Sale Sweep: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

By: Jen Shoop

Guys, the blogosophere has gone NUTS over the Nordstrom Anniversale Sale (#nsale, ohmahgahhhh), and I’m sorry if you’re as tired of hearing about as I am.  But, I have to say I was really impressed with all of the BEAUTY deals they have on offer right now, since cosmetics so rarely go on sale (I usually wait and go nuts during that one blissful week in fall when Sephora offers 20% off all purchases to VIBs).  Feast your eyes on these bargains…(and P.S., you need to have a Nordstrom card to shop the sale until July 21st, when it becomes available to the hoi polloi):

+My go-to Arcona make-up removing pads, usually $35 per tub, are available in a two-pack for $45!  (This beauty wunderproduct actually made it to my list of my top 10 favorite products of all time.)

+My favorite FRESH sugar lip balm, available in a pack of 2 for $26.  This is one of those products I’ve actually used down to the bottom of the tube.

+I received some GlamGlow samples in a Sephora order recently, and I was obsessed with the results.  Considering adding this gift set ($54!) as a result.

+Three of my favorite DryBar products, FULL-SIZED, available for $49 in one kit.  I especially like their dry shampoo — I love the smell and it works like a charm to ban greasy/limp/two-day-old hair.  Plus, I find it so much easier to apply than some of the powder formulas I’ve used in the past (it’s an aerosol spray).

+Two full-sized Molton Brown bodywashes for $40.  I keep this stuff stocked in my guest bathrooms.

But, of course, perusing their beauty buys led me down a dark shopping hole, and I must also share:

+My favorite bra of all time, the Natori Feathers Bra, is marked down to $44.  I extolled the many virtues of this bra here,  but suffice to say, I’m using the sale as an excuse to stock up.

+The only underwear I wear.  I own these in pretty much every color of the rainbow.

+Love these funky Sam Edelman flats ($99), in that brocade/scarf print pattern especially!  Showstoppers.

+I am obsessed with my Flyknit Nike running shoes — they are super lightweight and feel more like a sock than a shoe, if you can imagine that.  They’re on sale in a super pretty pink/metallic situation for $89.  And speaking of running gear — I have a couple of windbreakers I wear while running, and I usually reach for my Marmot PreCip (the best the best the best), but this pretty sorbet-colored one caught my attention.

+I love (!!!) this classic raincoat.

+This DVF (on sale for $265) is REALLY calling my name.  OBSESSED…

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4 thoughts on “Sale Sweep: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

  1. I cringed seeing the word “Nordstrom” in the post title today, but had hopes that you would give the #nsale a different spin. You delivered! I greatly appreciate that you picked items you actually use, and not just the popular products that seemingly every blogger has posted. Even more than that, I appreciate that you did not push the Nordstrom credit card. I have been so disappointed in the past couple weeks with bloggers pushing the Nordstrom credit card without any information on how it works or what a store credit card is. Unless you are a financial blogger, it seems irresponsible to casually push a credit card to your readers, without giving them context on how a credit card can affect their financial life. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly to get an early discount on some boots. So, thank you for a thoughtful sales post. This is why you’re my favorite blog!

    1. Hi Kate! I totally hear you and had a similar reaction to that nsale-palooza/credit-card-pushing that’s been going on! Thanks for writing this. It’s a good reminder to stay true and authentic! xo

  2. I just wanted to thank you for featuring different items from the Nordstrom sale than every other blogger on the planet! I am SO tired of hearing about the sale already, the same oversized cardigan, knee high boots and versatile t-shirts are on everyone’s list, so it’s refreshing to see the lovely beauty items they have to offer. Thank you as always for sharing and putting such thought in your content!

    1. Glad to hear this! I hesitated to write this post for that exact reason, but those beauty deals!!! And the price on those Natori bras!! I sadly do not have a Nordstrom card so I am anxiously awaiting the 21st…

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