hyperbole without royally offending anyone (to my knowledge…) — and we discovered that there was a fairly even split among us.  About half repeated songs regularly and the other half determinedly did not.  What was interesting about the conversation was that the non-repeaters were overbearing in their conviction that repeating songs was “weird” and “not how music was meant to be listened to,” and the repeaters were all sheepish about their habits: “I feel guilty, but I can’t help it!”

Was this a case of rule followers (non-repeaters) against rule skirters (repeaters)?  A case of curfew-keepers against curfew breakers?  And why did the repeaters seem to know that they were breaking some invisible law of music-listening?

What do you think?

For the record, I’m an alternative, third kind of music-listener: the very occasional repeater.  (This seems consistent with much in my life: I’m a little of this, a little of that, but wear only a handful of labels comfortably: wife, Catholic, and — more recently, after extensive soul-searching — mother and writer.)  Only rarely, when I’m really into a song, will I listen to it two times in a row or a handful of times over the course of an evening — but the thought of listening to the same song backtobacktoback feels claustrophobic to me.

What about you?  Repeater?  Non-repeater?

#Shopaholic: A One-Piece.

+I am DYING over this white one-piece.  I very much do not need another swimsuit — I barely use the drawer-full of them I currently own! — but I think I might need it.

+I already own this Mara Hoffman cover-up kaftan in a different colorway, but it’s on sale, PLUS AN EXTRA 40% OFF NOW!

+I’m digging this easy tunic dress — I kind of like the shapelessness of it, with lace up brown sandals?!

+A straw bag with a hand-painted monogram?! YES PLS.

+My dad gave my mom a pair of these (with a little guidance from yours truly) for their 38-year anniversary.  So sweet.

+Do you use a primer before you apply makeup?  This stuff is supposed to be amazing.

+I love the look of these for storing dry goods.

+This crib or this crib would make SUCH a huge statement in a chic nursery!

+In love with this acrylic x-bench — though I should say I’ve had really good luck finding amazing x-benches at Target, and this in the gray-and-cream cabana stripe has my full attention right now!  I might put it under the window in our bedroom…



  1. I tend to get really into songs, I used to burn CDs with the same 30-40 songs on rotation from high school through college. Certain songs just make me happy. But my sister’s boyfriend takes it to another level, he trained for a marathon and would just listen to the same song on repeat his whole run. CRAZY!

  2. I’ve had same debate with friends! I fall into the song repeater category. Remember reading years ago that Dick Clark was as well and thinking I was in good company. On flip side, I’m not a movie repeater. Very few flicks can catch my attention twice.

    1. Good company indeed! But I am a movie repeater — I could watch my little collection of rom coms (heavily featuring Nora Ephron in the credits) every night while falling asleep until eternity…

  3. I firmly believe in celebrating your own birthday, so I can’t wait to hear what dress you choose! And I love the random (and very thought-provoking) discussions you have with family and friends, this one included. I am a wholehearted repeater. That said, I’ve never been someone who is passionate about music. THAT is what I feel guilty about…and odd for not being passionate about it. Music is beautiful! And emotional! What is wrong with me?! I remember in middle school (ugh, those mortifying teenage years!), I was in class and the teacher went around the room, and asked each of us to say out loud who our favorite musician was. I think I said some obscure Top 40 artist, of whom I can’t even remember, which was even more mortifying. So if I end up liking a song, I LIKE it. And have no problem putting it on repeat, in the solitude of my home or car, for as long as my adult self wants 🙂

    1. Love your ownership of your repeatership and your general lack of interest in music. Whatev! You do you! I’ll keep you posted on my dress choice…xo

  4. First of all, re: birthday dress … my 34th birthday falls exactly a week before yours and I say, go for it! Dresses come and dresses go, but there’s no reason not to treat yourself to a new frock to wear on your birthday, I say! I bought myself a 10 Crosby Derek Lam shirtdress (because I’ll be at work during the day on my birthday, womp) but have really been craving something light & floral, so I’ll keep my eye out this weekend.

    Re: repeating — I fall somewhere near you. On occasion I have repeated the same song twice, but never more than 3 times in a row, and it’s a rare occurrence to begin with. I love listening to music, but hardly ever by repeating like that! Such a funny debate to have with your siblings — maybe I’ll bring it up with mine next time we’re all together 🙂

    P.S. Love your dad’s anniversary gift to your mom — so sweet!

    1. I appreciate the vote — I’ll pass that along to Mr. Magpie 🙂 Hehe.

      Would be interesting to learn whether there’s an even split of repeaters vs. nons in your tribe! xo

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