Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 173: New Accessories, Getting Outside, + Happy Fourth!

*Image above by the ultra-talented Donald Robertson. I love his illustrations!

My Latest Snag: New Accessories.

Lately, I have been finding myself drawn to statement accessories: a new pair of earrings or a new belt can breathe a new life into your entire wardrobe! My new Danielle Fichera belt has left me excited to revisit my fleet of white dresses. Will look so chic layered over a simple white dress (actually just bought this in both the blue stripe and the white — such a great price for such a classic cut!).

But — earrings! Hunter Blake recently sent me these absolutely adorable petal hoop earrings and I am smitten! I like wearing them with all white everything and in fact wore them with an old Self Portrait dress similar to this during my birthday. They are super lightweight and so different from anything else in my jewelry box!

I also *had* to order these pearl stud earrings from Nicola Bathie — the dimensions and style are wearable with my every day wardrobe — but also love these strawberry statements (!) and her new baby’s breath beauties.

You’re Sooooo Popular: $50 Everyday Sandals.

The most popular items on the blog this past week:

+Chic everyday sandals for $50 (wear with everything). I own a pair of flip flops from this label for the beach and they are really well made!

+Jo Malone perfume!

+This Meadows dress, which sells out like hotcakes every time restocked.

+The Clarins double serum, for the second week running!

+Chic stripes.

+Best stroller fan.

+Cute swim trunks for a little lad.

+My secret to an organized diaper bag.

+Precious garden stakes — would make a great gift for a fellow garden enthusiast (mother-in-law?!)

+A gorgeous $28 eyelet dress.

+Comfy nightgown for hot summer nights.

+The Vanishing Half — the book half of America is reading right now it seems.

+My beloved glycolic acid treatment pads, on sale!

Weekend Musings: On Getting Outside.

I posted an Instastory a week or so ago of me with mini and micro in the elevator of our apartment building, on our way out to the park, and subtitled it: “A trillion months into quarantine and daily trips to the park, and it still takes 30 minutes to get out the door.” Ha! Things are definitely easier than they were just after Hill was born, when mini was still highly accident-prone and micro was feeding around the clock. Then, it would occasionally take hours to actually make our way outside the apartment. Hours. Because by the time I was dressed, mini had been cajoled to use the toilet after protracted negotiation, and I’d packed the mid-sized suitcase even a thirty minute outing seemed to require (bottles! spare underwear! a trillion snacks! burp cloths! sweaters! water!), Hill would need to be fed, and we’d be delayed by another 30 minutes as I breastfed, then supplemented, then burped. And then there was always an attendant diaper change or spit-up-mandated outfit change, followed by another trip to the toilet for mini, etc.


So, I need to keep perspective and realize we’ve come a long way, though I have, on occasion, when particularly exhausted and mentally preparing myself to ready the children for our daily sojourn to Central Park, asked Mr. Magpie: “Is it worth it?” It takes about 30 minutes to get out the door — 15 on a good day — and the process is inevitably dotted through with protest. “I don’t want to use the toilet!” “But I already used the toilet!” “I don’t want sunscreen!” “Not those shoes!!!” “Mama, can we go NOW!?” And then we rarely spend more than an hour in the actual park, whether because we are all too hot, we need to get home for bath and then nap, or I run out of steam chasing Hill as he attempts to climb (?! yes, climb!) the rickety wire “fence” separating our grassy knoll from a dog run.

But, yes. It is worth it. Even the day I managed to get everyone out the door, set up the picnic blanket, dole out snacks, only to have mini tell me — within no less than a minute of sitting down — that she needed to use the toilet again. Back we went.

And still, even that day, it was worth it. Worth it to feel sunshine on our faces and grass beneath our toes, see other people, breathe, enjoy space. Worth it for the change of scenery. Worth it for the adherence to ritual in this time of flux. Worth it because on the particularly protracted moments of parenting, where I’m not sure how I’ll make it to bedtime, the process of preparing to leave consumes a full thirty minutes of a long day that would otherwise be spent taking deep breaths and reminding myself to exercise patience.

I am writing this in advance, but by the time you are reading this, I will be ensconced with family in a big house with a big yard and a big pool outside the city. I anticipate enormous swathes of the day will be spent outside. I am happy just thinking of it.

Hoping you spend a good chunk of today outside, too.

P.S. Thoughts of raising children in NY (alienated from a backyard!) here and musings on my childhood summers here.

P.P.S. Great outdoor children gear here.


+What to read this summer.

+Verdict is in: Mr. Magpie loves these boxers (just restocked in all sizes). Great gift for the discerning man in your life!

+Mie dresses were restocked!!!

+Such a sleek bedside table. Love the style, dimensions, and functionality.

+Chic dog lead on sale!

+A $100 day dress right up my alley.

+Another pair of Tkees I’m loving right now. The straps look a little complicated for everyday wear (?) but how amazing would the white be with a floaty white dress?!

+Cutest brass bumblee doorknocker!

+What small pleasures are you loving right now?

+Love this $25 chambray popover/tunic — perfect for wearing with Golden Goose or Vejas (on sale!) for a casual day, or to throw over a swimsuit.

+I have been on the fence about trying the much-touted Tan Luxe drops — I know many of you love them (!) — but I had one too many bad run-ins with self-tanner in my college years…then I saw this formula, which includes hyaluronic acid and for some reason found that even more compelling. I think I might add this to my testing list for next month (trying to space out new products).

+This skirt (marked way down to under $100) is so chic — would wear with a white scoopneck bodysuit.

+Intrigued by all of these buzzed-about teas!

+Tennis inspired finds.

+This is how it happens


  1. Hope you had a wonderful 4th at your bucolic retreat! Sounds idyllic.

    That striped Mango caftan dress is tempting! I haven’t shopped there since junior year abroad (!) and feel I should revisit …

    I love that Staud skirt and had my eye on it before it sold out! I did end up snagging one of their chinoiserie-print blouses from a small boutique in California and LOVE IT. Blue & white forever!


    1. Yes! There are so many great Staud pieces on sale right now. Love. Hope you had a restful fourth, too!! xx

  2. “Worth it because on the particularly protracted moments of parenting, where I’m not sure how I’ll make it to bedtime, the process of preparing to leave consumes a full thirty minutes of a long day that would otherwise be spent taking deep breaths and reminding myself to exercise patience.”

    I feel this in my bones. This is why I will start cleaning and chores in the half hour/forty-five minutes before the lunch/clean-up/wind-down/nap window; it truly passes the time (despite having to manage a toddler as well), and I don’t feel the mental toll of WAITING nearly as much.

    1. Anne – OMG I am the same. Sometimes it’s easier to channel my energy into laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, organizing toys, etc, because I need to feel as though I’m contributing to progress. These are long days. Just know I’m tipping my cap to you from my apartment in NYC if you’re ever feeling alone in this. I’m right there with you!


  3. Happy 4th! Hope your getaway from the city is amazing! I haven’t tried the Tan Luxe drops, but I am newly OBSESSED with the Isle of Paradise tanning drops. I am the world’s worst self tanner and these are a total game changer. They have minimal smell, blend with lotion for face or body and give the most fantastic subtle glow. Cannot recommend enough! Xoxo

  4. Happy Independence Day! Hopefully your time with family, outside, away from the city is refreshing!

    1. Thank you! It was fantastic. Hot dogs and burgers, pool time, watermelon cocktails. Just the best! Hope yours was the same, my friend! xx

  5. I have gotten in the habit of frequently reminding myself and my husband “it’s always worth it.” Worth the looks we get when we take all four kids to dinner, worth the exhaustion and hassle of packing them up to go somewhere. All because we are training these little people to be adults. They need practice sitting through a meal and getting themselves ready to go places and do things and learning how to behave. This keeps my expectations in check and makes it all feel “worth it.“ (Of course this is all pre-COVID times and now our outings looks a lot different.) I hope your have a wonderful Fourth of July!

    1. Great idea, Amy! I often need to summon the energy with three little ones. Going outside is especially worth it.

    2. “Summon the energy” — yes! Sometimes I actually need to give myself a pep talk!

    3. Hi Amy! I often write these posts thinking specifically of you, as you have literally TWICE the number of children as I do, and I feel like I’m in the junior leagues here — ha. I love this observations: “we are training these little people to be adults.” Such a good reminder for the moments when I am tired and want to give in rather than stick to my guns on — well, whatever it is. They need the boundaries so they can function appropriately! Anyway, thanks for the reminder and for all of your wisdom on parenting. xx

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