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Sneaky McSneakersons.

Staying in Soho for several nights had me lusting after that downtown chic vibe I observed on so many of the ladies in the neighborhood.  I saw about 82% of them wearing these Golden Goose sneakers (shown above), which I’d long been unenthused by owing to the deliberate distressing (“dirtying?”) on the sneaker lip.  It just seemed a little too too.  But, you know…by the 345th pair I observed, I was kind of digging them, and told my bestie as much over wine one night while there.  “But J…they’re ridiculously expensive for what they are, and such a thing.”  She’s often good at grounding me, though she shocked me the other day by sharing that she was contemplating a pair of these — which, granted, have been seen on a lot of street style starlets, but are pretty loud and assertive when compared to the GG sneaks, wouldn’t you say?!  (BTW, if anyone could pull them off, she could — she’s super-tall and willowy and works for Marc Jacobs and dresses in all black errythang and is usually spotted in things like oversized black blazers and rich leather moto boots.  As my Dad said after meeting her for the first time: “She’s a tall drink of water.”)

At any rate, Golden Goose.  They’re like the edgy, punk-ish younger sister to the classy Superga.  They fit in down in Soho, but maybe I’ll look like a wannabe wearing them as a push mini around in her pram on the Upper West Side.  But, ya know, who cares?!  Fashion is about desire, remember…?!  If I were to get a pair, I’d get a pair of fairly straight-forward neutral/metallic ones, like these ($495).

The Fashion Magpie Golden Goose Gold Star Sneakers

I’ll marinate on this for at least a few weeks to see if the “I WANT THEM AND NEED THEM NOW” feeling dissipates, or maybe I’ll save some coin and go with a pair of these more-my-style-but-still-a-touch-edgy Vejas.  I really like the red/white/blue ones ($140 — fly with jeans and an oversized sweater) or the pink leather ones ($160).  More sizes and styles available here, including some on sale!  Also, these wool ones are pretty epic!

P.S. I also saw more than one of these bags in Soho — so fitting, right?  The little detail looks like a piercing, but the leather is super high-end!  So downtown.  But if you’re after the bag shown in the street style snap above, it’s one of these.  And speaking of bags, how Chanel-esque is this little bucketed beauty, for only $105?  (More Chanel-esque goodies at a fraction of the price.)

P.P.S.  One of you lovely readers insta-messaged me to let me know that J. Crew has issued a cute striped version of one of my favorite pair of jammies ever!  (Thanks, J!  I share your excitement — they should do more fun prints in their jams more often…)  Also, these for little boys are super cute.


  1. I have a few pairs of GGDB and they are worth every single penny!! I didn’t think they would be walking shoes since they are more for style than comfort, but they fooled me. They are so comfortable that I could walk around in Disney World all day. You won’t regret it.

    1. Totally agree! I am startled by how long I can wear them! (Spoiler alert: I ended up buying a pair!)

  2. I laughed out loud reading this post because I actually did a double-take while walking in Boston today to peep a pair of silver Golden Gooses on a stylish woman! I have traditionally felt the same as you — that the distressing is a bit too much — but if I found a steeply discounted pair, I’d consider them.

    I love your thinking on the Vejas though — similar vibe for a much more reasonable price. I’m kind of surprised I don’t own any yet, given my slight sneaker obsession — but now I really want some! Stop me!

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