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Virginia Bluebell.

Are any of you country music fans?

As I chronicled previously (lol to the word chronicle — can you use it without thinking of that SNL skit, “the chronic-WHAT-les of narnia”?!), Mr. Magpie converted me into a country music lover while we were wee undergrads at the University of Virginia.  In fact, we recently re-discovered Randy Travis while hunting for some fresh tunes (we were stuck in an infinity loop of listening to the same 3-4 Pandora stations and they were feeling pret-ty stale), and were thrown back to reminiscing about warm summer nights in Charlottesville, sipping drinks out of mason jars while listening to Travis’s “Deeper Than the Holler” and preparing to hit up The Corner with some friends.

I hold a particular fondness for Miranda Lambert’s early tunes, before she got into the whole “angry femme country moto chick” vibe.  My sister introduced me to her first album, “Kerosene,” and it became our summer playlist–so many pretty, clever songs.  I recall with particular nostalgia listening to it while trucking towards Rehobeth Beach, windows down, Miranda blaring, in Mr. Magpie’s old, boxy black Jeep Cherokee.  We spent so many laughter-filled weekends at my dear friend E.’s beach house, laying out on the beach with frozen cocktails during the day and sitting around bonfires with goblets of wine on the beach in the evenings.  One or two of those weekends, we brought Mr. Magpie’s new roommate, E.R., down with us.  Mr. Magpie had found E.R. through Craigslist of all places–but borderline creepy beginnings (who uses Craigslist to find roommates anymore?!) would give way to one of the most cherished friendships of our lives, as E.R. is now more family than anything else.

But during those early days of friendship, I recall him asking, tentatively, quietly–almost in a muffled voice, so no other dudes could hear (and not quite meeting my eyes)–“Hey, uh, what was that song about Charlie or something we heard on the way down here?”  He was referring to Miranda’s “Me and Charlie Talking.”  You see, E.R. is all dude: he is a real-life Jason Bourne, working as a special agent for the FBI; I’ll never forget the time he visited us in Chicago for the weekend, apologizing for not yet having showered or changed, and offering “I had to complete my evasive driving class” by way of explanation.  Yah.  Evasive driving.  He is a badass.  Pretty much any time I get a text from him, I imagine him casually repelling off a building or breaking into a unit while doing so.  But he also has the biggest heart and gentlest soul and I absolutely adore him.

At any rate, “Me and Charlie Talking.”  Listen to it.  It’ll convert even the most reluctant of country music listeners (and the bro-y-est of bros).  It’s a sweet tune that evokes the memory of simple summers and young love–and, for me, the birth of a new and important friendship.

I feel similarly emotive about Miranda’s “Virginia Bluebell” from a future album of hers, Revolution.  I listened to Revolution over and over and over again the summer before I got married, and especially loved “Virginia Bluebell,” in part because it referenced my favorite state, but also because, in my more emo days, I related to the lyrics, all about a pretty, tentative little lady needing a nudge in the right direction.  I must have listened to this track 10 times in a row one afternoon while driving out to Baltimore to take a look at a stationer’s letterpress invitations, and the song and the introspective tone it set for my solo trip on this little wedding errand stick with me to this day.

It’s remarkable way in which music can cement relationships and capture particular moments in time just right.  Life felt simple, carefree, easy back then, before businesses and babies and illnesses and moves and all the “adulting” involved in becoming an adult.  Miranda’s music maps to that uncomplicated state of being.

I’ll admit that this a somewhat rambling prologue to a post about purrrrty blue and white fashion finds, to which I am incredibly attracted at the moment (…though, honestly, when am I not?).  But, when I was surveying some of my favorite fashion finds of late, I was struck by the centrality of blue to the color palette presented and immediately thought of Miranda’s “Virginia Bluebell” and, well, the rest is history.

And so.

Some lovely blue pieces for you.  But first, some inspo from da streets:

The Fashion Magpie Blue and White Street Style 2 The Fashion Magpie Blue and White Street Style 3 The Fashion Magpie Blue and White Street Style 4 The Fashion Magpie Blue and White Street Style 5

+This Veronica Beard dress ($595) just nails every trend I love right now: shirting stripes, eyelet, embroidery, boho-ness.  Such an amazing statement.

+Self-Portrait asymmetric top ($410).  BUT check out this lookalike style for $89!

+Not to wear, but I need this chinoiserie CHAMPAGNE BUCKET (OMG — SO ME — $159).  This is from the Aerin Lauder collab with Williams-Sonoma and I’m pretty much dying over everything from these scalloped dinner plates to this wild rose bedding.

+These cobalt J. Crew tassel earrings ($65) are the perfect accent piece.

+Such a fun clutch for us oyster lovers (Clare Vivier, $333).

+…And you know I’m heart eyes for this gingham, bow shouldered cami ($68).  And P.S.: more bow-bedecked lovelies here.


The Fashion Magpie Veroica Beard Blue Dress


The Fashion Magpie Self Portrait Asymmetric Top

The Fashion Magpie Chinoiserie Champagne Bucket

The Fashion Magpie JCrew Beaded Tassel Earrings


The Fashion Magpie Clare V Clutch

The Fashion Magpie JCrew Bow Shoulder Gingham Top

+Such a cool tote by Dodo Bar Or ($365).

+Dying over this Ulla Johnson dress ($345).

+Rebecca Taylor flounce dress ($395).

+Gorgeous trim on this Victoria Beckham top ($315).

+The prettiest midi skirt from new designer Rixo ($335).  Also comes in a gorgeous dress form.

+The chic-est OTS striped top ($98).  Love the length.

The Fashion Magpie Ulla Johnson Striped Dress

The Fashion Magpie Rebecca Taylor Linen Flounce Dress

The Fashion Magpie Victoria Beckham Eyelet Top

The Fashion Magpie Rixo London Maxi Skirt


The Fashion Magpie Michael Kors Striped Linen Top

Lastly, I am literally obsessed with this SEA dress ($445).  I’m actually obsessed with the entire SEA collection out right now.  This dress is also bananas.  (Or get the look for less with this.)

The Fashion Magpie Sea Striped Dress

And P.S.: An epic $115 printed blue-and-white find that reminds me of some of the beautiful, De-Gournay-esque florals I am so obsessed with.

And P.P.S.: Love this sexy striped midi-length dress, for $155.

OH.  And I’m constantly updating Le Shop and just realized I have a ton of additional blue + white picks there.

More Blue and White Beauties…



  1. I can’t call myself a country music fan per se, but I left college with a deep and abiding love for The Dixie Chicks. Their music is just everything. Smart, funny, sassy, defiant, and compulsively beltable (soooo good for road trips to the beach). On top of it, all three women are brilliant musicians and just seem to have a blast playing together.

    Like you, some of the most significant memories of my early adulthood are cemented together by DC songs. The only thing I know about Miranda Lambert comes from the cover of a tabloid magazine (poor thing, I think she deserved better), but I might have to give her a try. Listening to the radio today is uninspiring (I think there is some law that only allows broadcasting music by The Chainsmokers now, yes?), so I might need to start looking in other directions.

    1. OMG, so true. Chainsmokers or, if you listen to any hip hop channels, it’s all that Bad and Boujee song by Migas or that Black Beatles jam. I liked both of those songs, but now I can’t tie my shoe without hearing them / getting them stuck in my head.

      ALSO, Dixie Chicks’ “Fly” was one of my FIRST albums! I LOVE THEM. I listen to them all the time — such a fresh, airy, squeaky-clean sound. I preferred them before they got political, but, ya know, you win some and you lose some.

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