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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 244: On Comeuppance.

My Latest Snag: Plaid Christmas Dress.

I bought myself this La Ligne plaid dress for Christmas Eve and will wear with green velvet pumps and emerald-inspired earrings. For Christmas Day, I am contemplating going outside the box with this green floral or maybe doing something in black velvet like this major statement dress or this button-front mini and pairing with a pair of tartan bow-topped heels similar to these that Talbots sent me last year!

You’re Soooo Popular: Dresses + Gifts.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

the fashion magpie blog best sellers

+Ulla Johnson dress.

+Apparis mittens.

+Aeyde suede boots.

+Personalized hair bow (10% off with code MAGPIE10).

+Ulla Johnson animal print mini (on sale for under $200!)

+Madewell Perfect Vintage jeans.

+Feather-trim mules ($20!)

+Go Fish game.

+Boules set — great gift for a family. Mr. Magpie and I played this at the Inn at Perry Cabin while enjoying aperol spritzes — really fun lawn game.

+J. Crew puffer.

+Lined mittens ($15!!!)

+Padded velvet headbands (under $20 each — great as gifts).

+Stamp set.

+Marine Layer pullover — you all are loving this as gifts for the men in your lives!

+Feather-trim Milly top.

+J. Crew tartan smocked blouse.

+OXO laptop cleaner.

+Spiral candles — perfect for your holiday table.

P.S. If you’re doing some holiday shopping, all of my guides here:








Weekend Musings: On Comeuppance.

I recently had an interesting conversation with my mother-in-law about frustrating situations in which we have been asked to do something over-burdensome or unfair and yet have done it anyway, perhaps to avoid ruffling feathers or hurting someone’s feelings. (For example, someone asks you for a favor that is difficult to come by, or requires some bending of the rules, or is highly inconvenient, and yet saying “no” appears uncaring.) I have gotten mildly better in recent years at gently declining or redirecting in these circumstances, but they do crop up, and when they do, I am often in the end more irritated with myself than the requester. I find I am likely to stoop to pettiness, to dwell on “the injustice” of it all, and I find that frame of mind not only unattractive but exhausting. So I find myself between scylla and charybdis: on the one hand, a firm “no” feels out of character, even harsh; on the other, a silent “yes” yields unpleasant stewing. In the first case, I appear unattractive to others; and in the latter, I appear unattractive to myself. Where is the middle ground? Is there one? I should note that I have on occasion attempted to explain my decline of a request, and have frequently found that the people who make these requests are fairly forward in insisting my hesitations are unfounded, and then I am again compelled to say yes.

I don’t have an answer in practical matters, but I will say I found some inspiration on a faith level in my devotional the other day: “Forgiveness is not only about not rehearsing the past but about participating in the present and preparing for the future. If we give in to bitterness…we are still living in what was. The hard part of letting go of the past is that justice is not always served.” I found some peace in that, in the sense that — it is not my job to tally up and offer comeuppance for the injustices and unkindnesses of others. It is my job to keep moving forward.


+This $30 sherpa cowlneck sweatshirt situation looks divine.

+Love the pattern on this $129 dress.

+Sweet $40 floral puffer for a little one.

+These chintz armchair ornaments are darling! Would be a good gift for an interior designer…

+Cute Thanksgiving dress for an expecting mama, but also works without bump!

+Perfect winter fitness coat.

+Sweet satin mule.

+Does everyone already know about Downy Wrinkle Release? Just ordered for myself after seeing a few bloggers rave about this!

+These velvet napkin rings are SO good! I keep coming back to them but they are so pricey!

+This $25 blouse brings to mind Horror Vacui in the black floral.

+Inventive wall treatment.

+This $150 cardigan reminds me a lot of Khaite.

+This flannel bedding looks heavenly.

+Fun statement kicks for you or your man.

+Janie and Jack has some cute statement sweaters for your little lady — adore this and this. (I find this brand runs small, FYI.)

+Everything in my children’s fall wardrobes here and here.

+Forgot to include this chic tiered maxi skirt in my roundup. I have been looking for a chic fall maxi skirt ever since falling in love with this Coco Shop style, which apparently sold out in a day and is currently available on preorder, and this under $100 style might be the ticket.

+This one (on sale for $70) is also super chic!

+This floral rug is gorgeous.

+Love this glen plaid headband.

+This swivel desk chair is insanely chic.

+$15 glitter mary janes for a little one that WILL thrill her.

+This statement puffer jacket has a Gucci vibe.

+Love the length of this $50 cableknit sweater.

+This vanity chair is throwback-style charming.

+I don’t need a gravy boat like this but…

+More chic fall tabletop finds here.


  1. Such a good thought – to not dwell in the past. A few years ago I was faced with the realization that forgiveness of a particular individual was crucial to me moving forward in peace with a mission calling. As painful as it was, digging out that root of bitterness was incredibly freeing and I’ve worked to stay in a posture of peace ever since. My inner peace is far more valuable to me, those I love, and my life’s work than others’ perception of me. Believe me — it takes constant reminders to myself, but it is SO very worth it. I also heard something this week that has stuck with me — when we lay down new boundaries, it will inevitably upset those that are accustomed to violating our old boundaries. But we can extend grace to them because it’s new and explain that it’s new to us, too but necessary. I’ve been noodling that idea and what that looks like, practically speaking, in relationships and interactions with others. Just something to think about! Hope you’re well, Jen… xo H

    1. Hi Heidi – Thank you so much for sharing this, especially the note that “it takes constant reminders to myself.” It’s not going to be just an “on/off” switch, i.e., “OK, today I will completely 100% be over that interaction” but rather an ongoing decision to move beyond it even when fresh resentment arrives.

      Thank you!


  2. Cannot let the moment pass…
    I read that devotional statement and it stopped me dead! How accurate, how appropriate, how all encompassing, just everything!
    Thank you for sharing. Love it!
    Love your blog more!

    1. I know – it really stopped me in my tracks, too. Such a good north star! This is the devotional I’ve mentioned a few times, Radiate by Cleere Reeves. I find the reflections uneven but some of them have really had a profound impact on me!


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