Weekend Vibes

Weekend Vibes: Edition No. 2.

By: Jen Shoop

Hola, chiquita bananas.  A little accoutrement in the form of a blog post for your Saturday morning coffee + pastry…

The Fashion Magpie Saturday Edition


The most popular items on Le Blog this past week:

+These maternity jams from Cosabella (my absolute favs).  And, check out more of my maternity must-haves here.

+This mini succulent planter ($20!!)

+This excellent book of essays from Rebecca Solnit, described as “the antidote to mansplaining.”  I just finished my copy a few days ago and it is a very worthwhile read.  It led to a long and thoughtful conversation with Mr. Magpie about “rape culture” on campuses one morning on the way to my maternity check-up, including the charged-ness of the phrase itself — HA, casual, breezy, morning fodder, right?!  I think you’ll find this book provoking and important.

+This Vivetta dress of my dreams (OMG OMG, it gives me all the heart eyes).  If you are one of the chic ladies who snagged this gorgeous dress, send me a pic!!!

+This $24 crochet and pom pink dress, which I wore to a friend’s son’s bris last weekend and promptly received a lot of questions about, so featured on my Insta!

+PS — this TopShop fit and flare dress (so chic) — the most popular item from last week — was again popular this week on Le Blog, and it’s now 40% off, at $60!

show your stripes

This J. Crew lovely ($158) is pretty much summer in a nutshell.  Stripes.  Bow.  Off-the-shoulder loveliness.  AHHHH.  Pink or blue!?  I’m also going nuts over this striped OTS Alexis dress and (OMG) this Nordstrom find (love the cold shoulder detailing), both similar styles.

The Fashion Magpie JCrew Off the Shoulder Seersucker Dress The Fashion Magpie JCrew Seersucker Dress

I mentioned this in my inaugural weekend vibez post, but I know I am mis-using the phrase #turbothot, and I don’t currrrr.  I prefer to use it to refer to an intense thought-provoking discovery of the moment.

And this week’s has got to be a little newsletter subscription service I just signed up for called Polar.  Each week, they feature a handful of contested topics and present op-eds on both sides of the political spectrum discussing it.

One thing I seriously valued about my undergrad experience at the University of Virginia was the culture of civil, respectful civic discourse it nurtured in its classrooms and beyond.  I like that Polar is aiming for similar aspirations.  The vitriol in which the current political environment is steeped is alarming.

On a lighter note, these beautifully organized pantries are the stuff of dreams.

And on a sweeter note, this post from the blog The Larson House (from last fall, so it’s a little old!) on a woman preparing to adopt a special needs child from China warmed my heart.  In a subsequent post, she talks about this adorable children’s book, I Wished for You, and my eyes instantly welled up.  So precious; so moved by the size of this blogger’s heart.


On a more superficial note…ha!:

+These ankle-wrap flats from J. Crew ($138) are so Chanel.

+LE PERFECT white tank ($48).  Love the scoop neck and form-fitted-ness.

+The cutest reusable sandwich bags ($12).  Probably intended for children, but I want them for me.

+This voluminous polka dot top from Tuckernuck ($78) is so on point RN.

+The CUTEST jammies for kiddos ($62) from one of my favorite bedding lines, Biscuit Home.

+Ordering a set of these personalized cups ($48) for outdoor summer entertaining.

+LOVE this affordable floral print dress ($70) — that boho shape is perfect for summer.  P.S. — More amazing floral finds I’m obsessing over RN (including a bunch of budget buys at the bottom!)

+Don’t forget to check Le Shop, which I’m constantly updating with great new discoveries.

+FINALLY — free baby mocs from Sweet + Swag if you leave a comment on this post + follow me on Insta!

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