The Fashion Magpie Scalloped Street Style 3


I love a scalloped edge.  Always have, always will.  (?)  I love how these ladies demonstrate the scalloped edge’s versatility–it can be preppy, edgy, or classy.  Love, love, and love.

The Fashion Magpie Scalloped Street Style 1

The Fashion Magpie Scalloped Street Style 2

The Fashion Magpie Scalloped Street Style 3

A recently added a few scalloped pieces to my digital shopping cart:

+This SEA top is so me.  I love it.  The color (you all know my thoughts on khaki…), the OTS shape, the scalloped edges.

+These striped shorts for a lovely $35!

The Fashion Magpie Scalloped Sea Top

The Fashion Magpie Striped HM

+In a different vein entirely, and perhaps, shockingly because of my recent thoughts on whipping my body back into shape, I’m getting in on this whole crop top trend.  (Thanks, Kendall Jenner, for making it a thing.)  It’s good inspiration for me as I’m oafing down the street at a snail’s pace on my jogs.  But I just LOVED and had to have this floral scalloped-edge bustier top with its sweet bow ties ($35).  And I feel like I could pull it off paired with a white high-waist skirt, but also snagged its coordinating skirt ($49).  So Zimmermann!

+Have also been eyeing this slightly longer crop top, also with a scalloped edge!–from Anthro for $68.  So dainty and perfect.

The Fashion Magpie Embroidered Bustier

+Finally, because it is Cinco de Mayo after all, how sweet is this See by Chloe top ($240)?  More festive finds inspired by this holiday here.

The Fashion Magpie See by Chloe Scalloped Top

P.S. This affordable dress in  the prettiest shade of pink would be such a stunner at an evening wedding!

P.P.S.  This scalloped trench!!!! In the blush!

More Scalloped Goodness…


  1. Lots of cuteness. I always like seeing scallop details on other people but never seem to pull the trigger on anything myself…but I’m inspired!

    Also, not sure if it’s just me but thought I would share…the blog design/layout is looking super fab again, though when I first navigate over to your page I usually find that new post(s) aren’t showing up (but they do appear if I hit refresh). Very minor issue, I can certainly just refresh, but thought I would mention in case there is something you want to look into.

    1. THANK YOU for bringing this up, Alison! I’ve actually had a number of readers comment on this, and have been trying to diagnose the issue. Something about caching…? Anyway, I’m on it. Thanks for reminding me. xoxo

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