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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 210: This Is the Best Day Ever.

*Image above via House Beautiful.

My Latest Snag: New Clothes for Mr. Magpie.

I’m working on getting everyone’s spring wardrobe in order, and have purchased a few things for my man I thought I’d share:





May go back for these for him to wear on Easter, too!

P.S. Unrelated, but just sent a few sets of these Matouk initial towels as a housewarming gift – conveniently 25% off at the moment. This is probably my most-frequently-sent housewarming gift! (I own them too!) The towels are so fluffy and lovely, and who doesn’t love white? Also, the monogram is interesting. Some people aren’t monogram people, but the style here is so different.

You’re Sooooo Popular: Crib Sheets + Bar Stools.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

+Toile crib sheets — I have this exact set in micro’s nursery. (See all my favorite bedding for nurseries here.)

+Chippendale bar/counter stools in a great color and at a reasonable price.

+Clare Vivier-esque crossbody for $128. (Love the racer stripes and canvas strap!)

+Great spring hair bow for a little.

+Fun pearl-studded sandals. (Pair with this in black — AMAZING.)

+Scalloped linen placemats.

+Packing cubes — have two sets of these, one for each child, in different colors.

+Reasonably-priced long-sleeved fitness top in great colors.

+$29 statement sweatshirt — perfect for spring.

+Hot rollers!

+My favorite hairspray — at time of writing this, marked down to 50% off.

+Tiny stackable snack tupperware. Great for travel with littles involved.

Weekend Musings: This Is the Best Day Ever.

Recently, mini has started squealing: “this is the best day ever!” whenever we are about to embark on something that pleases her — a baking project, a new sticker book, arts and crafts, a trip to the park with donuts, dinner and a movie, etc. The fact that she makes this pronouncement virtually every other day of the week has not diminished its authenticity or charm. The hyperbole is so patently the province of a four-year-old, and so deeply reminiscent of the unbridled feeling of youth, when everything (!) could (!) feel (!) staccato (!) and (!) exciting (!) I specifically remember the sensation of running out to my mother’s car in the pickup line and begging for my best friend Ellie to come over, or for me to go over to her house — we were inseparable from the ages of 8-11 — and, if permission was secured, radiating with joy! I would sprint back to Ellie, and we’d jump around in glee. This is the best day ever!

What great energy to bring to any given Tuesday. The next time something goes my way, or my favorite dish is on the menu (orechiette with broccoli rabe and Italian sausage), or I snag a great deal, or I find out another family member has been vaccinated, I’m going to say it out loud: “This is the best day ever!”


+This $29 gingham swimsuit! Wow! It reminded me of both this Solid & Striped style and this Tory Burch gingham I’ve been eyeing.

+Speaking of gingham, just added this fun iPhone case to my cart.

+Target always does great storage baskets.

+These tiny bunny dishes are $5 and so adorable. I love the tiny size for dessert/snack this Easter!

+Such a cute bag for spring — Chanel vibes for $129.

+Sweet scalloped cocktail napkins.

+Major Ulla vibes for under $200.

+Great price on a marble-top tulip table.

+This $55 tote bag is so cute!

+Think I might have to order this specific pair of Vejas. As you know, I’ve been eyeing this style for awhile. Love the blues. Would look great with white denim or a white dress.


  1. Jen, at your recommendation I made the Tony Mantuano orecchiette recipe for dinner tonight– it was absolutely delicious and the perfect comfort food on this rainy night. We also have made (and love!) the halibut in parchment recipe you recommended at some point. Thanks to you and Mr. Magpie for such great suggestions, keep them coming! xo

    1. Oh YAY! So funny – my sister made that recipe last night, too and was similarly effusive 🙂 Yay! I’ll try to share more good recipes soon.


  2. Do you have a favorite recipe for making orechiette with sausage and broccoli at home? It’s one of my favorites too!

  3. Just ordered more sets of my beloved Matouk initial towels! These are my absolute favorite towels (thank you for putting me into them!).
    Sending a set to my kids as a “love gift surprise” too!

    1. What a wonderful surprise!!! My mom ordered a set too! Fresh towels for everyone!


  4. I feel as though I must share – the hallowed institution that is Rao’s (which is near impossible to dine at without owning a table) is offering takeout during these pandemic times. The orechiette with broccoli rabe and Italian sausage is so good. A must try before you leave NY, in my humble opinion. (I’d also recommend the meatballs and the lemon chicken if you end up ordering). Enjoy!

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