The Fashion Magpie Rebecca de Ravenel Seashell Earrings

Sally Sells Seashells.

I am swooning over Rebecca De Ravenel’s latest collection of earrings, accessories, and ready-to-wear apparel.  She’s the genius behind the original bonbon earring that has now permeated every mainstream fashion retailer on the market — and I’m sure copycats of her new beach-inspired collection will abound as well.

The Fashion Magpie Rebecca de Ravenel Seashell Belt

The Fashion Magpie Rebecca de Ravenel Seashell Bag

My Top Seashell Picks

Below, my favorite picks of hers — just tap the image to be taken to product details, or see links below!

Ophelia Earrings, $325 // Venus Earrings, $345 // Ariel belt, $950 // Seashell tote, $315 // Large twisty pink earrings, $365

I like the idea of pairing any of these statement pieces with this Zimmermann-esque dress (only $148!!!!) and these insanely stunning drool-worthy Alexandre Birmans ($645).  Where will I wear such an outfit as we head into winter?!  Where there’s a will, there’s a way, people.

The Fashion Magpie Silk Dress

The Fashion Magpie Satin Wrap Sandals 2 The Fashion Magpie Satin Wrap Sandals

P.S. Totally different colorway, but these Elizabeth Cole earrings remind me in ethos of RDR’s gorgeous earrings, but for a fraction of the price.


  1. OK, that dress is too perfect for a wedding guest, I think — right? The price is so good! Adding it to my list of possibilities…

    I, too, love RDR and this new direction for her. It reminds me a bit of my mom’s seashell belts from the 70s, in the best of ways!

    1. You nailed it, MK — there is something slightly 70s or 80s about those oversized seashell accessories. It kind of reminds me in a weird way, aesthetically, of those net bags that people wore back in the day that some fashionistas have been trying to “make happen” again (“stop trying to make FETCH happen” — Mean Girls). But I digress. I just mean to say there is something about them that hearkens back to a different era…

      And YES to that dress! So Zimmermann!

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