Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 124: Letterpress Birth Announcements and Being Enough.

My Latest Snag: Letterpress Birth Announcements.

I am usually fairly decisive when it comes to things like invitations and stationery (a full roundup of my favorite affordable stationery sources here), but I simply could not make up my mind on Hill’s birth announcements. I spent days poring over websites looking for inspiration, and when I finally came up with an idea I liked, I then took several weeks selecting a stationer whose work I liked (we had mini’s announcements done by Dinglewood Design and liked them, but wanted to try something new) and then nearly a full week reviewing and going back and forth with the stationer over various drafts, fretting over the color of envelope, font, color of ink, etc.

What is this?!

Maybe a function of my being a scattered mother to two? It feels alien.

But, I finally ordered a custom set from Sweetly Said Press (one of her beautiful designs shown above) and I have to say that the owner, Vanessa, was a gem to work with. I’ll share the final result when they are shipped, but I’m very excited about them.

As with mini’s birth announcement, I had a simple letterpress card drawn up without a photo embedded in it (I don’t know why, but I find a simple, text-centric card so elegant), but am enclosing beautiful matte prints from Artifact Uprising.

Next up: picking a Baptismal outfit for my little man. We have an heirloom Baptismal gown he’ll wear for the sacrament itself (scheduled for late September), but I’ll need something for the celebration after.

You’re Sooooo Popular: The Botanical Print Dress.

The most popular items on the blog this week:

+This stunning botanical print maxi, which has been in my shopping basket for several weeks now. Getting close to pulling the trigger…

+This elegant day dress. Love the color, cinched waist, and overall cut.

+Fun cateye shades.

+A pretty cinch-waisted dress for under $100.

+One of my favorite tees of all time.

+A great Patagonia fleece for a little one — on sale!

+My favorite bra, on sale.

+My mom’s favorite shoe for summer.

#Turbothot: You Are Enough.

I recently revisited this post and I think it’s an important re-read, no matter what you’re facing — career challenges, relationship woes, infertility, a general nagging feeling of uncertainty or discontent.

I wrote about this on the eve of my 35th birthday, but my mid-30s have brought with them “the snuggly feeling of belonging and attachment and safety and all-is-right-with-the-world…a feeling of respite after what feels like a decade of movement and undulation and uncertainty.”

It took me years of heartache and stress to get here, and I never want to take it for granted. But if you’re in riding out the throes of personal evolution, feeling down about yourself or aching for The Next Thing in your life, consider re-reading my post occasionally. Let the thought that you are enough sit down the row from you until you feel comfortable with it cozying up against you.

Post-Scripts: Gift Tags.

+How gorgeous are these gift tags?

+Smitten with new-to-me label Mestiza and found some amazing pieces on ridiculous sale, like this stunning floral top and this elegant, Audrey-Hepburn-esque LBD. Also love this $125 puff-sleeved blouse!

+8 things I never travel without.

+How darling is this cover-up for a little one (on sale)? Love it with a monogram on the back.

+A stunning gown for a bride.

+Love a good henley.

+Ordering these for an upcoming trip — I hated having full-size bottles of baby shampoo and lotion on our last trip but didn’t get around to decanting them into smaller bottles or finding mini versions. I like that these ones come in a range of colors so you can find what you’re looking for easily/at a glance.

+This sale is still raging! Hurry hurry!

+I like this Lululemon-esque tank ($18!)

+Still some really good finds in the Janie + Jack sale section, like these seersucker trunks for boys for $12!


  1. I love the vibe of those birth announcements — and I agree that there’s something so elegant about a simple text-based card.

    That Everlane henley has me intrigued … they can do no wrong in my eyes! xx

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