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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 198: New Sneakers for Mini + New Holiday Traditions.

My Latest Snag: New Sneakers for Mini.

I wrote recently (skip to post-scripts) that mini has all of the sudden outgrown all of her shoes (literally changed shoe sizes over night), and I just ordered her a slew of new shoes, but my favorite pair? These Liberty London Vejas. I find these sneakers pair well with these white socks.

P.S. More Liberty and Liberty-esque floral finds here…and one new entrant: this darling floral coat for little ones from Zara!

You’re Sooooo Popular: Le Face Mask.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

+This face mask, which I can’t wait to try as well!

+Magical running jacket.

+Personalized crayons for a little one.

+Activity trays for little ones.

+Simple and sleek 2021 planner!

+Flounce sweater.

+Screen wipes.

+Botanical print clogs ($44!!!)

+Silicone sheets for crafting/meal time with little ones around.

+Best vegetable peelers.

+Utility kitchen shears you need in your kitchen (we have two pairs!)

Weekend Musings: Oplatek.

I recently learned about the Polish tradition of sharing oplatek (a flavorless, cracker-like wafer) on Christmas Eve. The idea is that each family member takes turns breaking off a piece of the wafer and publicly sharing his/her wishes for another family member for the upcoming year. I love this practice — how often do I take the time to share good will or gratitude with a member of my immediate family with the entire gang sitting around? Probably not often enough.

Today, dedicating a virtual and asynchronous oplatek wish for my angel mother, my anchor throughout the vicissitudes of 2020: I wish her a comfortable year of continued good health that is, unlike 2020, full of family.

Feel free to share your own below!

P.S. More musings on Polish inheritances here.

Post-Scripts: This Silver Skirt.

+This skirt!!!! Saloni just gets me.

+The color and design of these smoking loafers = perfect.

+OK, these pointelle floral leggings are a grandmillennial dream.

+Darling peplum sweater for a little one.

+TBBC just released some sweet new pieces for spring — how beyond is this strawberry print set and this onesie in their classic bow design?

+Discovered these too late for this Christmas, but just ordered for next holiday season! Perfect for little hands enjoying hot chocolate!

+I mentioned these forever ago, but they have been a huge hit for several months now in our home. Hill started enjoying them as early as 15 months! He has now discovered that they attach (magnetically) to his Ubbi diaper pail, so he loves attaching them, porcupine style. So creative! A slow burn toy for sure.

+A solid snow mitten if you’re in a pinch — these arrived the next day for me when I couldn’t find mini’s Polarn O Pyret pair just in advance of the nor’easter last week.

+If you’re looking for attractive thank you notes for holiday gifts!

+I want everything in this boutique. GAHHHH!

+Some really good sale scores here. I had to have this for next summer.

+Love marble accessories for a kitchen. This is pretty enough to showcase on open shelves! More great home and kitchen finds here.

+Great, cozy jammies for under $20 for your little gal.

+Love all of my Magpie skincare junkies, who have weighed in with SUPER helpful comments on retinol here and heavily-hyped BR Lotion P50 here.

+My shopping lust list.

+Great bags for everyday adventures.


  1. My family used to purchase a ‘sheet’ of Oplatek at Christmastime. My Mother would include a small bit of it in Christmas cards to faraway family or dear friends. She told me it was a way of sharing a meal (or, if you are religious or Christian, it’s a way of breaking bread or sharing the Eucharist) when you are not able to physically be together on Christmas.

  2. Hello and Merry Christmas! Thanks for writing about this virtually unrecognized tradition! It is a lovely one that makes Christmas Eve dinner the most special of the year.
    I’ve enjoyed reading your writing this year, it has been a bright spot of 2020. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Christine! Merry Christmas to you, friend! So excited to have borrowed this wonderful tradition for my own family. xx

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