The Wee Small Hours of the Morning: Sleeplessness + Sparkle Boots.

By: Jen Shoop

What do you think about when you’re trying to fall asleep?  Do you count sheep?  Meditate?  Focus on your breathing?  Distract yourself with TV or books until you’re drowsy and heavy-lidded?  I could use some tips.  It’s an odd thing: I’m woefully sleep-deprived (have not had a full night’s sleep in close to seven months — well, longer, probably, if you count all that fitful sleep in those uber-pregnant third-trimester days before minimagpie arrived, when I woke up to pee every three minutes or so), but with all the excitement and anxiety in our life right now, I find myself laying awake for hours at a time.  I’ll often read to prevent myself from going down dark holes of “but what about…” and “I have to remember…”, but that strategy often backfires and I’m suddenly sucked into a book for two hours at 3 a.m.  (All that said, I’m woefully behind on my reading list for September given all the frenetic activity.)

Advice, please.

One pro: I lay awake and distract myself with all the pretty things floating down the runway, like Chanel’s sparkle boots (shown above; more on them below) and the softest, comfiest loungewear in all the lands, and, well, other fodder for today’s 10 picks.

Pick No. 1: The Cozy Loungewear

I’ve been so harried these days, I consider it a win if I wear anything other than leggings (still love these) and t-shirts.  (Gulp.  Glamorous life I’m living over here.)  I have been talking about Monrow for a long time but have never quite been able to stomach the idea of spending north of $100 on a pair of sweats.  Well, the time has come, my friends.  I need this supersoft Monrow ribbed sweater ($112) and these supersoft joggers ($124).  I’ve also been lusting after these cashmere joggers, but one thing at a time.

The Fashion Magpie Monrow Supersoft Crew SweaterThe Fashion Magpie Monrow Joggers

Pick No. 2: The Glitter Boot

All the fashionistas at LFW and NYFW have been sporting these insanely loud glitter boots from Chanel ($1,575), which were seen all over the Chanel runway.  I don’t know if I can pull off a knee-high sparkle, but I like the glitter trend I’ve been spotting, and these Jimmy Choos in the neutral color or, better yet, these Paul Mayers, on sale for $130 (!!!), will satisfy the craving.  (Or, in a slightly different lane, these metallic silver booties!)

The Fashion Magpie Chanel GLitter Boots

Pick No. 3: The Checked Blouse

Easy fall fashion for $45.  Love this top!  It’d look great paired with my new grosgrain-trim flats.

The Fashion Magpie Checked Bib Blouse

The Fashion Magpie Checked Bib Blouse

Pick No. 4: The Suede Bootie

These mid-calf suede booties (on sale for $131) are pretty much perfect, in my opinion.  I like the shaft length, the drape/fold styling, and I’m always a sucker for suede.  I feel like the quality of nappa leather will tell you immediately how expensive the shoe was — not so for suede.  The booties below could easily be an Isabel Marant retailing for north of $600.  No one needs to know you got a bargain, baby!

The Fashion Magpie Suede Booties

Pick No. 5: The Chunky Knit Sweater

$20 for a slouchy chunky knit?  Yes, please.

The Fashion Magpie Chunky Knit Sweater 2 The Fashion Magpie Chunky Knit Sweater


Pick No. 6: The Evening Dress

Needle + Thread has some spectacular evening dresses available for your upcoming winter wedding guest wardrobe.  I especially love this embellished gown ($485).  The Outnet has some great pieces of theirs on sale, including this gown, very similar to the one shown below, for over 60% off.

The Fashion Magpie Needle Thread Gown

Pick No. 7: The Embellished Slide

Speaking of embellishment, these Loeffler Randall slides are TOO GOOD.  I’m dying over them.  I like to imagine myself wearing them with everything from skinny jeans to silky dresses.   OK, I’ll admit it: I have a major shoe problem and need to cool it on the embellished footwear purchases.

The Fashion Magpie Loeffler Randall Coco Slide

The Fashion Magpie Loeffler Randall Coco Slide 2

The Fashion Magpie Loeffler Randall Coco Slide 2


Pick No. 8: The Chanel Perfume

I need a new winter perfume, and Chanel’s latest fragrance, Gabrielle ($105), has caught my attention, described as “based on a bouquet of four white flowers: a rich, enveloping heart of exotic jasmine shimmers with the fruity green notes of ylang-ylang, while fresh and sparkling orange blossom shines through, offering a glimpse of grasse tuberose captured at its finest.”  Who writes this copy?!  V. imaginative.

The Fashion Magpie Chanel Gabrielle

Pick No. 9: The Fringed Poncho

OK, this fringed and tasseled poncho ($90) looks SO cozy for fall.

The Fashion Magpie Fringe Tassel Poncho


Pick No. 10: The Striped + Embellished Blouse

This J.Crew top ($79) is just plain lovely, combining many trends: the statement shirt, the shirting stripe, the embroidered.  Polite golf applause to J. Crew.

The Fashion Magpie Striped Shirt The Fashion Magpie Striped Shirt Detail The Fashion Magpie Striped Shirt Detail



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6 thoughts on “The Wee Small Hours of the Morning: Sleeplessness + Sparkle Boots.

  1. I find that reading before bed helps me to fall asleep, but it sounds like maybe you’ve tried that? Can you take melatonin? I have friends & family that swear by it. I’ve struggled with insomnia in the past and it.is.the.worst. I feel for you!

    I have a pair of Monrow joggers that I LOVE. Mine are crepe, so not as soft as the ones you show here, but the quality is great & I highly recommend them.

    Must grab that ASOS blouse — it is too cute, and I love the pattern!

  2. Noooo!! The hideous chanel boots are haunting you and preventing sleep!!!!

    In all seriousness, I enable some auto dim thing on my phone (I wear glasses/contacts so the blue light glasses aren’t useful) starting at 7p, and then watch bullet journal planning youtubes to lull me to sleep when I’m having “Mom-style” wild thinking at night. That way I can still jot a quick note/to-do on my phone but maybe have less bright light exposure?

    Need those Gucci flats!

    1. Haha! Bullet journal planning Youtubes! The sound both useful/helpful and sleep-inducing. Will give those a try 🙂

  3. Sleep begets sleep. This is true for babies and adults alike. I find the more sleep deprived I am, the harder time I have sleeping. A few things I’ve found that help:
    1. In extreme times, a few days of over the counter melatonin helps your body get back on track.
    2. NO SCREEN TIME…this one is huge. No screens from 2 hours before bedtime until morning.
    3. When I really can’t sleep I’ll do a ‘re-set’ I get up, do one or two ‘productive’ things, then start the bedtime routine again. I’ll drink a tea, wash face, brush teeth, even change pajamas sometimes, read and go back to bed.
    4. The mantra–I used to get so caught up in how much sleep I was getting, counting hours, thinking about when I could make it up, etc. Now, I just say, “my body is good at taking care of me. I’ll sleep soon”
    5. Finally, your recent weaning might have something to do with the insomnia and the anxiety. I find every major hormonal transition leaves me with insomnia/emotional baggage. cupofjo has a great post about post-weaning blues

    1. THANK YOU for these helpful ideas. I like the idea of “re-setting” the bedtime routine — sometimes I find one particular thought or noise from minimagpie’s room will be the trigger that keeps me awake. Going back through the routine sounds smart. Also, my Dad always tells me: “Laying down quietly is the second best thing to actual sleep,” which is comforting — kind of similar to your mantra, “I’ll sleep soon.” Because worrying about not sleeping is sure to prolong the whole not sleeping thing, right?! THANK YOU for writing this.

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