Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 149: Really Good Dresses + How to Be Happy (?)

My Latest Snag: Staud Garden Balloon Sleeve Dress.

Already covered this in a post earlier this week, but my Staud dress arrived and I am smitten! I shared a few snaps of myself in it on Instastory earlier this week and so many of you wrote to say you’d ordered it, too. The sleeves are super dramatic and of course I love a good toile. (A few of you also asked about the length — I’m 5’0 and I’d say it’s a little bit too long on me as it should hit well above the knee. I don’t usually wear mini dresses anymore but I thought the sleeves and the demureness of the print warranted it. I would say I’ll hem it maybe 2-3″. If you’re iffy on the length, Staud also came out with this tiered maxi version of the dress, which is so fun and dramatic, too! Would also work with a bump!)

You’re Sooooo Popular: My Bedroom Rug.

The most popular items on the blog this past week:

+My bedroom rug (you can see it in our bedroom here; this made my list of my favorite purchases in 2019).

+This chic velvet dress (now on sale!)

+Truly the best heavy moisturizer for dry skin. A splurge but it is the best. I alternate with Belif Aquabomb or Neutrogena Hydroboost (under $15!).

+My absolute favorite hand cream.

+Fantastic (affordable) high-rise stretch denim.

+And fantastic (affordable) slim wide-leg denim.

+Cashmere joggers for babies.

+A chic top for an expecting mom.

#Turbothot: How to Be Happy (?)

This, today:

It reminded me that happiness, like pressure, is at least in part an act of will. Or is it? After posting this here, Mr. Magpie and I got into a conversation about the plausibility of this statement and determined that it is overly reductive — though a good reminder that, like many hands, a good mood makes light work.

Post-Scripts: A REALLY Really Good Cocktail Dress.

+URGENT: THIS DRESS. IT IS SO SO SO GOOD, CURRENTLY AN EXTRA 30% OFF, AND I’M DYING OVER IT. IT’S SOLD OUT IN MY SIZE. (More great options for wedding guest attire here.)

+I’ve begun to buy Mr. Magpie what I call “cooking shirts.” He has splattered and stained so many shirts while elbow-deep in his latest cooking project that he needs an entire category of shirts reserved exclusively for his favorite hobby. These are welcome additions to the roster (extra 30% off!)

+Fantastic end-of-season sale at Mango — I love this $29 (!) sweater, this shearling coat (so good), and this ruffled cotton blouse.

+Also — this leopard print maxi! So good. Wear with booties in winter and mules/slides in summer.

+Sezane’s current collection is excellent. Love this blouse and this sweater (reasonably priced — looks so much more expensive).

+Lots of fun new finds at Serena & Lily — I love this quatrefoil occasional table and this round mirror (so cute for a nautical boy’s room).

+I always find space for faux boxwood plants.

+Very tempting…so fun in that red!

+Really fun pillows to spruce up a living room.

+Super pretty dress for a bride-to-be at one of her showers!

+Adore these shorts.

+Hard to think about Christmas right now, but this is a great price on a classic tartan dress! (Brother can coordinate in this.) I am always grateful when I order a season ahead!


  1. I LOVE your Staud mini dress! Really tempted to snag one for myself …

    I think there’s something to be said about the happiness quote you posted, but I fully agree that it’s reductive and obviously doesn’t help in clinical cases of depression, etc. (with which I have personal experience) — how I wish I could have just decided to be happy during those times! Alas, it doesn’t always work that way. In general, though, when I’m mentally healthy, I always see the value in consciously attempting to strive for happiness.

    Love/bookmarked the white Ulla dress as well! 🙂


    1. So true, MK – very reductive and inapplicable in cases of clinical depression but a good reminder that mindset accounts for a lot.


  2. What do you think of the Neutrogena Hydroboost? I use and love the Belif Aquabomb, so ordered the Neutrogena dupe to try, but decided after first use it wouldn’t cut it. I hate fake fragrance in things, and this has it in spades, plus (or I think as a result?) it very low level stung when I applied it. Otherwise it seemed similar, so would be curious if you/others thought it was fine.

    1. Hi Elisabeth! I hear you on the fragrance side — it is heavily scented. But — I liked it, personally! I have found it less hydrating than Belif, and so I plan to use Neutrogena during the summer months and stick with Belif when my skin is bone dry. xx

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