The Fashion Magpie Ice Blue Fur

Un Peu Bleu.

Je suis un peu scattered this week — I feel like I’m still catching up from a household that was sick for the better part of two weeks, leading to a nanny that was out for several days, and then the long weekend.  But one thing that I’ve been gravitating towards?  The color ice blue.  It felt so dated — so 90s, so Cher-in-Clueless — for so long, and now, suddenly, feels fresh and modern and classy.  Maybe the logical counterpart to millennial pink!?  See above and below and let me know if you agree.

The Fashion Magpie Ice Blue Fur 3The Fashion Magpie Ice Blue Fur 2

I’d like to get the look with this amazing blue Yves Salomon lovely or this one with its funky oversized pockets.

The Fashion Magpie Blue Fur Jacket The Fashion Magpie Blue Jacket

Also dying over this statement blouse (on sale!)

The Fashion Magpie Blue Blouse

Finally, how chic is this sweater (under $50), and how fun/funky are this little fur bucket bag and these statement heels?!  What an amazing way to add a little whimsy to your wardrobe!

The Fashion Magpie Blue Sweater The Fashion Magpie Blue Fur Bag The Fashion Magpie Blue Fur Sandal

Wouldn’t this dramatically-shaped sweater from Tibi look ritzy with these wide-leg pants?!

The Fashion Magpie Tibi Seater

The Fashion Magpie Wide Leg Pants

Finally — this sweater!  Under $30!

The Fashion Magpie Blue Sweater

Also, unrelated to clothes, but I die over this pale blue-centric chinoiserie mural.  Can this go on the wall over my bed pls and thank you?!

The Fashion Magpie Chinoiserie Panels

If that’s not realistic for ya, chanel that vibe with this stunning Zimmermann one-piece (on sale!)

The Fashion Magpie Zimmermann Suit

P.S. I also love this affordable poplin dress, which nails that Caroline Constas vibe I’ve been so into lately.  Perfect for a warm summer weekend…

P.P.S.  A great pom-topped hat on sale in our favorite icy blue!



  1. Lovelovelove this color. Steven Alan has some beautiful ice blue sweaters this season … I’m waiting (perhaps stupidly) for them to go on sale so I can snap them up!

    1. I know! She always KILLED IT in her cut-within-an-inch-of-her-life sheath dresses. I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

  2. Mandy Moore looked gorgeous at the NAACP awards this past week in an icy blue gown. She even wore icy blue eye shadow, was skeptical but it worked.

    1. Oooh la la! I just googled it — she nailed it! Love everything about that look, down to the pale pink manicure. xoxo

  3. Oh no!! Say it isn’t so!!! Unfortunately, I am a UVA gal and any color remotely close to Carolina Blue is not touching my body! Sorry, it’s just the way I am! So to hear it’s the new color dismays me immensely. I even told my kids they could go to any college as long as their color was NOT baby blue! Haha! Go Cavs! Wahoowa!!!

  4. What timing with this post. Last weekend I was in a boutique and the woman waiting on me had the most perfect manicure. Her nails were painted in a super glossy frosty ice blue. It made for a beautiful, wintery neutral. It made me stop and think how I need to incorporate that color more. Think your right it’s the new millennial pink.

    1. This exact thing happened to me a few weeks back — I saw a very chic little lady wearing this fabulous ice blue Essie nail polish (Borrowed + Blue) and I made a beeline for it. Love!

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