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Weekend Vibes: Edition No. 1.

By: Jen Shoop

Happy Saturday, Magpies!  I noticed that a lot of you fly by on the weekends, so I thought I’d give you a little extra juice this morning while you enjoy your lattes/nurse your hangovers/gear up for errands/whatever else it is you find yourself doing.  This is pretty much my Saturday morning routine, on repeat:

the fashion magpie saturday morning

{Although: this snap was from months ago — but I just came across it and it made my mouth water.  Those donut muffins were from this Orangette recipe.  And I’m currently whipping through this book and am probably going to read this next, per the recommendation of my brother.}

Below, an archipelago of thoughts/finds on my mind this A.M.: 


The most popular items I featured on my blog this week (so fascinating to me to see what you guys like!):

+A super thick hand-cream appropriate for you and your man, and under $6!  I received this as a gift from my manicurist for Christmas (it’s what they use in their salon!) and have been obsessed.  It really works.

+This super chic fit and flare TopShop dress ($100).  Such a chameleon — I could see myself pairing it with edgy heels (these Aquazzuras are on sale for $261!!) for a night out or ladylike accents (i.e., the scarf above, and these pretty flats!) for a tea.

+These chic lip prints from The Aestate, which I mentioned in my post about Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement.

+This blow dry spray by Redken.

+These floral loafers, which are also at the very top of my list, as I mentioned in my Proust Questionnaire answers.


I loveeee J. Crew’s latest update to their Gemma flat ($118) — those funky poms on the toes!!  I especially like them in the sunny yellow, a cheery little twist on the marigold trend.

They reminded me of these funky little drop earrings I saw on BaubleBar earlier this week ($34).  So playful!  I could see them with a crisp LWD dress for summer.  Also available in a two-pom format ($32) which I’m thinking I might prefer.

And also — this pom-accented clutch ($49) is a delight.

the fashion magpie gemma jcrew pom flat the fashion magpie jcrew gemma flat yellow pom


the fashion magpie bauble bar pom earrings the fashion magpie mykonos crispin pom earrings

the fashion magpie sole society pom clutch


I’ve been misusing the term “turbo thot.”  Oops.  Turbo thot is a Kardashianism.  I saw it plastered all over one of their “merch” stores and legitimately (understandably, IMO) thought it meant “an intense thought” without bothering to further research.  As you might expect, I haven’t exactly had many opportunities to use the phrase in casual conversation, but I have occasionally had the phrase spring to mind in my internal stream of consciousness.  Good thing.  Turns out, it means something totally different.

But, I’d like to willfully appropriate this term and re-define it as an intense/awesome/stirring/inspirational thought.  And I am therefore declaring this post from one of my favorite blogs, Cup of Jo, listing 15 things she’d tell a new mother as my turbothot epicenter for the weekend.

P.S.  She also recently ran a post on what to register for and I was delighted to see a lot of crossover between her list and my own #minimagpie registry.  We had some different brands listed, but I think I nailed all of the basic categories.

And yet, still, I find myself adding things to my Amazon cart.  The most recent entrants:

+Do I need these little muff things that attach to the stroller? ($39)  It is pretty cold up in these parts…

+A bunch of moms have recommended nursing covers/scarfs.  Styles by Bebe Au Lait ($29) or Covered Goods ($35) seem to the most-oft-recommended.

+These drooling/teething bandanas ($24 for 4) are pret-ty cute.

+She won’t be big enough for one of these for awhile, but people love the Bumbo seat ($39).

show your stripes

Don’t hate me.  I know I’ve shared a trillion striped pieces lately (including lots of tops with flared/bell sleeves), but I couldn’t NOT add this chic tie-front strapless stunner ($55)!  This is SURRRRRIOUS street style star territory.

the fashion magpie striped bow front top


And, a round-up of things currently dangling precariously in my digital shopping cart/on my mind:

+From Etsy: the CUTEST Scandi-style planter ($20).  With a succulent, a hipster’s paradise, amiriteeee.

+Also from Etsy: a handmade Grecian sandal in the coolest colors ($94) that looks a LOT like Ancient Greek’s sought-after Ikaria sandal ($250).  I like the rose gold color!

+Chicago just started charging a 7 cent bag tax, and I keep forgetting my reusable bags at home.  I snagged this ADORABLE poodle-print Baggu ($10) to roll up and stow in my tote on the reg.

+THE BEST BLOODY MARY MIX EVER ($12).  Super vinegar-y, just the way I like it.  I prefer mine (when I’m not pregnant, duh) with gin instead of vodka.  DELISH.

+Chic way to store toys in a nursery or shoes in a closet ($15).

+The CUTEST (and I mean CUTEST) rain boot ever for a #minimagpie.  Looks like a Valentino, doesn’t it?  Also available in a cute duck motif on sale for $25 here.

+P.S. — MORE shopping finds in {Le Shop}!

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