Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 223: On Getting My Ducks in a Row.

My Latest Snag: The New Nap Dress.

Did everyone buy a nap dress this past week!? I met up with a girlfriend for lunch just after the launch on Wednesday and we both realized we’d gone directly from purchasing the same nap dress to lunch! Ha! My sister and about twenty of my good friends ordered the same one, too. My only question now is: do I need a second Nesli in the Pampelonne print? I think the Nesli is my favorite style at the moment because I love that little tie behind the back, which keeps everything snug and in place, and it’s just so flattering, and it has sleeves, and…I could go on. I wore mine in the car on our trip down to close. Such a great travel piece!

You’re Soooo Popular: Dresses!

The most popular items on le blog this week:

+This mini dress. The cutest print and so easy to wear.

+No surprise here: the nap dress.

+My favorite summer candle.

+This adorable travel laundry bag. Would also be good for kids stuff in general while traveling — we have a similar drawstring style bag I love to use for the children’s shoes when packing.

+This midi t-shirt dress.

+These raffia bon bon style earrings ($32!)

+Cutest printed wet/dry pouch.

+Rosary bead bracelet. I love how many of you bought this — a sweet gift for a mom/sister/friend who prays alongside you.

+A dress to celebrate in.

+The perfect dress for a Baptism, newborn photo shoot, or just to wear for a happy feminine vibe.

Weekend Musings: On Getting My Ducks in a Row.

I came across a great quote on Instagram the other day:

“If I waited till I got my ducks all in a row, I’d never cross the street. Sometimes you just have to gather up what you’ve got and make a run for it.” — Judge Lynn Toller

I feel this so profoundly at the moment. We are busy bees, hands full with fun and exciting things, but my goodness do I feel like I’m attempting to swing on monkey bars with one arm full of belongings. That is to say, my movements are uncoordinated and slapdash, and it feels as though I need to put a lot of things down in order to actually make progress, but I can’t. The note above was a reminder that it’s OK to not have everything tied up with a bow. Sometimes you just need to hustle across the street.

P.S. But how do you stay organized?

P.P.S. Pressure is a choice.

Post-Scripts: Little White Top.

+CUTE little white top for summer.

+More great tops for summer.

+Still lusting after a pair of these house slippers, now in the cutest denim!

+Chanel vibes for under $200. Such a fun summer bag!

+Oversized poplin blouse for $50 — so chic layered over a tank or swimsuit, or paired with your favorite jeans!

+Great upholstered cube.

+Such an elegant blouse. So Parisian-chic.

+Step up your kids’ bath game. (More children’s bath gear here.)

+WOW this embroidered hydrangea skirt!

+These shorts with a fun blouse tucked in!

+Mais j’adore these little pearl hoops! (Under $100!)

+More pretty everyday jewelry.

+OK, this dress is stunning. Love the wide bib.

+Into this faded sweatshirt for Mr. Magpie…or for me. Imagine oversized with white jeans while roasting marshmallows on the beach.

+I have this pink cotton Lilly Pulitzer nightgown so similar in style to this J. Crew variation that I’ve had since I was probably 24. I still wear it nearly every time I need to blow-dry my hair — it is SO cool and thin and I love the crisp cotton that doesn’t cling to me when I get hot. A must-have if you also get overheated while drying your hair, or want something cool to slip into after you come home from the beach/pool.

+These might be the chicest sandals I’ve ever seen for the price. They look like they are by Hermes or The Row but cost $150?!

+Just bought micro his second pair of these shorts. They launder so nicely and look absolutely adorable with his Lacoste polos. Such a great retro 80s vibe. I’m pretty sure my brother wore variations on this theme every summer between 1984-1988.

+These shoes are just so fun.

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