The Fashion Magpie Ultimate Fall Wardrobe

Le Ultimate Fall Wardrobe.

I’ve whittled down my ultimate fall wardrobe wishlist from across a couple of my autumn-centric posts over the last few weeks.  Below, each and every item I wish was in my closet at the moment.  (Much of which can be summed up by the snap above: glen plaid, boxy cut, and a belt bag.  YAAAAS.)  You’ll notice some of the major trends for AW2018 throughout: jewel tones, glen plaid, a slight western twang, and exaggerated/abbreviated shapes (i.e., puff sleeves, balloon cuffs, high-waists, kitten heels, cropped/boxy cuts).

Two other miscellaneous notes: first, I’ve started a blog-centric Instagram account.  My other account is basically pictures of my daughter (sorry/not sorry), so I thought I’d start sharing more Magpie stuff in a separate space.  There will be random musings, fashion finds, and more long-form writing there.  Follow along if you’d like!

Second: I’ve not featured formal/evening wear in the roundup below, but if I was, I’d readily add this EPIC MINIDRESS OMG OMG OMG ($100).  The 80s are MAJOR right now for evening wear.  Alternately, for a more formal affair, I’m in love with this gown.

Click on images to access details or see my notes (along with alternates) below!

+Rebecca Taylor puff-sleeved floral blouse.  I own this and ADORE it.  Puffed sleeves are very on-trend right now, and the dark floral print is also tres of-the-moment.

+Brock Collection denim.  This cut is IT for right now — sort of an evolution from the relaxed fit of a few seasons back and the traditional Levi’s cut of last season.  High-waisted but body conscious and relaxed.  You can get the look for less with these (really good wash).

+Aquazzura Powder Puffs in navy.  I am so into navy right now.  I know I’ve featured these beauties dozens of times, but I just love the silhouette.  Thank God for the kitten heel (sorry Jen Schuf, I know you hate this style) — I don’t know that I could navigate the Subway in high heels, and Mr. Magpie and I are Committed (capital C) to taking the Subway everywhere, even when decked out in our finest.  It’s the fastest way around.

+BR Cableknit.  (Under $100!)  Love the fog gray color — I’ve been seeing a lot of layered grays and I’m into it.  Imagine this with white denim and that gray scarf or blazer thrown over top?!  If you’re looking for more of an on-trend shape, try this chic sweater instead in a similar hue.

+Supersoft heathered scarf.  Love this layered over something else gray — or, for work, over a perfect white tee like this tucked into some trousers!

+Alexandre Birman boot.  Nuff said.

+Glen plaid blazer.  So we can be twinsies.  And more glen plaid magic here.

+Quilted backpack.  I’ve finally found a functional and stylish backpack for mom duties!

+Chanel vibes for far less!  I have a tweed shirt like this from Zara (last season) that I wore heavily. I’d pair with huge pearl earrings to complete the look.  Also adore this.

+Ganni coat.  Excuse me while I drool all over my keyboard.  MAJOR.

+Pastel plaid scarf.

+Isabel Marant denim.  Super on-trend cut.  Would also look great with a chunky cream-colored Aran knit.  I love the idea of literally borrowing from the boys with this affordable style!

+Green cableknit sweater.  Jewel tones like emerald are so fresh for fall.  (This style in a similar hue has a trendier vibe.)

+New Balance X90s.  I’m not into the whole chunky grandpa sneaker that’s been everywhere (Balenciaga being a huge culprit…), but these are super cool-looking without being over-the-top.  I also love that color!

+Gucci Marmont Belt Bag.  LOVE.

+Balloon-sleeved sweater.  This mustard color is WONDERFUL, and the shape is of the moment, too.  (Can’t be the price either!)  Also love this moss green variation from a different designer (still under $100 though).

+Zara bow-sleeved dress.  OK, this is $50 and pretty much my ideal mom-on-the-go dress.  I’ve realized I just can’t stand off the shoulder or balloon sleeves when I’m chasing after mini / washing things / etc.  Too difficult!  This kind of dress is the perfect, easy-to-wear, easy-to-move-in thing to wear on a casual Tuesday at the library.

+Aquazzura spider slides.  Love the color!  I have these in black.

+Ruffle-neck eyelet blouse.  Because we’re all heading west.


P.P.S.  The years that ask questions, the years that answer.

P.P.P.S.  Keep your eyes peeled for something small and perfect this weekend.


  1. Jen! did you end up getting the ruffle neck J. Crew blouse featured above? I am considering it and wanted to check on if the quality and fit are good. sometimes I struggle with J. Crew tops. Also considering the madewell ruffle eyelet blouse you featured a couple of posts ago. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Stacy! I did not – I ended up with the Madewell one, which runs true to size and yet is cut in all the right spots to look billow-y but still somehow figure-conscious. I can’t quite describe it but it truly fits beautifully in my opinion. Also, the quality is amazing on the Madewell. I can’t speak as much to the J Crew one though I totally understand your hesitation. Maybe you can score it on their next 40% off promo and then try on at home…xo

  2. OK, there is SO much goodness here! I still want that RT puff-sleeve blouse but am unsure I can pull it off … le sigh. LOVE the denim you’ve featured, esp. the Brock Collection pair (have been lusting after that label!) and the AGOLDE option you linked. I have another pair of AGOLDEs and really like how they fit. I also really like the cut of the Isabel Marant Étoile pair — something about relaxed white denim is just right!

    I have a question about the H&M glen plaid blazer. I am reeeeally thinking about taking the plunge, as I feel it would be a perfect addition to my autumn work wardrobe. So I have to ask, how is the quality (I haven’t bought anything from H&M in a decade!) and what is the sizing like? Some of the reviews say it runs large/long … hmm.

    Also: I love that MZ Wallace backpack, as we’ve discussed, but yesterday I decided to celebrate my impending new job (I start in mid-October!) and grab an MZ Wallace Metro tote. I needed a new zipper-top tote (none of my leather totes have a zipper, and I actually don’t love how they look with a zipper sometimes…) and I think this will be a great option for toting my laptop, notebooks, etc.

    P.S. I love the stories you’ve shared on your new IG account! I think I DMed you that already, but you’re doing a really nice job with it 🙂

    1. You can def pull off the blouse! The print and color are so demure! And love that you snagged the MZ WALLACE tote. They have some amazing colors!!

      As for the blazer — H&M recently changed their sizing. I got a 0 and would say it runs true to size, though it is purposefully a longer leaner cut. Trim through the arms and longish. The quality is OK. It is not lined but the fabric feels nice and has some stretch to it.

      Thank you for following along on Insta!!!!


    2. Aw, thanks for the vote of confidence! I’m excited to get the tote — I went for the ‘magnet’ [gunmetal grey] & black combo.

      V. good intel on the blazer — thank you so much! xo

    3. LOVE the gunmetal color! I was really torn between black, navy, or gray…I normally lean towards splashy colors vs. practicality, but those dark colors really spoke to me!

    4. I ended up getting the blazer this weekend — I found the one you linked at an H&M in NYC. This one is lined and the fabric is almost nubby, which I like — it’s like 3-4 sizes bigger than my normal size, but somehow I think it works! Haha! I also saw the one I think you might have (unlined; single button) and it was super cute as well! Thanks for planting this glen-plaid seed in my mind 🙂

    5. Ahh! I didn’t know there were two similar models! Thanks for writing in about this! Glad you snagged yours 🙂 Keep me posted. I think I’ll wear it A LOT this season 🙂 xx

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