Ulla Have What She’s Having.

Do y’all follow New York Fashion Week?  I enjoy tuning in through some of my favorite bloggers and fashionistas via Instagram (especially Eva Chen, who always does a good job of taking great behind the scenes pics and showcasing the show notes, which are always intriguing to me — the designer’s written notes on the collection).  I was literally drooling and squealing over every single look from Ulla Johnson’s SS18 collection — full of frothy, ladylike pieces that I would wear every day of the week and twice on Tuesday.

Those last two dresses in particular — STUNNING.  I would wear both in a heartbeat.  Ahhhh.  Because I’m not sure I can wait until spring to channel this vibe (some of these could totally work mixed into a fall wardrobe, right?! — #notarulefollower in this regard, but if you are, snag some for next spring/summer?!), some Ulla-inspired pieces I’m drooling over below…but there are a few pieces from her last collection that sort of anticipate this trend, like this.  (Drool.)

Ulla Inspired Floral Dresses

Ulla Inspired Millennial Pink Tops

Ulla Inspired Details

Finally, there was one look that came down the runway in a non-pastel/non-pink hue, and it was this AMAZING forest green one:

MEEEEEP.  IT IS TOO GOOD.  THOSE SLEEVES.  I LIVE FOR THEM.  It also may have pushed me over the edge in terms of buying this green Saloni dress I found on sale.  Green!  Such an unexpected, rich color.

P.S.  Are you as obsessed with pink as I am?

P.P.S.  The florals in this post reminded me of this epic collab.

P.P.P.S.  I am v. into millennial pink right now; did you, like everyone else I know, snag this sweater, too?



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