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Weekend Vibes: Edition No. 13

EW, THE THIRTEENTH EDITION.  Should I have skipped this, like apartment buildings skip thirteenth floors?  Just kidding — I’m not a particularly superstitious person.  (Although, I’ll be honest and say I won’t loiter under a ladder or open an umbrella inside if I can avoid it.)  But, pretty cool we’ve been through thirteen of these weekend posts — what do you think?  I kinda look forward to writing these little post-lettes.  A peaceful way to sail into the weekend, especially a long one like this one.  Remembering ALL those who have served our country today, which includes a ton of family members for Mr. Magpie and I.

My Latest Score

As you prolly gathered, I did a wee bit of damage this week, the biggest purchase being this dress.  Though — this dress was just released and is also epically amazing.  AHHH Self-Portrait, you know me too well.  I also snagged this affordable H+M find ($49)!  What is it with me and pink dresses?  I almost bought it in the navy and white polka dot variation, too.

The Fashion Magpie OTS Dress


You’re Soooo Popular

Most popular items on le blog this week:

+These amazing bow-topped slides ($125).

+Prettiest LWD ($100).

+Pool-friendly baby sandals ($30).

+UNREAL Aquazzura sandals (on sale for $425!) — some of you ladies are going to have FUN in these.

+Smocked baby goodies from my favorite affordable Etsy baby clothing source.

+My go-to joveralls, on sale for $103!

+Recent addition to my book list ($16).


Do y’all watch Silicon Valley?  I love this show.  First, Erlich Bachman is one of the best characters in recent TV history — such a loon, but with heart and savvy, too.  I love him.  Second, it’s the American Dream, re-cast in the hottest–and also, it must be said, most over-hyped and over-leveraged–industry in the country (in the world?) right now.  (My personal perspective, having networked with hundreds of startup founders and pitched dozens of venture capitalists since starting my own technology business, is that there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors going on, on both sides of the table.  So many fledgling companies with crazy valuations that are selling vaporware, and so many VCs not being up front and honest about their requirements for investment.  But I digress.)

I love the way the characters continuously rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes of their own destruction.  It brings to mind the essay by Patti Smith that I discussed recently, which talks about a very public “failure” in one of her recent performances and the way in which the audience reacted with such kindness and even gratitude, relieved to see that others have failed and struggled and yet remain standing.  The show is a bit like that for me, especially given the inevitable challenges and risks that come with building something new in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

But I especially appreciated the latest episode, which makes the point that exclusivities come in many forms.  In the tech industry, it’s pretty well-worn territory that there’s a bro club / bro code that tends to alienate women and minorities in particular.  And the show makes this point repeatedly–loudly, clearly, resoundingly.  But there’s a part in the latest episode where the main character talks about how programming is for “the dorks, the losers” (paraphrasing) and that it shouldn’t–can’t–belong to “the jocks.”  The scene struck me as a particularly smart and subtle way to illustrate and excavate the many biases and snobberies we all have, even when we feel we’re on the “right” side of things.  It led to a decent amount of self-reflection, especially after one of you smart readers made the point that this post was a little…well, unaware, in its own way.  (Thanks for holding me accountable.)


+MORE SALES.  What is happening.  This time at Nordstrom.  I have my eye on this Barbour rain coat (on sale for $189) and this SEA dress (on sale for $416).  (P.S. — My top sale picks from a few other maj retailers.)

+This blush/nude eyelet blouse (on sale for $69).  Such a great and unexpected shade.

+CUTE new arrivals at H+M, including this gingham mini ($59).

+OMG, these baby swimsuits from European line Sal e Pimenta!  More Eurobaby goodness here.

+Gonna have to go ahead and snag this embroidered top while it’s 30% off this weekend.

+Possibly a little late for a Memorial Day affair, but this simple bow-shouldered top ($38!) is SO good.  Also a good pick for Fourth of July??

+20% off all these pretty monogrammed hand towels from The Loveliest Company with code YIPPEE!  What a gorgeous gift for a hostess or a mother-in-law or…yourself.

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Hand Towels The Loveliest Company


  1. Nordstrom is the best, and it pains me that I have NEVER lived near one (a NYC location will finally open in a year or two, but that’s too late for me and I’m SOL here in Florida). I am in PA right now for a wedding and made a special trip out to King of Prussia just for some Nordie’s action and it didn’t disappoint! The store is lovely and enjoyable to shop in, the custom service is BEYOND, and they have the best brands. Several sale and non-sale items will be coming home with me 🙂

    1. Totally! I am a huge Nordie lover. They make returns and exchanges such a breeze and build up such great customer loyalty! Enjoy shopping!!

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