velvet house slippers

The #Extra House Slippers You Never Knew You Always Needed.

Quick! These beyond adorable shearling-lined, velveteen house slippers were just launched by Birdie’s a few days ago and are selling like hotcakes. I had to get them in the burgundy! To die. Now I just need those feather trim pajamas to go with them…

I’m devastated I missed out on these bejeweled holiday mules in my size in the green velvet (seen above), but signed up for the restock notification. Talk about a dreamy holiday shoe for a chic Christmas morning! (Why am I imagining myself in this feather-trim satin house dress situation while wearing them, with an enormous cocktail ring and a martini in hand? Haha)

In the meantime, debating whether to get the gold embellished ones (directly above).

P.S. More #extra.

P.P.S. More holiday finds.


  1. I love the burgundy slippers with the shearling. I would totally get those! Can’t beat the 7 layers of comfort!
    Cheers to Friday!

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