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The Laughter Follows.

Midway through my brother’s trip, I was chatting with our neighbor, who asked: “How’s your brother’s visit going?” I responded in the vague and automatic way one does with something like: “Oh, great, great; it’s so nice to spend time with family.” He replied: “It seems that way. It’s been beautiful, you know — the only thing we hear coming from your house is laughter.”

I was moved by this outsider’s assessment of our time together. There have been so many late nights sitting on the back patio, picking crabs or idling over glasses of wine, and they have always been carried by laughter. My brother and his wife are easy laughs, big and full ones, and I have long felt that trait to be heavily underrated. A quick laugh is encouraging, generous, open to joy. And — is this a condition of all siblings? — whenever I make my brother laugh, I feel as though I have achieved something. I find myself beaming.

I read somewhere that qigong — an ancient Chinese medicine practice that uses breathing, postures, and movement to improve energy of the mind, body, and spirit — espouses laughter as a component of emotional and physical well-being. Students are encouraged to have a proper belly laugh once a day. I doubt very much I achieve a daily guffaw during most of the year, but for the past ten days, I’ve easily surpassed the target. Ever since my neighbor commented on it, I’ve been reflecting on how incredible it feels — not only emotionally, but physically — to throw my head back in laughter. It is a kind of reckless happiness, a release. There is an interesting quote by Jean Houston (a psychologist who has some far-flung theories, but I loved the following comment) about laughter: “At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.” It is true: laughter unlocks something. It sends out. My posture changes afterward, my entire energy shifts. And it ties me to my companions, lassoing an invisible ring around us.

I don’t know how to practice daily laughter with any kind of regularity except to commit to spending time with people I love who spark joy. The laughter follows.

When was the last time you laughed out loud? Do you consciously seek out laughter in your day?


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Shopping Break.

+I have a pair of simple two-strap sandals almost identical to these from J. Crew from a few years ago that I have been wearing a ton this summer, and they’ve finally bit the dust. They are just so easy to slip into when wearing a long dress, and I like the minimalist profile. I think I will replace with these, though I am tempted by their colorful options!

+Speaking of sandals, this elegant $139 pair reminds me of much more expensive styles by Staud and Loeffler Randall.

+This $21 dress reminds me of a pattern from La Double J!

+This chic footed fruit bowl is currently on sale.

+This adorable shell print dress is currently $50 off!

+This bold striped cotton poplin blouse turned my head. Would look fab tucked into high waisted white shorts or jeans — or even a white pencil skirt!

+A fun post-dinner game to play with fellow babies of the 80s and 90s. (Fun gift to bring while visiting friends?)

+A great, on-trend dress available in three great colors, 40% off!

+Love this $105 swimsuit — also comes in pretty pink and blue colors!

+Adorable dress shoes for little boys. Come in a range of great colors. Perfect for weddings!

+Two new, affordable swim finds for little ladies: this H&M (texture reminds me of Marysia!) and this Target! Ordered the latter for mini.

+Adore this new Ulla dress. I love a white dress any time but would be chic for a bride, too.

+Keep coming back to these faux jade / emerald studs — they look like they could be precious jewelry, but cost under $100!

+Some great Zimmermann pieces on sale at Saks, including this floral strapless and this mini, and also I don’t know why, but these classic Staub baking dishes are also on sale. A great gift for newlyweds, a college grad, or just yourself if you’ve never invested in something like this! I like that they work oven-to-table — pretty enough to sit out on a sideboard!

+Only a few size 0s left, but this black tie gown is spectacular and on sale for $115?!

+And these adorable jelly sandals for children are 50% off!


  1. There’s really nothing like the laughter that comes when you’re with beloved siblings! I love that even your neighbors observed this — that is so sweet. I definitely think there is something medicinal about a good, deep belly laugh. The most recent one I had was with my fiancé while watching HACKS — have you seen it? It’s pretty hilarious and definitely a fun and worthwhile watch!

    LOVE Tkees Gemma style — I will say that they either run a bit narrow or are best for people with a normal to low arch. I have a slightly wide foot with a normal-verging-high arch, and they get a bit uncomfortable after a few hours. But I ADORE the silhouette.

    That 90s game is going straight onto my Amazon wishlist!


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