Under the Weather

Honestly, given the dreary, rainy, humid weather we’ve been having, the title of this post could read: “With the Weather.”   Semantics aside, I’m not feeling so hot, and feel myself dangerously close to a full on cold.  I’m inclined to pass the day with a little R&R and all of the comforts of home and hearth.  I want to snuggle up in bed with one of these retro-chic sit pillows ($340, ChicShopLA) —

— surround myself with pillows ($75-$95 each, Zhush) —

— and curl up beneath a cozy (or, in this case, cococozy) blanket ($285, Cococozy):


I’d like to say you’d find me in a tidy little pajama duo ($265, Journelle) with a satin sleep mask ($20, Journelle) and a little bedroom sloafer (well, these are hardly just for the bedroom — these are $400 tuxedo-style slippers, and the price only escalates if you explore their bespoke options…a girl can dream?! — $400, Stubbs and Wootton):




(This, I imagine, would be how someone like Lauren Santo Domingo would handle a sick day.  Did anyone see Vogue’s feature on her in their 5 Days, 5 Looks, 1 Girl series?  She is beautiful and articulate and has a ridiculously refined and enviable fashion sensibility.  Not to mention equally enviable funds to make that sensibility a reality.  And yet — something about the feature just made me think she’s…joyless/all business/no fun.  Still, would love to pass a day with her wardrobe.)  I would more likely be found in a gray tee ($42, Madewell) and boxers ($135, Barney’s):

Yummy.  I’d snuggle up with a cozy, lived-in sweatshirt (this line — Rebel Yell — is favored by celebrities in LA — $129, TheTrendBoutique) and my favorite snuggly slippers ($59, L.L.Bean):

On my bedside table, you’d find: a bouquet of flowers (I still can’t get over how REAL these falsies look — $350, Gracious Home) and my favorite candle scent ($60, Diptyque):

In bed, you’d find me curled up with my iPad (pictured below with a YSL carrying case — $450, Net-A-Porter), a monogrammed note pad to keep track of all of the items I’m currently coveting and hoping to share on this little bloggerooski ($40, DabneyLee) — with, of course, a LePen ($1.69, Uchida), and a stack of fashion magazines:

Wahoo.  I know there are healthier options out there, but when I’m sick, all I want is Campbell’s chicken noodle soup and a roll of saltines —


–so that’s what I’d stick to.  That, and an ungodly amount of water.  My father (perhaps the fittest man I know — he’s in his 60s and still runs several miles a day…wow.) once said to me: “water and exercise can pretty much cure anything.”  Yup.  Which explains why, despite my blue-in-the-gills status, I somehow rose with the sun (well, actually — rose before the sun, that lazy little slacker!), dragged myself out of bed, and made it to my morning fitness bootcamp.  I know, I don’t know how I did it (casual pat on the back/smug look of success).  Some zombie version of Mrs. Magpie did this — totally out of body experience — and suddenly I was back at my apartment an hour later, totally sore and exhausted and even sicker than before.  Kind of similar, experientially, to the moment I first laid eyes on the Alexander Wang “Emile” tote in Barney’s.  Totally swooned with envy and felt myself enter fashion heaven — out.of.body.  AND scene.

If I must venture out into public, the following items are 100% necessary for comfort and discreetness: 1) a face shielding mechanism in the form of these sunglasses (still obsessed — Chloe, on sale for $116, TheOutnet); 2) a large, oversized knit poncho or sweater, preferably cable-knit (Barbour, $400, MyWardrobe); black leggings; and my trusty minnetonka mocs ($39, Madewell):


I’d hurl all of my essentials into a roomy tote (still loving this Zara style, which Mr. Magpie bought for me as one of my birthday gifts this past summer — $150, Zara):

Et voila.  Feeling better already.



  1. I just wanted to let you know that your daily musings were very sorely missed during your hiatus! Every morning I look forward to reading your daily posts. I die over ohhh EVERYTHING you post. I hope you start feeling better soon!!

    A faithful reader,

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