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Vacation Style for Children.

We’re heading to FL in February, and it’s been fun planning mini’s warm-weather wardrobe (and imagining what micro might wear). A few of my favorite finds below:

+I finally broke and went crazy on the La Coqueta sale now that prices are up to 60% off. I had to have this gingham dress in particular, which will be coming with us to Naples.

+Also have this packed for her.

+I love these sandals for mini (water-resistant).

+This or this are the kinds of rompers I imagine micro to wear all the time.

+This for mini, and this for her little brother. (Though I already have this one in the pink, I also love it in the blue and the ditsy floral…)

+The perfect traveling day tote. I’d keep the kiddos’ stuff separate in individual wet/dry pouches with their respective items.

+Can’t say no to a petal collar

+Does mini need her own suitcase??? Also — one of my favorite secrets to traveling with mini.

+Have never ordered from here, but love this suit for mini and these for baby boy. There’s even one that fits a dollbaby!

+Big bows, all the time.

+Swooning over this dress. Would love to twin with mini in it!

+These trunks for micro (the ultimate in chic boy swimwear) and these for Mr. Magpie.

+I ordered one of these monogrammed puddle jumpers for mini!

+Classic — currently marked down to $8!


+La vie en rose!

+These are my favorite towels for mini in the summer. Super compact/lightweight so I can stow in my diaper bag on the off chance we wind up at the splash pad.

+OMG. Does mini need this waterbaby?


+Genius travel high chair solution.

Shop Le Post: Girls.

Shop Le Post: Boys.

Post Scripts.

+Golden moments / golden hours. Hoping to soak up a few on this trip — likely our last as parents to ONE!

+Valentine’s Day is sneaking up on us

+I’ve had a flurry of emails asking for gift ideas for moms/girlfriends/sisters, and thought I’d share a couple of good roundups: gifts for girlfriends, gifts for moms, and gifts for every occasion. A couple of other of-the-moment gifts: a Lele Sadoughi headband for the fashion-forward, a high-end ballpoint pen (<<Mr. Magpie bought me one of these and I LOVE IT and carry it with me everywhere) and/or a personalized Smythson notebook to celebrate a promotion, a vintage Herend animal in a special shape (i.e., one of my friends collects elephants), a framed matchbook print from a place of mutual special meaning to you (i.e., bachelorette party memories!), and — for a beauty/hair enthusiast, one of these tools (read the reviews!!!)


  1. My friend has a waterbaby for her daughter, who absolutely LOVES it.

    I’ve been debating getting the baby her own suitcase, as her clothes grow larger and take up more space. Right now, she does have her own little Fjallraven backpack that we save for travelling, but it just holds her toys and snacks (and emergency diapers). But then again, do I need yet another bag to haul around….??

    1. Ha, I know! On the one hand, I like the idea of giving her ownership of her own bag and keeping all of her stuff together. On the other hand, one additional item to keep tabs on. I am guessing this idea will fall by the wayside in the wake of having two kids…but those Olli Ellas are SO cute and would honestly look great even just as decor/toy storage. So…xoxo

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