The Fashion Magpie Big Ticket Gifts for the Holidays

Santa, Baby: Big Ticket Holiday Gifts for Special Occasions.

Mr. Magpie is an incredibly thoughtful gift-giver.  Case in point: he bought me this table lamp (<<currently 30% off!) for my birthday, observing the hours I’d spend in quasi-darkness hunched over my laptop in my writing nook.  He also gave me my Canada Goose coat long before they become de rigueur street-wear in New York — and it remains one of the most-used and well-loved items in my closet.  (It’s one of those products that works.  It is impervious to cold and wind.)  Plus, he bought it in red, which stands out among the sea of black Manhattanites and solicits compliments close to daily .  Not to mention the dozens of other heavily-used items he’s gifted me, like my favorite Aerin plates, my Chanel wallet, one of my favorite knives in the kitchen (ideal for slicing bread and tomatos), a diamond necklace I wear daily, and my Goyard diaper bag.

So this post is not so much for him because a) I believe he’s already completed his holiday shopping and b) he needs no help.  But it’s more of lust list for me: things that I would love to have for myself.

If I’ve Been Good This Month: Gifts Under $100.

+CB2 Chinoiserie Mugs.  The pattern is so elegant!  I drink herbal tea after dinner almost every night; these would add so much charm to my evening routine.

+Emu Mayberry Spa Slippers.  I’ve talked your ears off about these, and they are already en route to me, but how deliciously indulgent and impractical?!  Love.

+Leslie Dasch Bow Earrings.  Just fun.  Love a funky statement bow earring like this.  I’d pair with a lace blouse.

+Missoma Little Girl Bracelet.  I’ve been eyeing these bracelets for a few months now.  I think they’d make a great gift for any mom, but I am specifically stowing it away as a thought for a new mother of two — one for each child.  How sweet?!

+Aerin Scalloped Dinner Plates.  I already have a few sets of these, but who wouldn’t want the green trim ones for the holidays?!  I have learned the hard way that white plates are the way to go for everyday china — I have gotten so bored of the patterned ones I’ve bought in the past and eventually shed them.  These will last a long time: just the right amount of interest.  Plus, food looks best against a white backdrop.

+Wireless Charger.  This works on recent releases of iPhones — oh how I want one of these at my bedside and on my desk!

+Byredo Rinse-Free Hand Wash.  This is absurdly expensive when compared to $1.99 Purell, but people rave about this stuff.  It smells great and leaves hands moisturized rather than dry.  An indulgence I’d love to test drive.

+Inslee Desktop Calendar.  A girlfriend of mine gave me this last year and I didn’t know how much I needed a desktop calendar until it arrived.  It has so greatly simplified my life!  I can’t tell you how many times I google “calendar” so I can pull it up in front of me while on a call.  Horrifying!  Plus, this edition is inspired in part by The Magpie Book Club.

+Caudalie Moisturizing Sorbet Cream.  Have heard great stuff about this facial cream!  Desperate to try.

+Staud Shirley Bag.  Improbable and adorable.

If I’ve Been Good This Year: Gifts Under $1,000.

To be clear: I’d just expect one (maybe two) of these items after a good year, and most are well under $500.

+Red Valentino Bow Dress.  I am in love with this dress.  Like, in a serious and committed relationship with it.

+Alexandre Birman Booties.  The number one thing on my wishlist.  I have been in love with these since I first laid eyes on them.

+Barbara Sturm Glow Drops.  This pricey skincare line has garnered quite the cult following.  I’m particularly intrigued by these well-reviewed “glow drops.”

+Jennifer Behr Bow Earrings.  Just perfect: 80s glitz meets 2018 romanticism.

+Miele Vacuum.  You know you’ve crossed a threshold into adulthood when you’d be just as excited about a high-end vacuum as you would about a new pair of earrings.  I really want this vacuum.

+Ganni Woodside Coat.  This coat has been on my radar for months and months but I simply can’t pull the trigger.  The practical side of me says: you have a dozen coats.  The gluttonous side says: maybe Santa will pull through?

+Matouk Cairo Towels.  I love the elegant, understated styling of these towels, especially in the azure blue trim.

+Apple Air Pods.  I’ve wanted these for the last year because I love listening to podcasts on my walks with Tilly, but find my airbuds are constantly getting yanked out of my ears from a thrashing dog/abrupt turn/etc.  Also, people are very serious about their love of these things.

+Rixo Dress.  I know — more sequins?  Yes, more sequins.  I love the unexpected colors in this style.  A great Christmas dress!

+Tory Burch Lee Radziwill Bag.  The priciest beauty on this list, but what a statement!!!  I love the croc fabric and the stately color, not to mention the ladylike shape.  Also comes in a more practical saddle brown color, but I’m partial toward the splash of red!

If I’ve Been Good This Decade: Luxury Gifts.

True once-in-a-lifetime indulgences for very, very good girls.

+Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch.  This has been on my lust list for ages.  A timeless classic for evening wear.  Would absolutely die to get my hands on one of these.

+Vintage Hermes Kelly Watch.  Absolutely love this watch style, and in that fun azure blue?!  To die!  This is a watch for an elegant lady — aka, the person I aspire to be.

+Valentino Dress.  I mean, what can I say?  It’s the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen.

+Cartier Love Bracelet.  A friend of mine said these are so ubiquitous in New York that they’ve lost their luster for her.  I beg to differ.  I’d love one of these timeless bangles to mark a special occasion.

+La Cornue 100 Range.  Absolutely gorgeous.  Can you imagine bringing your kitchen to new heights with this stunning range in provencal blue?  I just can’t get over it.  (Since we don’t currently own our apartment, I’d take one of these commissioned desks instead — ha!  And how sweet is this custom trundle bed for a nursery?)

+Inslee Figure Study.  I love Inslee’s new set of figure studies, many of which are privately commissioned.  I saw one in her studio that must have been eight by ten feet and OMG.  I need this for my bedroom one day.

+Burberry Trench Coat.  The one and only.  Mr. Magpie has one of these and I have been needling him for a twinning moment myself.  As chic on a teenager as it is on a ninety year old.

+Mikimoto Pearl Earrings with Diamonds.  Elegant and wear-with-everything.

+Fendi Peekaboo Bag.  Some people want Birkins.  Others want Rickies.  I want the Peekaboo.

P.S.  For more practical gifts, please check out my ultimate gift guide for this year!

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  1. So many lovely finds on this list! I feel you on the Cartier Love bracelet — yes, many people have them, but I think they’re timeless. Still loving those EMU slippers — and I may be coming around to AirPods! So practical. (Unlike the Jennifer Behr earrings, which I want all the same!) xo

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