Stepping Out.

By: Jen Shoop

In April, two of our friends are getting married (yay J+K!!!) and I’m so excited and happy for them.  And I’m also, selfishly, excited because it will probably be the first time in a long time that I will get decked out in a dress (hopefully with my body on its way to being back in shape?), let my hair down, and enjoy some cocktails.  Two of my sisters will be flying in for it, too, so it will just be a whole glorious affair around two super-fun people who are meant to be together.  During one of my recent, sleepless nights (my mom says she thinks that pregnancy insomnia is God’s way of “breaking you in” for newborn sleeplessness), I went down a long rabbit hole shopping for a dream dress to wear to the occasion.  Is there anything better than getting dolled up in new duds??  I think not.

Below, my top picks:

+Love the periwinkle hue and elegant shape of this gorgeous Zimmermann gown (on sale for $385).

+Self-Portrait-esque, but for a fraction of the price ($103!)!  Love this spring hue.

+Beautiful, and the neckline is so flattering for us smaller-chested ladies ($350).

+Love these Reformation gowns, though that plunging v is intimidating!!! ($248)

+This dress looks like a party ($448).

+This is pretty and forgiving ($168).

+I’ve mentioned this before, but this sexy dress (on sale for $381) has my attention.

+Such a fun statement ($350), especially with major bling earrings.

+Foxy lady ($400)!!!

+Love the sweet periwinkle hue of this lace dress ($158)!  I think you could also dress it down a bit and wear it to a work event with some nude heels.

+Feminine ethereal dream chick ($500).

+AHEM, stunning ($748).

+The cheeriest dress with the cheekiest neckline ($430).

But my favorite?!  This Zimmermann stunner.  Already sold out in the statement-making yellow (so Jackie O.).  I just need to figure out if I can justify the $$$.

And also…

+Thank you SO MUCH for the sweet and generous emails, texts, and comments on this blog post on parenting.  You are too kind.  And for those who asked, an aubade is a work of art written at or about dawn.  (I was inordinately excited to use this word from my grad school years.  I thought I’d never dust it off again!  But it was le mot juste for the post.)

+A few of you mentioned in your answers to my questionnaire (THANK YOU for your thoughtful comments and feedback — feel free to keep your thoughts comin’!) that you’d like to see Magpie on Instagram or Snapchat.  Though I’m just sort of getting the hang of using these platforms for Magpie, you can follow me on Insta here and Snapchat with the handle jennifershoop and I plan to post more regularly!  Also, holy crap, y’all are a bunch of chic ladeez!  One of you recently bought an epic YSL tote (I covet from afar), and the items on your lust lists are insane (Chanel crossbodies!  Eyelash extensions!  Smythe pantsuits!  WUT WUT!).  Though I did receive some conflicting messages on what you’d like to see more and less of — some of you are finding the minimagpie posts “very dull” (!) and others are asking for more, etc. — I’m going to try to appease all sides.  I may spin minimagpie off to a separate space so those of you not interested in the topic can avoid it (I hear ya!), or maybe I’ll try to post twice on days with mini-centric content so there’s something for everyone.  I will say that one fear of mine in mentioning mini was that it would alienate some of you beauties who are here for the fashunnnn.  I’m going to think this one over, but just rest assured I hear you and love you and want you stick around and THANK YOU for making your voices heard.

+ALSO: one surprise to me was how many of you enjoy my posts on the books I’m reading.  This warmed my soul.  It made me realize that there could be a way to combine some fairly disparate interests of mine!  But, as with everything, it’s all balance.  I will continue to be, first and foremost, a crazed shopaholic featuring my latest and greatest discoveries because that’s what magpie is all about, but will sprinkle in some more interesting pieces here and there, too.



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