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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 218: What Is Yours to Carry?

My Latest Snag: The Farm Rio Dress.

My latest happy acquisition: this whimsical Farm Rio dress (more sizes here, but close to sold out!). This brand has such playful, fun pieces for a summer that promises to be more joyful than last! I think I might actually wear it on my birthday. So fun. I also love this one, which reminds me of one of my most-worn-at-home dresses from Frances Valentine (this colorful version is on sale!).

You’re Soooo Popular: The Quilted Sham.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

+This gorgeous quilted sham.

+Inexpensive patio set in great colors.

+This white top.

+Garden stakes.

+Unfussy children’s shorts set.

+Lightweight jacket for running errands/post-workout.

+My favorite inexpensive bag strap — under $10 and I have worn mine all winter as a fun way to refresh an old crossbody!

+Woven earrings to wear all summer.

+My favorite leave-in conditioner.

+Inexpensive running tank.

+Gorgeous framed intaglios.

+Melamine dinner plate set at a fantastic price — reminiscent of Juliska Berry + Thread.

+Well-priced maternity/nursing blouse.

Weekend Musings: What Is Yours to Carry.

My sister and I have a long-standing joke about serving as pack mules for one another in the sense that neither of us can sustain a sad thought without sharing it with the other. It is, I think, a peculiar and common habit of sisterhood to commune openly around the grievances and challenges and disappointments of life together, no holds barred. With a sister, you rarely have to say: “I know it’s not a big deal, but…” With a sister, you can just jump in, no excuses or preambles, lay it all out, vent and cry if you need to, blow off disproportionate steam. I am grateful for this gift three times over, as I have three supportive sisters who will listen to me at any hour of the day about any subject under the sun.

I came across an interesting quote on this general subject earlier this week that left me thoughtful, though:

“Not everything that weighs you down is yours to carry.”

I hope I have never weighed my sisters down. I hope that they have learned to draw boundaries, to listen but not necessarily assume the burden of my own concerns. It is a tricky business, isn’t it? To love wholeheartedly, to accept, but also to protect yourself? To understand what you can and cannot control, to understand what you should and should not carry?

There are other profound applications for this phrase that get at social and cultural conditions, but on the narrow surface of it: a gentle reminder to perform a quiet accounting of whatever is weighing on you today, and to perhaps sift what is yours from what is not.

Post-Scripts: Hunter Bell Top.

+That Hunter Bell top I mentioned last week is on sale here!!!

+Ramekins are in constant use in our home. Great for mise en place.

+Tiny striped pants for an itty baby. Love. And speaking of Pehr, I adore their embellished canvas bins for toys! Especially good for Maileg parts/dolls!

+All of my children’s current favorite toys.

+Chic storage baskets, by size.

+Sweet cameo drop earrings for under $60.

+Everything about this top is perfect — the sleeves, the bow at the elbow, the pattern, the neckline!

+Cutest tool set for little ones.

+Sunnylife has such cute pool/lawn toys, including this float and this sprinkler!

+Chic $59 caftan in white or black.

+Great LWDs for summer.

+Just added this simple bodysuit in white to my cart to wear with maxi/midi skirts this summer.

+Speaking of skirts, I have this maxi skirt in my cart along with its matching top!

+Seriously dreamy $43 floral maxi.

+This teeth-whitening kit gets really good reviews.

+Scalloped everyday shorts for summer.

+Great pima cotton peter pan collar tops for little ones.

+My favorite bedtime books for littles.

+Ooh! I absolutely love these Margaux x Schumacher flats!


  1. This quote speaks to me, too! Boundaries are important. As an empathetic person, it is sometimes hard to acknowledge when something is not mine to carry … but it’s important to do so sometimes. I have struggled with this over the course of my life, sometimes to the detriment to my health.

    On a lighter note … I love that polka dot set from J.Crew!


    1. I’m so the same way!! Seriously hard for me not to take on burdens that aren’t my own!!


  2. Oh my goodness, this post on What is Yours to Carry speaks directly to my heart at this time – Thank you.

    1. Hi Lynn – I’m so glad this arrived for you at just the right moment. Kismet! xx

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