Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 168: Everyday Running Shoes.

By: Jen Shoop

UPDATE: I write my posts well in advance of their publication and was distraught that the turbothot for this post (on civility, the art of conversation, and the impetus to avoid “saying the wrong thing”) felt horribly out of place — tone-deaf — in the context of this week’s devastating news. I have redacted it.

On the far more important subject of the horrific events of this week: I don’t have words. There are many others who do, and I am listening to them, educating myself, reflecting, and pledging to do better.

My Latest Snag: New Everyday Running Shoes.

I wrote about these elsewhere in the past week, but I bought a new pair of running shoes to celebrate my return to jogging. Because my decision to ease back into the pastime materialized seemingly within an hour, I made do with a couple of old pairs of trainers so that I could hit the pavement ASAP, planning to purchase a new pair once I’d done some recon. Bad idea — the treads on my shoes were worn down and I could tell my left foot in particular was landing somewhat awkwardly. Still, determined as I was, I continued to run with them — and (no surprise) developed a painful case of plantar fasciitis! I was furious with myself! My eagerness (recklessness) to just get started meant that once I’d finally started hitting my stride, I was out of commission, unable to enjoy the solitary outside excursions I’d come to crave, and in pain/limping around my apartment. Foolish! Let my mistake serve as a cautionary tale for anyone else attempting to restart a fitness habit — just buy new shoes!

I am beginning to feel better now after a lot of stretching and minimal walking for the past week and a half but practicing discipline — will aim to wait another week for good measure.

And, of course, will be wearing new sneakers. I bought mine in the white/psychic blue/laser crimson colorway but would have preferred the iced lilac color — sold out everywhere in my size. (More sizes here, though!)

You’re Sooooo Popular: A Coastal-Chic Rug.

The most popular items on the blog this past week:

+Coastal-chic rug.

+Quilted changing pad cover.

+Breezy white summer top.

+Absolutely love the color and cut of this sweet swimsuit. (On sale!)

+BEST FACE MASK — OBSESSED. I have been using this every other night and my skin has never felt softer or looked glassier/smoother. Definitely try this!

+My dream bag for this summer.

+Sweetest sandals for a little girl — with a VELCRO closure! Brilliant!

+Love the block letters on this personalized notepad.

+Cute shorts-and-top situation for a little one.

+This block-print dress is ultra-chic and crazy affordable!

+Love this USA sweatshirt (under $25).

+Affordable vitamin C serum — update after a week of use: it does feel tacky/sticky after application but I am so far impressed with the results. Will continue to try this for another month and then re-evaluate.

+Best bra (on sale in select colors) and a solid Hanky Panky dupe.

+A sweet addition to your little one’s library.


+Currently getting the children’s summer gear organized (full post on outdoor children gear coming Monday!) as we spend more time in the Park and plan to visit our cousin in Quogue later this summer — Hill is ultra-fair and so I’ve ordered him this rash guard and a plain white one (much less expensive).

+Another super cute Amazon swimsuit find (faded gray color with ruffles) for mini!

+This oversized floral shirtdress is incredible.

+Mini and micro love cereal in the morning; I can’t believe how much we go through. Thinking of ordering these to keep them fresh!

+Love the monogram on these packing cubes. I swear by packing cubes to keep myself sane and organized with two small children while traveling! We use these — I have a few sets in different colors so that I can easily grab mini’s items versus micro, and I love that they are clear (easier to find stuff!). Still, tempted by the monogrammed style above…

+Super cute floral dress for $35.

+Inexpensive childrens dining sets for summer — love the colors.

+This is the kind of thing I love wearing around the apartment on hot summer days — with bare feet and a top knot.

+Currently thinking about my birthday next month…have been eyeing this dress all season and it’s now marked way down, but I also love the improbable whimsy and drama of this.

+More fantastic white dresses at all price points here.

+THIS DRESS for a bride-to-be!!! OMG. Engagement pictures or engagement party (if we can ever have those again)?

+More bridal finds here.

+Zimmermann is having an incredible sale — I love this dress in the khaki or floral colorways (wrote about it earlier here, along with a few other sale snacks!) and this cheery floral midi.

+And this gives me major Zimmermann vibes for a fraction of the price.

+Lake Pajamas has some new colors/styles out — love this cobalt blue set, this summer dress, and this set in stark white (imagine with a good tan…)

+OK, this is super cute (especially for the price!). More precious, traditional childrenswear finds here.

+This rug and this lamp are SO CHIC for the price!!

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 168: Everyday Running Shoes.

  1. Your bias toward action here is showing as you jump right into running!

    Boy, do I relate. Ever since you shared that little phrase, it’s one of the main ways I describe myself.

  2. Hi! Reader of about two years here + UVA grad- wanted to say that your thoughtful writing style is what keeps me following along every day. I follow a lot of other influencers/bloggers, but your daily post is what I actively read and follow while I’ve devolved to passively consuming others on Instagram versus their blog platforms.

    I was excited to see the title of this post in my inbox this morning, thinking that you were going to have some thoughtful commentary on the massive media and public outcry on race issues in America this week. Although I’m part Asian, I look white, and myself and my other white (women) friends have talked about how to be better: all of us are educated and stay up-to-date on the news and thought pieces, but unfortunately it’s taken recent events to realize that that’s not enough. We weren’t actively engaging because, as perfectionist, Type-A women, we were worried about not being 100% correct and saying the wrong thing. I’m sharing because I assume you’re in the same boat (along with some of these other influencers and bloggers I follow) and encourage you to not worry about “saying the wrong thing” since sometimes saying the wrong thing and learning from it is part of the process. Some of the people I follow I’m not surprised they’ve started/continued the conversation about race with their followers (Grace Atwood, Cup of Jo) but other women who put across very “feminine, smart, but reserved” similar images to you (Carly Heitlinger, Julia Berolzheimer) have pleasantly surprised me in their recent actions.

    There are obviously lots of non-optical ways to advocate, but your voice is so beautiful and powerful (and I’m assuming your audience is a similar demographic to me) that I really think saying something would be a great start. I look forward to hopefully reading some poignant pieces on your thoughts in the coming weeks- and other than continuing your personal education on race, don’t feel extra pressure to make sure this is perfect. It’s a messy topic.

    1. Dear SK – Thank you for this incredibly thoughtful, smart, and galvanizing comment. I apologize for the out-of-touch positioning of today’s post and I appreciate your holding me to a higher standard. I am thinking deeply and hope my words will catch up.


    2. SK,

      Loved the way you articulated that! I had a similar feeling when I opened my inbox.



      As a woman of color, but who identifies as black, I want to encourage you to write more about this topic! As Brene Brown always says, we almost always get the hard conversations wrong. But it’s important that we try! Thank you for recognizing the importance of the issue at hand and doing your best <3


      1. Thank you, Veronica, for your incredible (undeserved?) encouragement and kindness. Will be working hard to do better and speak up moving forward.


  3. This is an interesting takeaway — to not say the wrong thing at the most tempting time. I want to marinate on this a bit. It’s also interesting (for me) to think about it in the context of the current unrest happening across the US. I feel that one of the most important things I can do, from my privileged place as a white woman in America, is to have difficult conversations with people in my life when covert racism rears its head. It’s a challenge to get over the fear of saying the wrong thing, but I think it’s extremely important to start having these conversations.

    I fully realize that this is NOT what you were talking about, and I brought it there … hope that is OK! I just find it hard to think about anything else when large swaths of our cities are burning and so many people are hurting.

    As a very fluffy P.S. — I have that Summer Dress from LAKE in the Verbena colorway and love it so much. It’s perfect for warm weather.

    1. Hi MK – You are right to “bring it there” and this post really sent me into a tailspin of self-reflection in light of this week’s events. Though I initially intended this takeaway to be more in line with the art of conversation — of remaining civil and not lashing out in anger, blurting out the wrong/hurtful thing I might forever regret — it feels frightfully tone-deaf in the context of this week’s horrific events. Thank you for starting the conversation.


    1. LOVE that suit! So curious about this brand, as I’ve seen it all over my Instagram lately. Let me know what you think!


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