Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 180: Westman Atelier’s Foundation + Music That Overwhelms Me.

My Latest Snag: Westman Atelier’s Vital Skin Foundation Stick.

I’ve been dying to try Westman Atelier’s heavily-touted line of cosmetics, and I finally snagged their well-reviewed Vital Skin Foundation stick. I’d never purchased any cosmetics from Credo Beauty, an online boutique featuring clean beauty products, but after hunting around, it was the only online store I could find that offered both a welcome discount (10% off with code CLEAN10) and a generous return policy, which was important to me as I’m not totally sure what color I am in the foundation. (Credo Beauty accepts returns within 30 days, even if the product has been opened and tested.) Anyhow, stay tuned — I’m excited to see whether it lives up to the hype!

P.S. More honest reviews of hyped beauty products here.

You’re Sooooo Popular: Frame’s Le Sylvie Crop Denim.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

+Frame’s Le Sylvie cropped denim, available on sale here and here. (More fresh denim for fall here.)

+This SEA-esque dress from J. Crew! OBSESSED.

+My favorite bra.

+An EPIC LBD for a formal occasion.

+My favorite running shoes.

+Ultra cute rain jacket for $30 for a toddler. (Comes in such good colors!)

+Really good floss. (No really – worth the upcharge.)

+Cheery block-print quilt.

+Well-priced block-print caftan.

Weekend Musings: Music That Overwhelms Me.

In his 20s, Mr. Magpie worked for a government consultancy that routinely raffled off tickets to various cultural events to its employees. We were gobsmacked by the fact that very few employees seemed to enter these lotteries, as Mr. Magpie and I won several times. The jackpot was two tickets to the Kennedy Center to hear Wynton Marsalis perform with the National Symphony Orchestra. We were young and frivolous and did not fully understand the rarified experience we were in for — but we relished the opportunity to get dressed up, hold hands on the broad terrace of the Kennedy Center, and enjoy lukewarm white wine out of plastic cups on the red carpeted corridor between the theatres. At the time, in order to dress the part at work, Mr. Magpie had acquired several new Zegna suits and a pair of Ferragamo dress shoes; I wore a strapless Milly dress and 4-inch Jimmy Choo sandals, my biggest fashion splurge and my deepest fashion pride to date–and I felt like a million bucks. Do you remember what that feels like, as a 23-year-old? The soaring and stirring sensation of being on the cusp of everything? The Potomac River spread out in front of us, and the sunset glowed orange for us, and we turned heads, and we thought: “We are something to see.”

That night, there was a performance of Duke Ellington’s “Single Petal of a Rose” and you could have heard a pin drop in the concert hall. No inopportune cough, no throat clearing, not a single shuffling in a single seat. I watched Mr. Magpie swallow and swallow and swallow and I knew he felt what I did, and what every last person in that audience must have, too: as though the very inside of my heart was outside of my body, floating around the room on every haunting note of that saxophone.

I felt small, in a good way–the way only a sweeping piece of music can make you feel: overwhelmed by the broad sweep of the world outside that had made such beauty possible; overcome with emotion.

Every now and then, the piece materializes in my headphones while I am walking Tilly or writing at my desk, and I am arrested. I feel the same smallness: the grateful feeling that there is so much left to experience in this life.

What music overwhelms you in this way?

P.S. Another song that makes me feel all the feels.


+How are you doing?

+This magnatab toy is such a cool gift for a three year old — mini received one for her birthday and loves it. So does Hill, actually!

+Agua Bendita’s recent trunk show for Moda Operandi is breathtaking. I actually have purchased two of their dresses and neither fit me well proportionally (and would have cost a fortune to re-tailor to my dimensions). I think they are cut for taller folks. But my goodness is this gorgeous. I predict we will see everyone wearing this swimsuit next summer. I love that suit but I am dangerously close to buying this Tory Burch at 50% off and do I NEED multiple new bathing suits. (Yes.)

+Get the Agua Bendita look for less with this, this, or this!

+Things that mattered to me at 18.

+These personalized hats are in stock!!

+Adore this striped sweatshirt. I’d wear with white jeans and Chanel ballet flats.

+Love a classic pair of heels like these. Perfect heel height, versatile color, elegant pointed toe. But do I need to be a broken record and remind you that my absolute favorite workhorse heel is J. Crew’s Elsie, on sale in black here?!

+Adore this striped tee dress. So cute with some Supergas! A reader asked on a separate post if I recommended any striped tees besides Kule, and I wanted to also flag that I own a fleet of striped tees from J. Crew! Lesser quality than Kule but usually come in good colors and cuts, like this and this.

+Speaking of stripes, love joggers like these for Hill with a little white polo on top for post-bath lounging.

+Just a reminder that Sephora’s sale is still running through tomorrow! Perfect time to stock up on pricey essentials like my beloved facial cleanser.

+Amanda Lindroth’s near-iconic wrapped tumblers are 20% off! Just add to cart and discount will appear. Cute gift!

+This remains one of my favorite dresses for this summer!

+My latest roundup of Amazon finds.

+Just ordered Hill this cool little spoon/fork set, which I think will encourage him to start using utensils.

+The Petite Plume look for less!

+The best scented hand soaps.

+Only $149 for this designer polka dot dress.


  1. Oh, that Kennedy Center feeling – it automatically elevates your sense of self and everyone around you. I know the exact sentiment! We’ve been lucky enough to attend a variety of performances there (pre-COVID, natch), from symphonies and ballets to screenings of Harry Potter with a live orchestra (so cool!). We’re always overdressed compared to our fellow attendees, but I have hard time sacrificing the glamour of attending an evening performance at such a refined venue and wearing anything less than such an experience deserves. We recessed from our wedding at Holy Trinity to Holst’s Jupiter on the organ, so his Planets series has always had a special place in my/our hearts. We were lucky enough to see it performed at the Kennedy Center last year – so, so moving, given the sentimental ties.

    1. WOW – so special. I had to look up Holst’s Jupitur! Thanks for sharing that. I’m also in your camp re: dressing up. We were lucky to live right across the street from Lincoln Center before we moved further uptown and it was such a treat to run across the street to go to the opera on occasion (!!). We always dressed to the nines and I couldn’t help but sigh when I’d see fellow attendees in jeans. But, whatever – we still loved getting dolled up and enjoyed ourselves.


  2. Ahhh, yes, I completely remember that feeling of being in my early 20s, feeling as if I was on the cusp of EVERYTHING. I remember having the feeling of floating above myself at parties in New York (this would most often happen on rooftops?!) and thinking, remember this feeling … and music definitely ties into that. While I have regrettably not put effort into going to live performances in many years (for shame!), a few performances stand out to me: most notably, Yo La Tengo in Prospect Park on a summer’s evening, and Phish (haha) performing Wading in the Velvet Sea — easily my favorite Phish song! I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Wynton Marsalis perform live, but my partner has, and he said it was incredibly moving.

    On the striped shirt front, I find that Armor Lux and Saint James have wonderful quality and hold up for YEARS. The former can be a bit harder to find, but Saint James is carried at a bunch of retailers (I’ve found them at Nordstrom & Tuckernuck.)

    Also, I’ve loved shopping at Credo — at first I was hesitant to try them out since I’d been a loyal Follain customer and somehow weirdly felt I couldn’t shop at both (?!) — but have loved their selection and customer service!


    P.S. I received my True & Co bras and LOVE. THEM. They’re amazingly comfortable and the convertible straps really give me a lot of pleasure (I love the look of cutaway tanks but hate seeing my straps!) Thank you so much for the tip!

    1. Oh I’m so glad about True&Co. Have only heard the absolute best things about them!!

      You totally get the feeling of being in your 20s and on the edge of everything…!


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