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The Line(n) Up.

Linen is one of my favorite fabrics — it adds so much dimension and interest to your look.  It’s also a royal pain to clean and steam and all that jazz, but I’ve never been one for practicality when it comes to fashion.  How amazing do these ladies look?

The Fashion Magpie Linen Street Style 2 The Fashion Magpie Linen Street Style

See how a linen fabric can transform an otherwise basic style?!  You can recreate the top look with this J. Crew linen button down and these cluster earrings in the white pearl.

I featured an AMAZING linen Tory Burch dress yesterday, but have also been eyeballing so many other amazing pieces.  My top picks below, but you should probably know that this $79 white halterneck is the stuff of dreams for me.  Very Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun.  And, nursing friendly.  WIN WIN WIN WIN.  And, this linen top is on sale and would look amazing under joveralls.

Chic Linen Finds…

P.S. — Not linen, but in that lane…I had to have this chic dress.

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  1. Linen is probably my favorite warm-weather material! I always gravitate towards the more rumpled, Japanese styles from designers like Fog Linen Work and Black Crane. I try not to stress about wrinkles, because linen garments usually wrinkle within minutes of being put on, anyway. Again, the perks of having a creative career and not having to be starched all the time! 😉

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