This + That: Fleeting Thoughts After Vacation with Two Children.

Coming down off the high of vacation, which was lovely. Exhausting, but lovely. Fellow parents will appreciate the logistical challenge of even a small trip into town for coffee when you are trying to coordinate between three babies — ha! My diaper bag, which has always been a point of pride for me in the sense that I always carry the minimum and prefer to make do with a tote bag not explicitly marketed as a “diaper bag,” was busting at the seams with the addition of vacation necessities like sunscreen, beach toys, sunhats, bug spray, water bottle for mini, two bottles for micro and pre-apportioned formula in this, more snacks than you can possibly imagine a toddler consuming, etc. I think I may need to upgrade my bag in terms of size to accommodate the gear I am now toting…

Anyhow, one big lesson from this trip with two children was appreciating the small pockets of fuss-free time and dialing in on the simplest pleasures. There was one morning where I’d fed micro and put him back down to sleep and mini was not quite up — it must have been around 6:15 or 6:30 a.m. — and I walked out onto the deck that overlooked the gracious backyard of our rental home and just stood there, soaking it all in. The buzz of insects, the sing of birds, the rhythmic whir of a sprinkler next door. I found similar moments elsewhere — watching Mr. Magpie fly a kite on the beach with mini yelling “I do it, I hold it” behind him while rocking micro on a dune not far away. Enjoying fresh produce from the bounty of local farmer’s markets. Enjoying a glass of rose with one baby in my arm and the other enjoying an evening dip with her aunt and uncle. These small moments of quiet, simple things amidst the rush and chaos of parenthood.

And with that: a couple of scattershot things on my mind:

+Trying to ramp up the amount of vegetables in mini’s diet. I had always hoped to avoid the whole “sneaking-veggies-into-food” routine, thinking that vegetables should simply be a part of mealtime rather than hidden, like some kind of medicine made more palatable through the addition of sugar. I had wanted to instill in her an appreciation for vegetables — or at least an accommodation of them. But we are at a point where the only vegetables she consistently eats are cucumber and green beans, and even then, she occasionally balks. So far this week, I have tried zoodles (#fail, even coated with cheese and garlic), cauliflower crust pizza (which she actually did eat — will try again), and these “gummies” with veggies and fruits mixed in. Also ordered these cauliflower-based crackers and these veggie cutters in a hope that maybe making the shape of her veggies more enjoyable will drive consumption.

+In love with this puff-sleeved tee dress ($65!). I wish it were more nursing-friendly…but I may need to order anyhow. So easy and comfortable. Perfect with my GG sneaks or Supergas.

+Also love this ditsy-print dress, which presents a similar challenge for nursing moms — but OMG. $75 and it looks like it’s a magical hybrid between Ganni and LoveShackFancy.?

+Just the prettiest swimsuit. Love the cut, color, belt. Everything.

+Pretty storage bins. I have been looking for something in blue to house some of micro’s spare diapers, wipes, etc under our master bed since he sleeps in our room. These laundry baskets are also darling and could be a chic toy storage implement for a basement. (These are the actual best laundry baskets — they stack, are easy to carry, and never crack/warp.)

+In a similar blue toile vein: this adorable blouse! Love with a high-waisted white skirt or white denim.

+I wore these maternity pajamas all vacation long and they are SO comfortable (the softest pima!) and flattering (love that the top is tunic-length), while also being practical (the button-front is nursing friendly). Contemplating ordering a second pair in the shorts style.

+Slowly losing the baby weight (ugh, I forgot it takes awhile — I had for some reason thought I’d be “almost there” by one month out? I must have had amnesia, but I recall losing most of the baby weight by nursing. This time around, it feels like everything is taking longer), but eyeing overalls like these as a daytime mom-on-the-go look. Hate how they are styled on the site. I’d wear them with a frilly white blouse.

+How adorable is this popsicle mold?!

+Love this tiered maxi (on super sale).

P.S. Loved your reactions to my musings on adjusting to life as a mother to two.

P.P.S. I have re-read my post on 3 A.M. parties at least a dozen times and it makes my heart swell every time. Especially the last few days, as I prepare for Mr. Magpie’s return to work after six weeks of paternity leave. I feel weepy thinking that this special (and exhausting) time is coming to an end. Also, how will I do this without him?!

P.P.P.S. I just turned 35.


  1. Vegetables! Oh my … I struggle with getting a 9-year-old to eat them, which is even embarrassing to type. I’ve tried Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook (to no avail) and nearly every other trick in the book, but have not made much progress. My mom tells me to just “pump her with fruit” (ha) and that works, but still … green veggies are so good (to me) and just a no-go with her!

    That English Factory pintuck dress … yes! Immediately wishlisted. πŸ™‚


    1. I know – it’s so hard. I’m trying every trick in the book…also simply trying to wear her down by continued exposure…


  2. Hey, do you find that the lake “long” length drags on the floor for you? I recall asking you another length question that you’re 5’0″ — are the pants cut to bunch a bit, or do they end up dragging? Thanks!

    1. Hi Holly! No, I find that the jammies hit me perfectly right around the ankle! They must be more of a cropped fit on taller people. Definitely not dragging on the ground! I love them πŸ™‚

  3. I have that popsicle mold! It works great and my little one loves choosing whether she wants the shark, whale, fish, etc. I always use the same β€œrecipe”: frozen strawberries, vanilla extract, maple syrup, and a can of full-fat coconut milk!

    1. GREAT tips. Somehow I’d forgotten about the utility of the smoothie as a way to sneak greens in. Adding this to our breakfast rotation next week! xx

  4. I heard someone say in a Moms group that, “after you have kids you don’t take vacations anymore, you take trips” And, I have to say, it’s true (at least for right now)! And that’s ok, they’re only little once. Glad to hear you found a few vacation like moments during your trip though πŸ™‚ My girls also enjoy the cauliflower crust pizza from Trader Joe’s. I also like their cauliflower ravioli (with just olive oil, no sauce needed), we gave broccoli cheddar quiche for awhile as their lunch for daycare which was a hit for a long time. My younger one enjoys veggies either raw (particularly orange peppers) or cooked and cold. So strange but she eats more of them so she has dinner that way now. Whatever works!

    1. Quiche is an interesting vehicle for veggies — will need to try. Mini is hit or miss on eggs. Sometimes she’ll eat them and sometimes she won’t. But, worth a shot!

      Agree with that quote on vacations vs. trips BUT. I tried to see this vacation through mini’s eyes and it felt like a success via that lens πŸ™‚


  5. Love your description of soaking it all in – sounds like heaven!

    And oh, how I feel you on the toddler vegetable struggle. One thing that I have found that is (sometimes) effective is to use little silicone muffin tin liners in bright colors and put a different option in each (one for little pieces of broccoli, one for chopped green beans, one for blueberries, one for carrot sticks, etc.) and a ramekin of some sort of dip (ketchup, hummus, guacamole – anything will do) in the middle. Then they feel like they are choosing. I also am intrigued by those little animal picks that supermoms (aka not me) use in bento boxes – like this: Maybe worth a shot?

    1. UM – these are adorable and I’d not seen them before. Adding to my cart! Thank you! Also love the idea of putting veg in silicon muffin tin liners — brilliant.


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