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Slices of Joy: MiniMagpie at 7 Weeks.

I recently wrote a little bit about seeking slices of joy in my everyday life, as a follow up to trying to live more fully in the present with minimagpie.  A few slices of joy from the last few weeks…

The Fashion Magpie Mini Magpie

{Just my girl and I enjoying happy hour together.}

+The way she clasps her miniature fingers around my hair or my shirt while nursing, clutching on for dear life.

+The funny little open-mouthed side smile she gives me when I kiss her.  I assume this is partly her instinctual reaction to my smell — she’s trained to root around for a meal! — but I live for that half-smile out of the side of her mouth, mini-Elvis style.

+Multiple daily walks around our neighborhood with mini, Tilden, and Mr. Magpie, often thinking back on the many walks (er, waddles) during my pregnancy that got us here, and the many, many years of dreaming of doing just this.  It gives me a feeling of intactness, wholeness.  Some thirst I didn’t know I had being quenched.

+Her comedic timing with gas.  I can be having a weepy spell or a moment of overwhelming exhaustion, and she’ll cut through the moodiness with a big toot.  Hilarious and also perspective-setting.

+The hundreds of snuggles and kisses she received from her doting aunts, uncles, cousin, and grandparents over the past week.  There is nothing quite like seeing your sister hold your baby girl for the first time, or seeing your mom look at her with all the heart eyes.

+The way she drifts into sleep with her eyes gradually closing.  She often leaves one eye open for longer than the other–just making sure I’m still there, keeping an eye on me.  I find myself repeating the same phrase to her over and over: “I’m right here, baby girl.”

+The way she turns her head when she hears her father’s voice.

+The fact that she’s now outgrown most of her newborn clothing and has just upgraded from a “Size N” to a “Size 1” in diapers.  Part of it is heart-breaking: there is such a feeling of finality to all of these changes, and I can’t help but feel a little choked up thinking that she’ll never be this little again.  But part of it (indeed, most of it) is joyful: we have worked hard to help her grow.  Our sleep deprivation, our moments of feeling lost or helpless or confused, have given way to a healthy, satisfied, over-10-pound baby.  My Dad always cautions his five children against getting lost in the past.  I hear his voice telling me, on multiple occasions in my life: “Don’t look back”–when I’d switched jobs, when I’d committed to a Master’s program, when we’d decided to move to Chicago.  He’s a big proponent of moving onward and upward.  With his voice echoing in my mind, I’m choosing to focus on the joy of her growth–that it signifies change in the best of possible ways.

+Her mystified, awe-struck face when lying under her mobile in her crib (we have this hand-knit one, and it is absolutely exquisite).  I’m already so moved and excited by her increasing ability to interact with the world around her, to take it in, to begin to unpack the colors and shapes around her.

+The bratty squeal she emits when I take away the breast or the bottle too soon.  It’s a naughty little squawk that she only makes in that circumstance.  Her other cries are softer, more hesitant, more rhythmic.  This one is staccato, immediate, loud.  A girl who loves her food–definitely her father’s daughter.

+The sound of our sweet nanny speaking to her in Spanish from down the hall–a lot of quiet “ja, ja, ja” sounds soothing mini to sleep.

And, a few things I’ve found and loved for her recently…

+I bought mini a bonnet for Easter from Beaufort Bonnet Company (adorable) and then also found this great Etsy source for similar styles at a slightly lower pricepoint.  I also had to snag this chambray bonnet situation for her from Boden.

+A sweet little spring outfit from MiniBoden.

+I love the brand KissyKissy for baby jams — it’s what I brought mini home from the hospital in — and I’ve found such great pieces on Amazon, of all places!  Just snagged this sweet Peter Pan collar onesie ($19) and this striped two-piece set ($33).

+I’m also a big fan of Sapling for baby pajamas, especially this style, which I just snagged in a size 3-6M since I found that her 0-3M version is running just the tiniest bit snug these days (!!).  That one-zip down the front is so crucial for middle-of-the-night diaper changes, when a thousand snaps/buttons is the last thing I’m interested in messing with.

+I finally caved and bought this nursing bra after reading the umpeenth millionth positive review of it.  It is, so far, worth the hype.  It’s insanely comfortable but also supportive.  Like, I don’t feel like I’m wearing anything when I’m wearing it.

+I have a pair of lime green fleece Zutano booties that I’ve loved for mini (thanks, A., for the rec) — they actually stay on her little foot, and they keep those tootsies snuggly.  I just got her a pair of cotton striped ones for this warmer weather, too.

+How stunning is this monogrammed bubble!?!?!  Dying.


  1. Such a sweet post! I bet you will be so thrilled to have these slices of joy to look back on as mini continues to grow.

    I also love your dad’s sense of perspective – will keep that in mind myself as I deal with changes!

    Also, how CUTE is your mobile?! Bookmarking…

    1. Emory LOVES that mobile!! Strongly recommend. The Etsy owner adds these little bells to the hoop part and just hearing them always attracts her attention and often gets a little smile out of her! Thanks for reading, as always! xoxo

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