Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 212: Walk Double, Laugh Triple.

My Latest Snag: An LWD.

I just can’t help myself when I come across a new LWD. I swear half of my closet consists of little white dresses, but I find them incredible easy and versatile workhorses! They are literal blank canvases and I can add fun patterned shoes or statement earrings in a color of my preference and totally transform the vibe.

A few other great LWDs: dreamy eyelet maxi, Zimmermann perfection (just the most perfect rehearsal dinner or getaway dress for a bride), smocked white midi, and Jane Birkin vibes for under $100. (Just add the woven bucket bag and you’re done – see?)

You’re Sooooo Popular: $20 Target Dress.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

+This $20 Target dress.

+This ultra-chic summer tote.

+Semi-flush drum mount.

+Prep bowls with lids.

+J. Crew eyelet top.

+Carrie-Forbes-esque rattan sandals for $40.

+Well-priced indoor-outdoor rug.

+Personalized straw totes. Great gifts for flower girls, little ladies, bridesmaids!

+Fresh denim.

+Cool sneaks.

+Indoor/outdoor reversible throw pillow.

+My favorite concealer.

+Tiered gingham skirt.

+Cute snack containers for littles.

Weekend Musings: Walk Double, Laugh Triple.

“The secret to living well and longer is:

Eat half,

Walk double,

Laugh triple,

And love without measure.”

-Tibetan Proverb

I come across a lot of cheesy quotes that bring a half-smile, half-grimace to my face, but I loved this one, especially the note about laughter, schmaltziness be-damned. Someone recently shared her opinion that the secret to a happy marriage is remembering and celebrating why you fell in love in the first place. When I thought back to 18-year-old Jen meeting 20-year-old Landon, I thought of how genteel and attentive he was — so different from so many of the boys I knew at that time — but also, once I got to know him, how much he made me laugh. We have so many strange inside jokes accrued over years and years of being together, some unexpectedly wicked and absurd and juvenile, and it is not unusual for him to leave me rolling on the floor with laughter with a single look over the heads of our children. There are some nights, after the children are down, that I swear we are laughing for two hours straight with brief breaks for dinner and conversation before retiring for bed.

So here’s to laughing triple this weekend and all weekends.



+$12.99 white pima cotton long-sleeved polo from a great traditional childrenswear brand (originally $42!)

+I adore this dress. The shape is so fun.

+What is your email salutation?

+Fun woven kitten heels.

+People keep raving about these Footmates sandals because of the velcro closure. They look very similar to the Sun Sans mini has worn her entire life, but I am intrigued by the velcro! Great colors too.

+Love this gift wrap.

+Beauty finds you need to know about.

+Striped and smocked and blue and white. What’s not to love?

+More blue and white finds for everyone in your family here.

+You know this blue swimsuit turned my head. The bow! The dusty blue!

+Personalized calling cards for littles – I’d use these as gift tags.

+These paper plates are so fun for a spring get-together.

+I have had my eye on these as a gift for one of my girlfriends — we used to watch “trashy TV” together pre-pandemic over too many glasses of wine.

+This dress, in the floral or gingham, for your little love!

+Aesthetically-pleasing kitchen storage finds.

+How do you meal-plan?

+These sunglasses have been a best-seller.

+Cute striped swimming trunks for a little lad – on sale! More swim for little ones here.

+A simple and delicious weeknight meal.

+Now that more of us are getting our vaccines: thoughts on entertaining girlfriends.

+In case you need a boost: parenting auspiciousness.


  1. I LOVE that Tibetan proverb.
    After high school, I lived at in ashram in CA and a orphanage in India, and studied with a silent Indian monk named Baba Hari Dass. He wrote on a small chalkboard, and his ability to say so much with so few words is so similar to this proverb. These are two of my favorites…

    “Don’t think that you are carrying the whole world; make it easy. Make it play, make it a prayer.”

    “Work honestly, meditate everyday, meet people without fear and play.”

    Thank you so much for sharing this friend! xo

    1. Wow – amazing! I like the idea of playfulness as a core tenet of a happy life. Thank you for sharing that.


  2. Hi Jen!

    Also for what you’re shopping for:

    Delicate but not too expensive wear-everyday necklaces? Been wanting a thin chain or small pendant necklace to throw on with everything!

  3. For your next Magpie mail/what you’re shopping for: I’m looking for a 30th birthday dress. I’ll be 14 weeks pregnant with my first, so I’m expecting I’ll be in that awkward phase where I don’t quite have a bump but won’t look great in something form fitting. Would love to hear your suggestions!!

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