The Fashion Magpie Gucci Bow Flat

Weekend Vibes: Edition No. 30.

My Latest Score: The Gucci Flat.

When the flats I talked about here arrived, they were a hair too big on my pixie foot, so I had to return them.  Turns out it was all meant to be because I subsequently found these Gucci flats ($595) with their adorable grosgrain ribbon and HAD TO HAVE THEM IMMEDIATELY.  You can also see them on the very chic Arielle of Something Navy below.(And, P.S., more bow-topped gorgeous beauties here.)

The Fashion Magpie Gucci Bow Flat

The Fashion Magpie Gucci Flat


You’re Sooooo Popular: The Monogrammed Hankerchief

The most popular items on Le Blog this week:

+Gorgeous monogrammed hankie for a wedding — or other special occasion!  (Kinda cool to snag one for a Baptism, or a big birthday, or some other date of significance for yourself or a loved one.)

+The blouse I own in several colors just came back in a super chic army green.

+Affordable cashmere!

+CHIC powder blue winter coat with epically amazing sleeve details.

+My current front-runner for Thanksgiving dinner.

+Stunning hydrangea blue / lilac-hued lace dress, on super sale.

+Very Chanel, but under $50!

+Rugbys are BACK baby!

#Turbothot: Moving Fast + Slow

In light of our big news, time has been playing tricks on me: entire days fly by as we clear out shelves and closets and run out to buy flowers for staging and boxes for moving and coordinate with cleaners, and handymen, and real estate agents, and photographers for all of the minutaie that together will add up to the sale of a house in West Town, Chicago and the rental of an apartment in either Manhattan or Brooklyn, New York.  So when we crawl into bed, exhausted but happy and still somehow buzzing on adrenaline at nine p.m., I’m sort of astonished by the sudden slamming-of-breaks feeling I get when I’m just laying in bed, reflecting, watching Nora Ephron movies I’ve seen a thousand times, reading on my Kindle, tossing out occasional observations and “we should remember tos” to Mr. Magpie, who is typically out like a light within a few minutes of climbing into bed.  He has, after all, been bearing the physical brunt of the move, schlepping boxes and dragging furniture and mowing the lawn and putting down mulch.  “And what should we do about the dog on the cross-country drive?” I ponder aloud, absent-mindedly running my fingers through his hair, discovering he’s been asleep for the last five minutes.

I’ve written a lot about my quest to slow down and soak up the happy details of the right here and now.  In the oddest of ways, the suddenness of this move has suddenly made those quiet, stationery moments in bed, or sitting by minimagpie on a quilt with her toys strewn about her, or sitting down to dinner at one of our favorite Chicago restaurants, or strolling around the block with Tilly in search of coffee, so much easier to relish.  It’s like a deep breath, a pause in conversation.  The late summer cicadas whir in the trees and the unseasonably warm and still air coordinates, together affording me the unexpected feeling of slow-motion.

I’ll take it.

#Shopaholic: The Asymmetric Top

+Chic asymmetric striped top.

+Another gorgeous floral maxi — this one at a great price (under $120!)  (And more floral maxis to drool over here.)

+This would look perfect with my new Guccis.

+Loving this dramatic faux-fur jacket.

+Sweater coat perfection.





  1. Good luck with your move! We depart the east coast for the west this week and aaah! So much to do! And those Gucci flats are adorable!

    1. WOO!! GOOD LUCK, JEN! I know firsthand how much extra complication goes into moving with a baby. Sending you good vibes!

  2. Ah, those Gucci flats! Love the bow detail … they’re so cute! I still have my heart set on the Princetown mules but those are quite tempting…

    Good luck with all of the move preparations!

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