Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 239: A New TV Show Rec.

My Latest Snag: Everlane Cashmere Polo.

I’ve written about this piece a few times recently and also shared some photos of myself wearing this on Instagram, but I am absolutely in love with this cashmere polo sweater from Everlane, which was generously gifted. I have never owned this style of sweater but I love the slight sexiness of the neckline, and the olive green color is amazing in real life. So sophisticated and unexpected! I wore with wide-leg ecru pants similar to these and my green furlanes the other day. Perfect fall sweater for feeling pulled together but comfortable.

You’re Soooo Popular: Le Perfect Pump.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

the fashion magpie blog best sellers october

+My ride-or-die fall pump. I have friends who also own Manolo Blahnik BBs (super similar in shape/style/heel height) and prefer the J. Crew. More comfortable! I own this pair of shoes in so many colors! Great with jeans, the wide-leg pants everyone’s wearing, dresses, etc!

+Micro’s owl costume for Halloween! Ships fast and the quality is great.

+This $35 dress I wore twice last week. So comfortable! Specifically love long dresses like these for hosting people at home while barefoot! It’s cut generously — would work with bump, too, and would be great in the cranberry color for Thanksgiving!

+Hand-painted ornaments! I guess we’re ready to think about Christmas?!

+Halloween treat tags!

+Cord joggers for a little boy. So sweet with an ivory cable knit.

+$20 loafers for boys! This is the kind of deal I love at the moment, when we’re still not doing THAT much social stuff because of COVID. If your child might only wear loafers on two occasions this winter, why splurge on Elephantito?!

+Chicest scalloped side table.

+My favorite winter boot in such a great shade!

+Such a great versatile dress for moving into cooler weather — long-sleeves, terracotta hue. Could be paired with wintry accessories or summer ones. Love a year-round style like this.

+One of my favorite Thanksgiving dress options.

+Sailor-style velvet hairbows for little ones.

+The devotional I’m working through. A caveat: I find this book uneven. Sometimes the messages grab me and other times I feel a little put-off or over-strained (?). Maybe this is the purpose and the resistance will ultimately prove instructive. What I do like about it is that it pushes me to spend time in thought every day. A good habit-forming tool.

+We own several of the prints of this cute smocked, Liberty-inspired blouse ($21!) for my daughter. Easiest weekday outfits with solid leggings and Cientas!

+$25 velvet bow shoes for littles!

Weekend Musings: A TV Show I’m Enjoying.

Are you watching “Only Murders in the Building” on Hulu? This show was filmed down the street from us in Manhattan, and I walked by the apartment building in which it is set (“the Arconia” in the show; “The Belnord” in real life) daily when taking mini to school via the 1 Train, so I will admit that some of the show’s luster stems from “I know that place!” sentiments. But it is also richly allusive and self-aware in provocative and meaningful ways. I specifically appreciate the show’s consciousness of generational gaps: “Should I call or text her?” asks Steve Martin’s character, referring to Selena Gomez’s much younger character; Martin Short’s character pauses and replies: “Calling seems to make them angry.” (Haha!) Jokes like these are cunningly strategic in that half of the cast feels very “old-guard Hollywood” and this humor bridges the gap while also commenting thoughtfully on medium versus matter. The entire show is deftly metafictional in this way: it is full of winks at the processes of funding, casting, and producing performances; there are celebrities playing themselves (Sting!) and other ones not (Nathan Lane!); and by and large, the show interrogates the design of different “texts” and how the mode predicates, or conditions, the audience’s consumption. For example, we are obviously watching a television show and one of the leads is a celebrated actor, but the characters are designing a podcast and we are also shown excerpts of play productions, bits of text narrative from The Hardy Boys, musical interludes by bassoon and accordion and even Sting on his guitar. There are moments where the characters in fact directly comment on the conditions of performance, i.e., the bassoonist notes that she plays in the courtyard so she can better hear her own pitch, and Martin Short’s character visualizes the process of “casting” a villain for the podcast. Then there are text messages, hand-written notes, audio files, video files! In short, the show is a pastiche of texts, and we are always made aware of the competing desires, expectations, and inputs that support the production and reception of each. We are only four episodes in but there is so much to unpack about communication, medium, performance, truth, art, and money.

Strongly recommend this show!

What else are you watching?

Post-Scripts: Exaggerated Collars + Pencil Cups.

+These linen pillow covers are on sale in select colors at such a fabulous price — like $23! Great for adding depth/texture/contrast on a couch!

+A girlfriend of mine just bought this blouse and looks adorable in it! If you’re into the exaggerated collar, this floral blouse is under $100.

+The rattan pencil cup you never knew you always needed. I also love these Birdie Hall brush pots or julep cups for this purpose. I actually use julep cups for everything from bud vases (so chic with winter berries in them for the holidays!) to tooth brush holders in my house!

+Some of these seashell ornaments are on sale for under $2! I love! Would be so cute to do a tree like this for a coastal house.

+Somehow missed this cute chunky knit cardi in my H&M New Arrivals post. So good! Love the color!

+Another FAB Target find for $25!

+Another great tool for transforming a summery dress into an autumnal one.

+These tiny floral booties for a baby!! Meep!

+OO yes to this just-launched cropped jacket. More jackets in this vein here!

+Bellabliss is running a buy more, save more promotion. Great time to buy for family portraits, Thanksgiving, and/or Christmas at a discount…or just invest in great knitwear! I especially love:







+Testing a new body wash scent.

+I have mentioned this puffer a few times but just WOW. I love!

+FUN (!) fall layering piece.

+OMG this side tie Chloe blazer.

+Great stacking bracelet to layer in with others you own.

+Cutest gardening toy for a little one.

+Gorgeous red heel — imagine simply paired with jeans and a white button-down.

+The most attractive learning tower I’ve ever seen.

+This gingham coverall is darling!

+I’ve never been a huge Mary Jane gal but I kind of LOVE these. Currently 25% off!

+These #extra pajamas are also 25% off — so ridiculous and fanciful but I can’t lie. I kind of swoon over them!

+This is such a big look, but I kind of love it. Fair isle head to toe! Why not?!

+Merino loafers!


  1. Haha I feel the same about Allen, actually. And after watching Farrow vs. Allen on HBO, I don’t watch any of his work anymore, TBH! Xo

  2. Absolutely love Only Murders in the Building! I’m only a few episodes in as well. The vibe reminds me of my favorite Woody Allen movie, Manhattan Murder Mystery!

    1. !! Have never seen that Allen movie! I find his material up and down for me — is that terribly uncool to admit? Some stuff I love, others I can’t stand. Need to look into the Murder Mystery one, though. Sounds up my alley! xx

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