The Last 10 Things I Bought.

I feature a LOT of insanely amazing finds on this blog, if I don’t say so myself.  That doesn’t mean I actually but them all.  (Though I will admit there’s a lot of moving-things-in-and-out-of-my-virtual-shopping-carts, and my fair share of returns.)  I thought it might be intriguing to see the last 10 things I actually bought…


I’d been eyeballing this little red crossbody from JCrew ($98) for SO long.  Once or twice a year, I snap up a fairly inexpensive little bag that feels on-trend, and this one had my attention because I just couldn’t bring myself to buy the Fendi micro peekaboo ($1550) despite the fact that I REALLY REALLY REALLY want it.  I just know I should put that money towards a more practical tote.  I was also tempted by this Sophie Hulme (on sale for $245), but went with the JCrew when I was able to use a 40% off code AND a $25 gift card…so, Merry Christmas to me.  Got the style I wanted for a cool $35.  But I still might get that Sophie Hulme in the pink.  But that’s besides the point.  I added this adorable little pom ($15) to the side of the red crossbody and it just makes me happy.



After seeing SO many chic peas in fur-pommed hats on Pinterest, I was head over heels for this Inverni cashmere and fur hat ($223), but wound up with this more practical J. Crew find ($39), which nails the look for far less.

Street Style during New York Fashion Week throughout the city during February 6-13, 2014.



This tunic sweater was TOO good not to snag ($79), especially when Gap was running an extra 40% off anything.  Will look incredible with leather/leather-effect skinnies and OTKs.



I finally snagged these ($125) earrings as my festive holiday jewelry pick for the season.



I am obsessed with this fir-tree-scented Diptyque holiday candle ($70).  It makes our house smell like Christmas.



With family coming into town, I had to snag a holiday puzzle ($16).  Anyone else love puzzles??  Such a great and cozy way to pass an afternoon, preferably with a good bottle of sparkling and some great snacks (homemade Chex Mix is my jam).



I know I’ve blabbed about how much I love Kuhn Rikon’s affordable ceramic paring knives in the past (GREAT stocking stuffer, BTW, for a committed home cook) — they keep their sharpness for a long time but are super affordable so I don’t mind using them for things I wouldn’t use my expensive Shuns for (i.e., you’re not really supposed to use good knives to cut into wrappers or pop holes in things, because you can blunt the tip).  I just snagged a few of these (3 for $24) as we head into heavy cooking season.  Incidentally, we just had all of our Shuns sharpened at Northwestern Cutlery here in Chicago — if you’re local, head down there!!!   It’s in Fulton River District (ahashdhdhsh, what a hellhole in the evenings!), but it opens early (like 8 or 8:30 in the morning) and they sharpen your knives for cheap compared to Sur La Table, which charges something ridiculous.  We had 12 knives sharpened for $30 and they’re good as new.



After waiting for them to go on sale like a patient good girl, I finally got these Loeffler Randall high-tops ($245) and am eagerly awaiting their arrival.  I’ve been such a reluctant entrant into the “sneakers-with-chic-outfits” trend, but these are epic and I needed them.  I can’t wait to wear them with frayed black denim and a black fur vest.

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-3-45-40-pm screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-3-45-46-pm



I keep all my bathrooms stocked with Molton Brown hand soaps — they smell like heaven and last a good while.  Mr. Magpie needed a slightly more masculine scent for his bathroom sink, and I snagged this Rockrose + Pine scent ($28).  My personal favorite, though, is Rhubarb + Rose.



I love having a new set of pajamas for the holidays, and this plaid pair ($95) was just the ticket.




  1. Hi, I have been wanting that little crossbody too, but the reviews all say that the clasp does not close. Have you noticed that?

    1. Hi! Actually, I have been having this issue, and didn’t know it was so pervasive! If you really make sure to affix the clasp, it will stay, but it does flop open, which is annoying!

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