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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 100: Chic Hair Accessories, Coffee on Me, and THANK YOU.

My Latest Snag: Le Hair Accessory.

It started with my headband obsession, and suddenly I found myself drawn to scrunchies, if you can believe it. (Get the look for less with these or these; if you’re ambivalent about the look in, er, “civilian clothes,” consider pairing them with your workout lewk for a little pep in your step). But then I’ve started seeing barettes on street style starlets and I have to say, I NEED ME SOME OF THESE. I especially love the looks below and above. Get the pearl look with these or these or this ($3!?), the Gucci look with this, and a dramatic bow statement look with this or this.

Shop Les Hair Accessories.

You’re Sooooo Popular: Chic Shades.

+Seriously stylish shades.

+AllSaints jacket — I featured this a long while ago but a lot of readers have been digging through my archives, which makes me very happy!

+I used these to organize all of my samples and excess makeup in a big tupperware bin during my Marie Kondo cleanout.

+My favorite leopard dress (works with a bump!)

+A great basic.

+A crop tweed jacket with BOWS. Did I mention that it’s under $60?

+I wore this all summer long.

+Cheery running shoes.

#Turbothot: Thank You, Coffee Is on Me, and That Is All.

This is my 100th weekend vibes post. 100 Saturday mornings we’ve spent together! Nearly two years of turbothots! I always get a kick imagining so many of us musing over the same trivial and nontrivial concepts on weekend mornings, from rants about mansplaining to wise words from my father, and everything in between (ahem, eagerness as a virtue and unreliable female narrators).

And I wanted to say thank you! I anxiously await your insights, reactions, and provocations every Saturday morning. You have made me a more critical thinker and a more empathetic writer, though I still have a ways to go. (Remember when I had to redact a whole portion of a post that was written in poor taste? Thanks for keeping me in check.)

So today, coffee is on me for the first 10 or 15 Magpies to get themselves to Starbucks. Just pull up this screenshot and scan at Starbucks when you check out. Treat yourself! (My go to order is an iced soy latte. Grande when I’m feeling indulgent.)

#Shopaholic: The Crossover Knit Top.

+I am so into this crossover knit top. I’m curious whether it’d work while pregnant? It reminds me of Missoni and is pretty much exactly what I want to wear everyday while it’s so cold out!

+Love these sailor jeans paired with these snakeskin kitten heels.

+Such a cute swimsuit — under $40!

+How many basket bags does a gal need, you might ask? Erm, a lot. I want this one now.

+Have had my eye on one of these bow-embellished pieces from Roksanda for a long time, and now one’s at The Outnet…

+OK, this back/neck massager is getting ridiculous reviews…

+I have heard really good things about this broom for those who suffer from allergies and/or have a lot of pet hair to clean up. The dust/hair cling to the broom and easily wipe off into the trash versus staying tangled up in the straw bristles.

Shop Le Post.


  1. This is such a fun and generous idea! Keep the turbothots coming 🙂 And those sailor jeans are perfect…I am a sucker for Boden.

  2. What a generous gesture!

    My husband has that massage thingy – it’s nice, especially the heated aspect. I’ll also sometimes use it on my calves if they’re feeling tight.

    I saw on the SZ blockprints Instagram that they’re collaborating with JCrew again – can’t wait! (Though one of my tassels fell off and need to figure out how to fix it…)

    1. Good to know about the massager! It sounds lovely!! I can’t wait to see about the new SZ Blockprints for J. Crew collection, too. I plan to live in mine again this summer…

  3. How sweet of you with the Starbucks! And I can’t believe it’s been 100 Saturdays…I think I may look forward to the Weekend Vibes posts most since I can indulge in them a little more on the weekends.

    I saw a similar crossover top in Banana that I almost bought since I have a long flight coming up – I think they’d be great with a bump! The one at BR seemed loose and long enough for it.

  4. I love barrettes, and these ones are so much fun — currently I only have a long gold one by Sylvain Le Hen, but I love it & wear it often!

    That coffee treat is so sweet of you — I hadn’t seen it until AFTER my Starbucks visit, but it’s such a kind gesture! I always get Sbux cards for Christmas and end up visiting more frequently in January/February than at any other point in the year 🙂

    A question on basket bags: what’s your feeling on the classic Ark bag by Cult Gaia? I feel like it’s been done to death by bloggers (eep!) but am wondering if it will feel too 2017 if I carry it this summer. I haven’t seen TOO many civilians using it, at least not in Boston (which I’ve found to be perpetually behind the times as compared to NYC, of course, haha, so maybe this will be the year I see it everywhere!) Just curious about your opinion.

    1. Hi! I say that if you love the bag, you love the bag! Rock it! I was super late to the game on Valentino rockstuds (like two seasons behind) and I STILL wear my flats (less so my strappy/cage heels) and STILL love them, trends be-damned. I feel the same way right now about metallic Birkenstocks. So my general philosophy is just to rock what you feel like rocking. I also have not see the Cult Gaia bag too much “in the wild,” though I agree it was played out on the blog scene. But I would never let that hinder me from wearing something I was drawn to…so go for it!!!


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