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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 111: The One on Genre-Bending.

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Snag: The Newbark Bow Slide.

I couldn’t not. These are essentially my spirit, in shoe form. I lucked out and found my pair on sale for $130 at TheLine (!!!!), but more sizes are available here and here. These would be a perfect flat shoe for a bridelette! I know I’ll get a lot of questions about whether the satin bows drag on the ground (an issue with my beloved TB bow flats) and — they do, a bit. The bow isn’t as floppy and loose as the TB, but it’s an admittedly rocky proposition for navigating Manhattan streets. (When it comes to footwear, all practicality flies out the window for me…) You can also get the look (with less of a chance for dirtying the bow) with these Polly Plumes (this shoe is marked down in bubblegum pink to under $100 here!), or get the look for less with these.

*Shown above with my favorite Pam Munson tote and my faux Goyard pouch.

You’re Sooooo Popular: The White Mule.

The most popular items on the blog this week:

+A wear-with-everything mule.

+A chic summer hat.

+This leather coat, which I featured eons ago — but is currently marked down in a mid-season sale, and a lot of you are good bargain hunters like me 🙂

+A puff-shouldered blouse. So on-trend!

+The Celine crossbody bags, available gently used and marked down here in a number of colors. (Incidentally, so many incredible finds on The Real Real — I featured these ADORABLE Chanel espadrilles, in great condition and under $180, on my Instastories earlier this week….!!! And I own this exact pair of Chanel flats and wear them constantly in the summer.)

+My favorite everyday tee. Well-priced, with such a cool fit. Everlane just sent me a new one in the pretty rose color!

+A solid spring basic. Love the mildly puffed shoulder and the traditional stripes — suitable for work, but with a little added interest.

+Loving my new candle.

+My (cheap!) secret to moisturized skin.

+This little romper is BEYOND. Looks like Jacadi, costs $10.

#Turbothot: Genre-Bending.

Has anyone listened to Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road”? I came across this song earlier this week and found it super catchy. I was intrigued to learn that the song has caught some controversy, as it was originally ranked on the Billboard Country charts and then pulled, re-classified as rap rather than true country and therefore deemed ineligible for the category. Billboard’s decision has been characterized as racist, as Lil Nas X is black, and he himself characterizes the song as “country trap.”

The incident is premonitory — or perhaps indicative, as we’re in the midst of it now — of what I perceive to be one of the central themes of our generation: intersectionality. I found myself musing over why we need separate categories in Billboard or Apple Music or any music service for that matter. From a functional standpoint, they are useful when seeking new music and I’m in a particular mood: “I feel like rolling down the windows and hearing some twang on this road trip” or “I need something chill while writing.” But I began to wonder whether there is some financial subtext in the music industry that I don’t understand that fuels these categorizations, and whether the genre-fication (made-up word) of songs reinforces certain assumptions about the kinds of music we will like, the kinds of artists we will appreciate, and, well, who belongs where. Does trap music belong on a country music station? Why or why not? Who would it upset? Who would it please? Or would anyone care?

Odd, the lengths you can travel, after hearing the lyrics:

“Baby’s gotta have a diamond ring and Fendi sports bras. Riding down Rodeo with my Maserati sports car.”


Blast from the Past.

There is something handwritten about France. Re-reading this post made me excited to read Adam Gopnik’s memoir on relocating to Paris and raising his children there. (Could you do it?) It’s next on my list after several trusted Magpie readers urged me to take it in.


+This top sold out in the white and yellow but is available in the coolest print, and I ordered it. Is there anything more optimistic than a woman nearly nine months pregnant ordering this in anticipation of summer?! (More great H&M finds.)

+These earrings are fun (and under $50).

+This clutch gives me Gucci vibes.

+Loving this floral dress.

+This red plaid tie-shouldered dress would be perfect for the 4th of July. So chic paired with these in red.

+This reminds me of the Ganni leopard maxi I wore all winter long, but costs only $55. If leopard’s too loud for you, Ganni just released a black swiss dot style that looks super similar. (Note: my Ganni dress worked very well with a bump until recently!)

+Oscar earrings, 70% off!!!!

+I’m intrigued by this Chanel baume essentiel stick

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 111: The One on Genre-Bending.

  1. Love a good conversation on intersectionality. Who doesn’t (knowingly or unknowingly) grapple with the concept as a daily chore?

    The song (which I personally can’t stand haha) reminds me of the Nelly x Tim McGraw “Over and Over Again” (which I like!) and I wonder if it received the same reaction? Regardless, I’m fascinated by your point about financial motive within the genre creations (or perhaps even racial subtext). I’m determined to learn more and report back to you!

    P.S. This feels like it would make an awesome Revisionist History podcast episode. Are you familiar with Malcolm Gladwell’s series? If not, highly recommend the “Free Brian Williams” episode on memory and “Food Fight” on Bodwin and Vassar’s approach to socio-economic issues within higher education. But they’re truly all good if one catches your interest. Mr. Magpie would probably enjoy too!

    1. Yes – let me know what you sleuth out! Am not familiar with that series — will need to tune in. I’m so-so on him in general, but this podcast series sounds interesting.


  2. Currently reading There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather (a Scandinavian and US transplant Moms parenting journey) and it’s giving me all the feels. I checked out an E copy from the NYPL, definitely worth a read. Happy weekend!

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