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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 203: Terms of Endearment.

*I think my post featuring the founders of Golden Edit really put me in a “follow the sun” mood…note that their promotion code is still valid! 20% off entire site! Take me away

My Latest Snag: Michael’s Haul.

I just bought some super cute activities and supplies from Michael’s for our craft cabinet at great prices — just a little note to self to remember to compare prices between Amazon and Michael’s, as I can almost always find things for cheaper at the latter. I specifically bought a bunch of Valentines Day card materials on sale (!), including this set, these doilies, stickers, etc — as well as some washable paint and play-doh, which are 20% off with code 20MADEBYYOU through today (1/30). I also picked up this little flamingo craft kit and this ladybug one, both under $2 and sure to be big hits at home this weekend with mini. (Also note that Michael’s now carries the very popular activity kits by Kid Made Modern and they are all 20% off today with code above! People love their craft libraries, and I am eyeing this paper doll kit and this papier mache unicorn set.

I don’t know about my fellow Magpie mamas, but I am at a stage of this pandemic and this winter where I have had to designate Tuesdays as my “Weekend Activity Planning Day” and I actually map out the activities, crafts, excursions, baking projects, etc we’ll be undertaking the upcoming weekend so I can make sure I get all the materials in time. If not, the weekends are extremely long given that it’s not really realistic for us to spend more than an hour in the park / at the playground (especially not today, as it’s supposed to feel like -5 degrees outside) and there just aren’t that many socially distanced activities to be had in Manhattan. And beyond that — I honestly need the stimulation and excitement myself, as the parent! Having activities lined up gives the weekend some structure. Anyhow, I’ve been revisiting all the activities on this list (many of which we’ve now done countless times) and am very grateful for the Kiwi crate subscription my mother bought for Emory for Christmas. She loves these sets! I’m actually eyeing one for Hill, too — hadn’t realize they carried kits for such a young age! Strongly recommend.

P.S. If you’re in dire straits, consider overnighting one of the great, “slow-burn” toys on this list.

You’re Sooooo Popular: The White Blouse.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

+This ultra-chic white blouse from ALC, marked down to under $120 (orig almost $300!)

+My pretty heart earrings. I’ve set them aside to wear on Valentine’s Day with this top!

+Much-touted face mask.

+Quilted pocket fleece pullover.

+Best concealer ever.

+My new sneakers! I absolutely love this style for running. My third pair!

+Chic toile face mask.

+Chic woven bowl for citrus, or just for decor on a shelf.

+Darling and inexpensive blockprint quilt!

+Hydrangea jammies for littles at a great price!

+Cutest sensory kits.

+Sweet ballet book for little ones — whether they are tiny ballerinas or you are looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift.

+Well-priced leotard/ballet skirt combo for a little one in really good colors.

+Sweet $15 floral top for a little (pair with white or pink leggings for an easy spring look).

+Cute jammies for little ones for under $20.

Weekend Musings: Terms of Endearment.

Which are your favorite terms of endearment? Which make you shudder? Or do you universally spurn them as too saccharine? Tell me in the comments section!

For some reason, Mr. Magpie and I have always hated the term “babe” for one another. We only ever use it ironically, with a surfer dude intonation: “Uh, hey, babe [pronounced “beb”], can you pass me the wine?” It’s odd because we’ve probably used every other term of endearment on the planet, plus weird and sickening variations of them, at some point in our long relationship with one another. One of the few I can’t claim to have tried: “pet.” When I was growing up, my best friend was Australian and her parents used to call one another “pet” in their thick Aussie accents. I remember peering at them from the corner of the kitchen in mild confusion. I can’t say I could ever pull that one off…

My favorite? When we were first dating, Mr. Magpie called me “baby” and — ! Let’s just say I drew from personal experience when I wrote about how that term made Caroline feel when Powell used it for her.

What about you?

P.S. If you’re new here, my M Series of blog posts are among my most popular, and the chronicle my love story with my husband.

Post-Scripts: Jayson Home Sale.

+Over the years, we have invested in a number of pieces of furniture and decor at Jayson Home. Their annual sale ends tomorrow, and it is a fantastic time to score some exceptionally well-made and unique pieces for your home. We have and love this deep and stately couch (in a different colorway); this vintage coffee table is amazing; and I love this runner for an entryway.

+People rave about these washable silk pajamas. I love them in the navy!

+Musings on the uses of sorrow, provoked by a poem.

+Meanwhile, I wore this Rhode dress (in a different print) for Mr. Magpie’s birthday and it is now marked down to under $100 (orig $495!)

+My favorite Etsy shop for throw pillows. Love these.

+Intrigued by this fancy smoked albacore tuna as an upgrade to my next batch of tuna salad.

+I have an addiction to Kule striped tees — this rugby striped style is on sale for 30% off and I’m eyeing this turtleneck dress style to pair with vejas/GGs (also on sale!)

+Speaking of striped dresses, I keep coming back to this Lacoste style. It has a great vintage vibe to it — I imagine pairing it with my Hermes Orans or Supergas this summer…

+This sweatshirt is just so chic.

+If you’re still loving the exaggerated collar (I am!), get in on this denim action before it sells out!

+The sacrosanct and the silly.

+Super pretty swimsuit in a great shade of blue for under $60.

+These sunglasses are so cool. If you’ve been a follower for awhile, you know I am obsessed with this brand for sunglasses — they have the greatest styles that look luxury designer but cost under $100.

+Ugh. I keep wanting to buy warmer weather items, but it is cold around here. Maybe a fun new knit like this ($25 and a great shade of gray/blue) will perk me up.

+These personalizable sweaters from Le Lion are still at the top of my lust list.

+My best discoveries of 2020.


  1. I’ll use babe for my boyfriend, but it’s always in an off-hand type of way – “Hey babe, will you hand me my water?” Most of the other ways feel a little slimy to me. I’m notorious for shortening friends (and said boyfriend’s) names to just their first initial. “Hey J/T/K” is common refrain around here.

    Lastly is my younger brother who will always be midget/midge despite now having a solid foot on me in height and a 22 year old college senior.

    (Now don’t get me started on my actual pet’s names – Iggy is Iggasaurus, Ignoramus, Iggster, Ignacio, Nacho… the list goes on)

    1. Haha!! We are also crazy about Tilly’s name, which has somehow been so abbreviated/repurposed/stretched out/reconfigured that she has been called things like “cheecheroni” (?) for weeks on end…I think stemming from calling her “tee tee” (what Emory called her when she was younger)…? So embarrassing!


  2. I love this prompt and the peek into the relationships of other Magpies! I can’t tolerate most terms of endearment, but my fiancé and I do call each other ‘love’ and ‘my love’. That’s about as far as we go but I like that both are plain statements of what we are to each other. And ‘love’ is almost always said in the phrase ‘come along love’ with the accent of an older English gentleman. It makes me picture a tender elderly couple who’ve weathered life’s storms together which I think is a solid aspiration for a younger couple who are soon to be wedded.

  3. One of my cousins calls me “bean” for no discernible reason and I love that she is literally the only person in the world who calls me that.

    1. OH yes, I love these idiosyncratic nicknames from siblings/cousins. We have a few of them in our family that no one in the world uses beyond our immediate band of siblings. xx

  4. I call my boyfriend Sparky (stole it from National Lampoons lol). Weird but he just fits that name. The only time I don’t like being called one of these nicknames is when a stranger says it. Especially when another woman calls me sweetie or honey in a condescending tone. Ohhh the control it takes not to slap her!

  5. I personally don’t use terms of endearment. I think of saying “honey” but I can’t seem to spit it out. I think of using these terms often but they don’t materialize. My husband has always called me “ Girl”. It’s kinda funny and I really don’t mind. I guess the closest term I’ll sometimes use Is sweets or boo and I’m ok with that. The Lacoste striped dress is a cute one, love the vintage feel! I had a seersucker last night and it was good!
    Cheers to the weekend!

    1. Hi Carleen – I so know the feeling of wanting to use a term of endearment but not being able to get it out in a natural way!

      Yay for seersuckers!!


  6. Pondering this question, and it has made me realized my husband and I don’t use many terms of endearment! He does call me “menina,” which I love (Portuguese for “girl”), and I call him “love” (very British of me, I suppose!).

    Related: we only use the term honey ironically, in reference to this video, ha!

    1. “Menina!” Sounds so sweet! I LOVE that video! Thanks for the reminder. Hehe


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