Stylish Face Masks.

I have received a lot of questions from readers in search of attractive face masks. One of you recently wrote: “I’m bored of mine — where are you buying yours?” The fact that we’ve lived for so long amidst this pandemic that we are getting bored of our face masks is…well, it is a weird thought. (And apparently we’re still at the beginning. Deep breaths.) I thought I’d share a couple of my current favorites:

CLARE VIVIER — Seen above. These are nothing short of stunning, to be honest. I love the fabric, the little kiss embroidery, and the gauzey ties, which ensure a perfect fit. I will say that I often reach for my masks with elasticized loops for the ears over my Clare V. mask when I’m running quickly out the door because it does take a little longer to tie the mask in place, but mine still brings me so much joy!

BUSY BEES — Love the fun prints, the moldable nose (you can bend the edge that goes along the top so that it contours to your face better), and the fact that it has a pocket for a filter insert. They are super lightweight, too — a bonus in these hot NYC temperatures. Though they carry them in adult sizes, I buy mine in the large child size, as I have a very small face — it fits perfectly.

PUKATUKA — My wardrobe this summer has been so full of floral and pastel that I needed a Liberty London print to coordinate. I love these ones, which are very similar to BusyBees, though without the filter pocket.

A few others I’m eyeing:

BALANCED CASA — Wow! These gingham masks with the dramatic bow in the back are beyond.

TORY BURCH — Buying this four-pack for fall. Is it weird to think about seasonal face masks?! I am drawn to these because of the contoured wire at the nose, adjustable ear loops, and filter pocket and because they will be donating proceeds from each sale to good causes.

LADY PEPPERELL — Pretty florals similar to my Dear James pick but at $10/mask, a bit more affordable. (These are reversible, FYI!)

ILILILY — Another pretty floral option. Very grandmillennial chic. I like the adjustable ear tabs!

Mini wears Busy Bees masks like myself, but I just added a pack of these to my Amazon cart to keep in the stroller bag just in case and am eyeing these for school, as they will have her name on the side. (Though I did just learn that she will have to wear a school-provided face shield.)

P.S. Reflections borne of surviving coronavirus earlier this year.

P.P.S. My sister and soon-to-be sister-in-law are tying the knot in a private ceremony in two weeks — thoughts on love in the age of corona here.


  1. I too have been buying so many masks because I’ve get bored of them so quickly. My favorite right now are the ones I got from Dondolo, especially the ones with the big sash. I have some from various Etsy stores I like too – the seemingly requisite Liberty prints, and I am eyeing a couple of ones with otomi embroidery. I love the idea of the Cecil & Lou ones for school use, and may have to pick up a couple (fingers crossed my daughter’s program stays open).

    1. I know — me too. I am ordering the Tory Burch set as I know I will be ready for darker/more fall-appropriate prints in just a matter of weeks. Ah, the little things to look forward to! Haha 🙂

  2. Yay, so glad you are loving the Clare V. face mask!

    I realized recently that all of my face masks are bright and/or pastel floral (most are Liberty print, either from Le Lion, which I ADORE, or Tuckernuck, which I do not adore as much) I will definitely be on the lookout for some more autumnal prints as the temps creep down!


  3. Hi Jen! I purchased the Busy Bees face masks when you first recommended them and love that the ties are adjustable. Also just purchased a few varieties of the Rancho Gordo beans/lentils this morning. Very excited for them to arrive! I’m curious about how you store yours. I purchased the white oxo pop containers a few weeks back for flour, and sure enough, they are not airtight… sigh.

    1. Hi! Yay on all counts! We just store ours in Ziploc baggies at the moment — we have the same problem with our OXO pop containers. They are NOT airtight. I do have to say I have been so impressed by two brands for other food storage: Komax and Progressive. Both are well-made and have airtight seals. Specifically, I have and love the pasta keepers from Komax and the sugar keepers from Progressive:

      This might be a good investment for your pantry:


    2. I have found the Rubbermaid Brilliance collection to be super air-tight. They don’t have the widest variety, but I like what they do have. They’re also odor and stain resistant, none of mine have stained with with red pasta sauce or held onion odor.

    3. Thank you both! I’ve ordered the Progressive pasta container to start and think the Rubbermaid Brilliance collection looks great for storing beans/lentils.

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