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Cheers to the freaking weekend!  Our nanny was out all last week and my entire little family has been sick all this week, so I am ready to put April to bed and emerge in May.

In the meantime, 10 picks…!

Pick No. 1: The Paper Bag/Bow-Front Waist.

I have always been drawn to a bow-front/paper bag waist (worn with panache above and below) — I find it flattering to emphasize my waist, and you can pair a bodysuit or snug-fit top with it without feeling too too.

The Fashion Magpie Paper Bag Waist

I’d love to splurge on this denim pair, but this pair in the strawberry pink are calling my name, and these (under $50) are a great way to get the look for less.

Pick No. 2: The Mommy-and-Me Swimwear.

I shared some of my favorite mommy-and-me looks recently, but for those of you less inclined towards the matchy-matchy and more in favor of coordination, how about this lemon-print two-piece for you, and this strawberry print one for her?   They’re not even the same color, but the scale of the print and the fact that they’re both fruity make them just coordinated enough to look intentional. The Fashion Magpie Lemon Bikini 1

The Fashion Magpie Lemon Bikini 2

The Fashion Magpie Strawberry Bathing Suit Baby

Pick No. 3: The Watermelon Clutch.

And speaking of fruit-inspired fashion, please tell me you share my obsession with this watermelon clutch (lined in grosgrain!)  I was actually surprised by the price — I was anticipating something far more expensive, I suppose because Edie Parker has a watermelon style that costs nearly $1500!  P.S. – Your mini can coordinate with her own little watermelon bag, too!

The Fashion Magpie Watermelon Clutch

Pick No. 4: The Vintage Turkish Rug.

I’m obsessed with the selection of brightly-colored, vintage Turkish rugs here.  I cannot stop drooling over them!  (I also love the selection at this Etsy store.  I have in my mind that I will change up the color scheme for mini’s room once she gets into her teenage years, and I love the vivid pinks involved below and in this store, too!  How amazing is this one?!)

The Fashion Magpie Vintage Turkish Rugs 1

The Fashion Magpie Vintage Turkish Rugs 2

The Fashion Magpie Vintage Turkish Rugs 3

Pick No. 5: The Salad Secret.

My absolute favorite salad to make in the summer is Molly Wizenberg’s Cherry-Goat-Cheese-Bread Salad, which actually has very little in the way of greens in it: it’s more about the tang of the balsamic against the sweet of the cherry against the garlic-butteriness of the croutons.  But still — the pictures of the beautiful composed salads below make my mouth water and leave me longing for warm summer nights with endless glasses of rose and heaping salads — or, ya know, my next night of #SBB.  But you know the secret to a good salad?  Well-washed and dried leaves.  Is there anything worse than wet lettuce?  The vinaigrette never clings properly, and it always feels unpleasant on the tongue.  (And given the recent food-borne illnesses stemming from unclean romaine…you’ve got to be washing your lettuce thoroughly!)  I use this OXO Salad Spinner nearly daily — to wash herbs, lettuces, etc.  I think it says a lot that we make space for this large contraption in our small kitchen, especially given that you *could* get by with a strainer you’d use for other purposes, but — no.  We need our salad spinner.  Our process is to let the lettuce/herbs soak in water for five minutes, then drain it, then re-fill it and re-soak, and then, after multiple vigorous shakes and spins, leave to air dry.  It’s a must.

The Fashion Magpie Salad 2
The Fashion Magpie Salad 1

The Fashion Magpie Salad 2

Pick No. 6: The High-End Monogram.

I’m dying over all of the beautiful floral monograms in the Over the Moon shop.  How cute would it be to give your bridge-playing grandmother a set of personalized playing cards?  Or — for yourself — some elegant crested stationery?  Or these exquisite wreathed cocktail napkins?!  #SWOON

The Fashion Magpie Cocktail Napkins The Fashion Magpie Monogram Playing Cards The Fashion Magpie Monogram Stationery

Pick No. 7: The Frothy Evening Gown.

I have absolutely nowhere to wear this dress to, but I am deeply in love with it.  I am praying that it goes on sale during one of their seasonal sales and I can snap it up then, when it’s a bit more practical in terms of buying-for-a-rainy-day.  This is far less formal, but — in a similar floral frothy vein — I’m eyeing this less expensive style for an evening date.

The Fashion Magpie Needle Thread Dress


Pick No. 8: The Aerin Lauder Scent Collection.

I had drinks with Mackenzie and Amy at Flora Bar the other night, and they were both raving about Aerin Lauder’s perfume collection.  I’m so intrigued, I am planning on taking myself on a little date to Neiman’s to smell them all.  I’m pretty sure, though, that I’ll be in love with Tuberose le Jour.  I am currently wearing Carven, a heady floral scent that I love — but it feels a bit more appropriate for evening wear for some reason?  I also love Byredo’s Gypsy Water — I have a rollerball I keep in my handbag at all times.

Pick No. 9: The New Cocktail Napkin.

I always have Caspari cocktail napkins on hand for entertaining, and I love switching up the prints at the dawn of a new season.  I just ordered a pack of these stunning peony-print ones.

The Fashion Magpie Caspari Napkins

Pick No. 10: The Monogrammed Baby Pillow.

How absolutely precious are these monogrammed baby pillows?!   I’m smitten.

The Fashion Magpie Baby Pillow 2

The Fashion Magpie Baby Pillow 1 P.S.  What are you wearing for the fourth?  It’s not too early to plan…

P.P.S.  Are you as obsessed with India as I am?

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6 thoughts on “Waisted.

  1. Hello. I’m curious as to what is going on with your site? I’ve not been able to see your pictures/photos after your writings like I used to see them? I just hung up with Amazon and they said it must be your site because we went to other sites that were working just fine. This has been going on for several weeks and I thought it would resolve itself, but now I’m tired of not seeing the pictures and thought I’d check in and see what’s up? Maybe you didn’t even know this was happening. Anyway, just curious.
    Let me know please.

    1. Hi Cynthia! I am so, so sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble. I do know that there is a “caching” issue with my site and am currently interviewing developers to help me resolve it. In the meantime, would you try closing your browser completely (shutting down the entire app) and then re-opening? You could also try doing a hard refresh on the page (press control and R at the same time on a Mac) — often that enables you to reload the page afresh.

      I’ll keep you posted on the site and let you know as soon as we think we’ve resolved it. My sincerest apologies for the frustration!

  2. Love a paperbag waist — I have two pairs of Ulla Johnson pants with that feature and I love them both! Apiece Apart is a great line — I have a ruffly dress and a denim skirt from them and both are lovely additions to my wardrobe.

    Loving the watermelon clutch, the salad recipe (looks so good and I love Orangette!) and the idea of Aerin’s perfumes. I recently added the solid compact of You to a recent Glossier order and like it for an everyday perfume — the format makes it great for travel, too!

    1. Yes! Ulla and Apiece Apart — be still my heart. Love both of those labels.

      Let me know what you think of the salad! It’s one of our go-tos. We often serve it with a grilled ribeye and asparagus. YUM.

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