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Weekend Vibes: Edition No. 27

My Latest Score: The Kitty Flat

I fully realize I’m about ten seasons behind on this one (I remember reading that all the well-heeled SAHMs in Primates of Park Avenue wore these, and that came out two years ago…), but once I bought mini these ($24), I couldn’t get the Charlotte Olympia mama version ($495 — on sale in navy here!) out of my head.  So.  They are currently en route…

The Fashion Magpie Baby Kitty Flat The Fashion Magpie Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flat The Fashion Magpie Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flat 2


You’re Sooooo Popular: The Zimmermann Dress.

The most popular items on Le Blog this week:

+My top pick for holiday wear by one of my favorite labels, Zimmermann.

+The top I was raving about last week — under $100!

+The best socks for cold climates.  I stock up on these every year.

+My go-to granite counter spray.

+My current read.  Just finished this, which required a hefty palate cleanser afterward…this is doing the trick.

+Burberry Kids quilted jacket — the exact one I have for mini this fall!

+Amazing Gap score!

#Turbothot: First Albums

At a book club convening a week or two ago, we dispensed of the literary chit-chat after about thirty minutes, as we are wont to do (P.S., the group verdict on this book?  An easy, enjoyable, easy-to-digest read, but far-fetched from a narrative structure standpoint.  As one reader pointed out: “I feel like the author made the husband randomly misogynistic as a plot convenience.”  Here, here.)  Conversation shifted to the incredible early 90s playlist the hostess had playing in the background, and suddenly, we were reminiscing about our first CDs.  Mine?  Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill, Ace of Base’s Happy Nation, and, against all odds, because I was certainly not cool enough to own it, Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits, 1973-1988.  On further inspection, this motley crew of musical groups speaks volumes about me: the introspective emo side (thanks, Alanis, for using the word “chicken shit” in one of your lyrics, an unnecessary inclusion that forced me to cough, loudly, at the exact point in the song it appeared whenever my parents were within earshot); the pop culture fanatic side that, to this day, still loves to be on top of the top 40 list (heiii Tay Tay new single); and — well, I don’t quite know what to say about Aerosmith.  I’m torn between calling out the old soul in me–the part of me that loves the classics that never go out of style (incidentally, I would still love love LOVE to see Steven Tyler perform)–and the often-muted part of me that desires something loud and unexpected and bold and maybe a little irreverent.  But it must be admitted that the latter was a gift from my much-cooler-than-I brother.  So, what does that say?  I inherited yet another something special from him.

This is, of course, dispensing entirely of the tape cassette years, when I would record songs off the radio — did you do this, too?  My book club friends and I laughed while remembering how we’d wait, our fingers poised over the record key, hoping that the DJ would tune out before the beat would drop so we could catch a “clean recording.”  A scratchy version of  Mariah Carey’s “Hero” recorded off Washington D.C.’s 97.1 station was one of my most prized possessions for the span of several years.

These remembrances led me to wonder about how minimagpie will experience music as she grows–certainly not recording them manually off the air waves (millennials and beyond would scoff at the music quality!), certainly not through a multi-CD-changer Aiwa speaker set that took up literally half of my bedroom and was among one of my most beloved gifts I ever received from my parents, and certainly not laying, on her stomach, on the floor of her blue carpeted childhood bedroom, while her bulky discman with its bogus promise of “electronic shock protection” whirred around in front of her.  What will her music consumption look like?  What will her music preferences be?

I wonder, too, what your first album says about you?  Share, below!  A fun little trip down memory lane and, if I’m lucky, new fodder for our daytime music playlist…

#Shopaholic: The $40 Wear-with-Everything Drop Earring.

+I have been wearing these $40 drop earrings ON REPEAT.  They go with everything.  (If you’re a turquoise gal, Gilt has the same pair on sale in a different color!)

+Are you into loungewear?  I have it on good authority that Monrow’s sweats are THE best.

+Get that Brother Vellies look for less.  Or splurge on the real deal.

+Also — MAJ budget buy — how stunning are these sandals for under $30?!


+This dress is absolutely stunning — I cannot get over it.  Perfect for a bridal shower or spring cocktail party…and it’s on sale.

+Obsessed with these Veronica Beard boots for fall.

+The prettiest pink sweater ($79).

+SO many great new cookbook recommendations in the comments on my roundup of the best cookbooks!!!  This one is at the top of my list.

+This looks like such a fun toy for minimagpie…trying to resist the urge to buy all the plastic, loud, light-up things, though…

+Loving the mixed prints on this $69 dress, which is just the sort of thing I like to wear layered over black tights, with suede boots (still love my Stuart Weitzman OTKs, now on sale!!!), in those early days of fall.  Looks very Prada to me…


  1. I bought the Reality Bites soundtrack (??) and Jagged Little Pill together as my very first two albums on cassette! I was laughing at your description of coughing over Alanis singing “chicken shit” … there was one song on the Reality Bites soundtrack that had the f-word in it and I lived in fear that my parents would find out about it & confiscate the album! Hahaha. Also, I was only 11 when both of these purchases were made … that sounds SO YOUNG now.

    I have long admired Monrow sweats (mostly on Shopbop) and the pair you posted looks so cozy!

    1. OMG, your first two albums are SO DELICIOUSLY 90s femme chic. Love. Wasn’t Winona the I was obsessed with her after “Little Women.” And then she went all weird and shop-lifter-y.

  2. My first CD was Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope (from my mom for Valentine’s Day…)! It was a great addition to my tape recording of B96’s top 8 at 8, recorded to catch TLC’s “Chasin Waterfalls.” Those were the days, love this post!

    1. HA! Christina had that one — she was very into Janet Jackson…and also Jewel (?) ALSO, can’t get over that Kyle shared one of my first albums. I listened to it on BLAST yesterday while mopping the floors and let out some good ol’ teenage angst. YOU OUTTA KNOW!!!

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