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Weekend Vibes: Edition No. 12

We’re having a super lowkey weekend and I’m so looking forward to long walks with the whole fam, grilling out, and–hopefully–getting some reading in.  What’s on the docket for you?

My Latest Score

This will come as no surprise to those of you who read my blog regularly, but I HAD to have this affordable, funky-print jumpsuit ($72) after swooning over the recent release of the Aquazzura for De Gournay collection.  I actually JUST saw it on the blogger behind Atlantic-Pacific and she looks ADORABLE in it.

The Fashion Magpie ASOS Jumpsuit


You’re Soooo Popular

Most popular items on Le Blog this week:

+My favorite lounge/pajama pants ever ($55).  SO comfortable, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without ’em.  No really.  I wish I could wear them all the time.

+Very chic and on-trend striped eyelet dress ($90).

+CUTE gingham jams ($39)!

+Embroidered cotton john johns for your baby boy ($46).

+Interestingly enough, the string lights we use in our backyard!  Love that so many of you are looking for little ways to spruce up the house!

+Fun striped OTS top ($78).

+A sweet onesie from one of my favorite baby clothing brands, Sapling ($20).


When I worked for Moneythink, a non-profit promoting financial health among low-income teens, I had the privilege of interacting with many smart and motivated high schoolers looking to improve their financial habits.  I learned a lot from them.  On the more serious end of the spectrum, I marveled at their grit, observing the determination that so many of them had when it came to making tough but smart financial decisions, becoming the first in their families to attain a college degree, and navigating the complexity of maintaining friendships while avoiding the harrowing realities of living in a heavily gang-dominated teen culture on the Southside of Chicago.  I learned that many of them and their families use payday lenders and check cashiers not because they lack the awareness of their predatory practices, but because, in some cases, they truly are the best option available to them.  Think about it: if you are living hand-to-mouth, work a wage job, get paid by check on Friday, and know rent is due on Saturday–what are you going to do?  You’re going to go to the check cashier because banks can take up to 5 days to process/settle a check!  In other cases, there simply aren’t enough banks close to them to be practical.  And in still other cases, there are residual fears from the recession that banks will “lose their money” and are not to be trusted.  I could write much more on the many lessons and learnings I had from working with these teens, but suffice to say that a lot of times the decisions they make that seem questionable to outsiders are shaped by the lack of options available to them.

But.  On the lighter end of the spectrum.  I also learned about a lot of new music by young rappers living on the Southside of Chicago.  A lot of the teens were obsessed with Chief Keef (who was at the time reportedly grounded at his grandmother’s house).  I wasn’t as crazy about his vocal stylings, but Chance the Rapper?  AMAZING.  If you’ve not yet listened to any of his stuff, do it, and start with “Blessings.”  His voice is, to me, unbridled youth.  There’s a sweetness and optimism to it–and also an element of whimsical silliness.

At any rate, in “Blessings,” there’s a lyric that reads:

“When the praises go up / The blessings come down.”

I listen to this song at least a handful of times a week and every.single.time this lyric gives me pause.  It reminds me to be grateful.  To take stock of what I have, and to be thankful for it.  For those of you who are less spiritually inclined, it’s also a nudge to search for slices of joy in my own life.  A reminder to stop and think about the good in my life–because once I do, I find more of it.

This seems like as good a preamble as any for the weekend.


+The white dress I need for summer ($100).  This striped one (also under $100!) is coming in at a close second in terms of must-haves for summer.

+Am I losing it with the mommy and me stuff?  Or do I need this pair of pajamas for me, and this pair for mini?

+Do any of you read off of a Kindle ($119)?  I’ve never used one, but I think I need one to read while nursing mini.  Browsing on my phone is getting old.  Thoughts on the Kindle vs. iPad?  A friend was extolling the virtues of a Paperwhite Kindle as a “single use product” — meaning it does what it does well, and it doesn’t distract you with other apps and so forth!

+My sister-in-law is currently reading this book on motherhood by an author she heard on a podcast advocating for the importance of motherhood as a theme in literature.  I’m intrigued.  (P.S. — My current reading list.  P.P.S. — Some of my own early thoughts on motherhood.)

+Love a lot of the new arrivals at J. Crew, but especially this top and these slides.


  1. Yes to the Kindle!! I realized I needed one after reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao a few years ago. That book has so much Spanglish and I was much too lazy to google all those phrases on my phone while reading before bed. But Kindle can translate any phrase!

    Since then I’ve noticed it is remarkably easier, mentally and physically, to pick up and read a few pages. I imagine it would be so convenient during breastfeeding – easy to hold or lay on the chair, just touch to turn the page, backlit so you don’t have to turn on lights. I think it’s just what you need to get back on the wagon.

    Also you can check out ebooks from your library for free from the comfort of home! Also it saves all your highlights to the cloud!

    Physical books are art and they’re hard to let go of, but books are for reading and the Kindle is a tool to facilitate that. And if you really love something on Kindle, you’ll buy the physical copy anyways!

    1. Taylor! What a beautiful point and reminder — “books are for reading and the Kindle is a tool to facilitate.” I can imagine that picking up the Kindle for just a few minutes might feel just easier than arranging myself around a book while mini nurses. Just the nudge I needed. Mr. Magpie — please take note, as my birthday is fast approaching.

  2. Girl, get yourself a Kindle!! It is a must-have if you plow through books as quickly as we do. It’s particularly amazing on vacation because it keeps a charge for weeks and you don’t have to lug all of your books – I often find myself switching between a beach read and a more serious book on trips and this makes it so easy. It is my desert island must-have and my most used electronic device after my phone. “I wish I loved anything as much as my kids love bubbles” is me, but with the Kindle hahaha (Knocked Up ref). Okay rant over!

    1. AHHH I know, I know. I polled my book club a few nights ago and they were all on your (digital) page. The only hangup I have is that I really prefer the tactility and reading experience of holding a paper book in my hands. I think it changes the reading experience. BUT. With the Kindle I’ll at least be reading…

    1. It JUST came in the mail today, Betsie — will try on and let you know! xx

    2. OK, Betsie — update: the fit runs a little small. I’m normally a size 0 and they were sold out in it so I got a size 2 and it is pretty fitted. My major issue with it is that the torso runs REALLY long and the pant legs are pretty long, too, so I’d need to have the legs hemmed and the top taken in at the shoulders and I’m not totally sure it’s worth the expense or time. (I think the alterations would cost nearly half the item itself!) AHH. What’s a girl to do? It is SUPER cute though. Love the print. Word to the wise, though — it’s not lined.

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