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Hi, all.  It’s Tuesday, and last night was “wine and sninner night” with my bestie, so I’m feeling a little cloudy today.  A little too cloudy to make a tidy, streamlined post.  So instead.  Things I want / am thinking about today.


I know I’ve posted about this in the past, but I really must own a hot pink blazer in the near to immediate future.   I like the idea of throwing it over a simple jeans and white tee with a big statement necklace.

And I’m thinking it’s gotta be this style from J. Crew ($175).

This has been a big year for me in terms of venturing away from my standard bright red manicure.  I’ve tried glitter, darker colors, and even hot pink {I’m currently wearing Essie’s “Pansy”}.  And now I’m contemplating a lilac manicure after seeing the new spring colors from Essie.  What do you think of Essie’s “Lilacism” ($8)?

Yep, I’m back on the Tracy wagon.  I used her arm workout routine over the summer and have to say that I was thrilled with the results.  But then, as with most things, I tired of it and moved onto another workout.  But now I’m back to good ol Trace Face {more like monkey face — she looks sort of ape-ish.  OK, so that was mean.  She’s beautiful and has a banging bod.  But she makes my body hurt in places I didn’t knew existed.} I’m doing the entire mat workout and am obsessed with it.  And by obsessed, I mean I alternate between wanting to punch Tracy in the face and wanting to throw my arms around her for helping me whip my abs into shape.  And while I’m doing her workout, I wear these awesome C9 by Champion sports bras ($17) from Target.  They come in the best colors.


I’m in need of a new pair of kicks, and I love the color of these New Balances ($80).  Too bad I will never part ways with Nike, though.



Mr. Magpie and I recently decided that in our next apartment, we need a minimum of two bedrooms.  We’ve been living cozily in our one bedroom apartment, and it’s been lovely, but we have so many house guests and we’re constantly feeling badly for pushing them onto an air mattress.  So, two bedrooms it is.  This in turn has sparked a fantastic little dream of using the second bedroom as my own office.  And in that office, I will keep a pink throne, from which I will blog.  And I’m kinda in love with this style from The Divine Chair ($1, 595).

Yep, still hung up on adding art to our little flat.  If the above-mentioned two-bedroom scenario comes to fruition, I will most certainly be adding lots of girly art pieces to my collection, including this fun little neon dress print ($60 and up, depending on size of print):


While we’re talking art, how bomb are these hand-painted Pollock and De Kooning-inspired pillows from Wary Meyers ($195 each)?!  Love the idea of mixing these in with solids in lavenders and grays in a stately living room.


I recently got bangs.  I know, big step.  It was terrifying, but I trust my hair dresser and it turned out amazingly well.  I kinda feel like Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada when she waltzes in wearing Chanel and her fierce new bangs.  My sister, who hates change, was initially a little leery and kept calling me “Hannah” after she saw me with my bangs because she didn’t think I looked like myself.  {My name is Jen.}  She’s a ham, and will just need to get over it.  {JK, love you, sissy.}  Anyway, to ensure that I keep my hair looking salon sleek, I swear by the Ready Set Blow product ($21) from the Blow hair styling bar in NYC.  My sister turned me onto it while I was up visiting her, and I promise you, it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

I also recently did myself a solid by investing in a new, higher-powered hair blow dryer: the T-3 featherweight ($200, Beauty):

As its name portends, it is super light for my weakling little arms, and it is also super powerful.  It’s cut my blow dry routine by about 1/3, time-wise.  Heartsies.

I know I’ve featured this line a lot lately, but I just cannot get enough of Noir Jewelry.  Good pricing, fun pieces.  Love.


And from bold to delicate — I also had to feature these lovely little friendship bracelets from AyoFemi Jewelry ($19 each).



And speaking of friendship jewelry, don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a pair of these adorable arrow necklaces from Concierge Couture.  All you have to do is leave a comment on yesterday’s post telling me who you’d give your spare arrow to!  A winner will be announced this Thursday, so chop, chop!


  1. Hi! I was actually wanting to know if you knew where the brown woven clutch came from in the first picture? I’ve been trying to find it and can’t seem to. Thanks so much!

  2. I got bangs about a month ago and was surprised they got such a big reaction! Hope to see you (and your pretty new ‘do) soon!

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