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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 204: On Gaining Perspective.

My Latest Snag: Brock Collection Top.

There have been so many epic deals on the feminine pieces from Brock Collection, one my favorite high-end designers, lately, and I had to snag this pretty bow-shouldered white top (70% off!), also available in the sweetest floral print here. I also absolutely adore this floral print style.

P.S. If you’re into this vibe, check out this roundup of chic Bridgerton-esque finds here, or get the look for less with this, this, or this.

P.P.S. Speaking of Brock, don’t miss out on their recent collab with my favorite children’s swimwear label, Minnow!

You’re Sooooo Popular: Le Cake Stand.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

+This jadeite cake stand.

+Chicest electric kettle. (I’m so jealous! We already own a great one but I love the styling and colors this comes in!)

+Chic spring sunnies.

+Merino base layers have transformed my aptitude for running in super cold weather!

+I deploy these appetizer plates daily for a range of uses.

+Reformation dress, on sale!

+Still a few of my beloved Rhode dress on sale for under $100!

+Easy, chic, slightly edgy pants to pair with pointed toe flats and a black turtleneck for an unexpectedly cool downtown mom look.

+We have these bookshelves in our living room — LOVE. Recently restocked.

+Stylish fleece jacket.

+This foundation stick is just the best.

+Bought this stationery for myself!

+Chic caftan from an Etsy shop.

+Pastel ball caps.

Weekend Musings: On Gaining Perspective.

There were so many exceptional variations on “The Pep Talk” from Magpies in response to last week’s icebreaker, but I wanted to single out Stephanie’s rejoinder to feelings of anxiety or instances in which we are aware that we are making a mountain out of a molehill:

Will this matter in a day? A week? A year?

Mr. Magpie often asks me this exact trio of questions when I am fretting over something, whether a protracted and heated customer service negotiation or a misstep in the writing of this blog or the shocking forgetfulness I displayed when I did not remember that mini had a half day at school a few weeks ago and showed up an entire hour late to scoop her up. (I was mortified and felt like a wretch for consuming the time of the faculty who stayed with her!)

The provocation invariably yields perspective, usually making me realize that whatever it is does not, in fact, truly matter, or that it cannot be materially changed by my hand-wringing. And more often than not, these questions assist in the crafting of a proportionate response to the incident at hand. In the case of forgetting mini’s half-day, I apologized profusely (through multiple media!), modified my calendaring system (adding a digital alert) for scheduled half-days in the future, and took the time to treat mini to a special afternoon snack to reassure her that she is the center of everything for me. And then I had to It was a mistake, not a symptom of my ineptitude or a pattern of behavior.

How do you achieve a sense of perspective in moments like these?

Post-Scripts: Jayson Home Sale.

+Collapsible tupperware! Brilliant for moms on the go. I found these after ordering Hill this collapsible silicon snack cup. Love anything that takes up less space while out with littles!

+Speaking of children dining on the go, I just bought mini a few sets of this cutlery for her lunchbox. We had still be using these Beaba sets but she’s truly outgrown them as she closes in on four years old!

+Reflecting on studying abroad.

+This pale gray coat is so elegant, and I’m swooning over this textured, padded vest!

+Sweatshirt dresses are a THING right now. Are you into them? Consider these styles by Casey Marks, this sage green style, or this COS score. Snuggie, but make it fashion?

+Pretty spring dress for a little. Mini has owned this style in a few prints over the years and it’s an effortless style to pair with leggings or tights!

+J’adore these glitter shoes.

+This striped swimsuit!!!

+These light wash denim shortalls for a baby girl are just beyond. Giving me major throwback Jordache vibes and J’ADORE.

+Love this floral print skirt.

+What are you secretly good at?

+A huge drop of Ulla at The Outnet. I love their breezy midis and have been eyeing this dress (also avail in a cute midi) for like two years now! I think it’s time to pounce. (And this jacket means BUSINESS. SO CHIC.)

+Reflections on my first day of high school.


  1. When I was in preschool, my mom once picked me up but forgot to retrieve my classmate in our carpool. She was horrified and brought the child’s mother “forget-me-not” flowers as a sweet apology. They subsequently became best friends and still are 30+ years later! All to say, you are not alone!

    1. You are so sweet to share this – and what a sweet gesture / outcome for your mom!


  2. Mini will not be forever scarred, promise. It will become a funny story to tell in the future. How do I know? My mother forgot to pick me up in 6th grade and left me at school until 9PM. NINE. The entire family ate dinner without me! This is also how I managed to score a cell phone, unsurprisingly. My psyche recovered and now it’s a story I love to tell and have jokingly used as ammunition for the last 18 years.

  3. LOVE those 3 questions! Perspective is everything. And don’t sweat the late pickup… I can’t tell you how many of my preschool parents make the same mistake on occasion. As long as you’re not a regular offender it’s all good! 🙂
    Enjoy what’s left of the weekend.. xo H

    1. So reassuring, as always! I so appreciate your perspective on these posts, Heidi. xx

  4. I love the shadow effect personalized stationary. I’m going to order a set. I’m stuck on the color combo. My name is long so I think I will use my initials. Do you have a favorite color combination?

    1. Hi Carleen! I did pale blue with red shadow/trim because I’ve been into that color combo lately — it turned out SO fun, and I like that it’s neutral enough to work for both my husband and I if it’s a joint note. Bought if it were just for me, I might do pink and red! Love that fun combo. I also like mint and lavender together.


  5. I recently did the same thing with my 4 year olds school! It was early pickup day and I came at the normal time over an hour later! Ugh! Felt so bad.

    1. !! Bless you for writing this – feel less alone in that oversight. Don’t think I’ll make that mistake for a loooong time!!


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